• 2016 JRSYSA Super Bowl
  • Buckingham Knights 14 Emporia Renegades 6
  • Pr. Edward Eagles 0 Nottoway Gators 24
  • Amelia Raiders 13 Nottoway Gators 19
  • Lunenburg Lightning 12 Emporia Renegades 18 (Double Overtime)


Buckingham County Youth League
Football & Cheer

Home of Champions!

The Buckingham County Youth League Football program has produced not only a good atmosphere for the learning of the basic fundamentals of youth football for our community young and future players. We produce a winning pride! A certain quality that is necessary to keep our program on top of the James River Southside Youth Sports Association for some years. We produce Champions!

Buckingham County Youth League

Football and Cheer

Sign Us is here.

We will be conducting the Sign Ups for the Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer program. Stay tune for updated information. Sign Up forms can be located in the Concession Stand at Gene Dixon Park. You can get downloadable Regristration forms by clicking on the "Forms and Handout" tab in the Main Menu.

Any other questions feel free to contact me at any time.



BCYL Flag Super Bowl Champs




Buckingham County Youth League Basketball


 Sign Ups for the Buckingham County Youth League Co-Ed & Girls Basketball will begin November 12th at Gene Dixon Park from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. At 2:00 pm we will have a Coach's Meeting to go over the 2017 season. 

Our basketball website is under construction right now however I will start posting information after this weekend.

Click here for the BCYL Basketball Website


From the Website Administrator:

Coach Joe Marsh





Knights Flag to Super Bowl

If you ask around the league, you will find that it is hard for a team to make it to the District Championship game. However the Buckingham County Youth League football program just had back to back seasons where all four teams qualified for the post season. Last season all four of our team ended the 2015 season as the James River District Champions. This also happened in the 2011 season with all four teams winning and advancing to the Super Bowl. In fact, it has been almost ten years when only one Buckingham team made a Super Bowl showing. It's usually multiple teams. However this season was a little different with our Flag team advanced to the Super Bowl and the BCYL Minors, JV and Varsity ended their season as James River District Runner Up. Still making the Buckingham County Youth League Knights the youth football program to stand out among the James River District. Every team in the district know and understand that this logo...will be back!

Game summary will follow soon on the team's homepage.



BCYL Teams Getting Ready

The Buckingham County Youth League Football program has put together some long hard practices getting ready to represent the County at the 2016 James River District Championship games tomorrow. All of the team will be defending their Crown being all four teams were the 2015 JR District Champions last season advancing to the 2015 Super Bowl. It's a lot of hard work and the teams have been putting in the hours getting ready for tomorrow.


Buckingham and Amelia Advance to Championship Games

Buckingham Varsity Knights defeated the Nottoway Gators last night 35-6 to advance to the 2016 James River District Championship game to defend their title. The Knights was last season reigning champions. Also the Amelia Raiders defeated the Charlotte Patriots Varsity team on their home tuff to advance to the 2016 Southside District Championship. They will square off against the 1st Place Emporia Renegades.



Post Season...Buckingham Style!

The regular season is over and again all four of Buckingham County Youth League Football teams will make the post season. This is what I have called for many years... Buckingham Style! Buckingham Style is when all of our teams come out on top. The James River District games will be hosted by the Amelia Parks and Recreation. That's rights...back to Amelia again this weekend. The first game will be at 10:00 am with our 1st Place BCYL Flag going up against the 2nd Place Charlotte Patriots Flag team. Next will be our BCYL 2nd Place Minors team will go against the 1st Place Prince Edward Eagles. Our BCYL JV came in 2nd Place in the District as well and will square off against the 1st place Amelia Raiders on their home turf.

The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team came in 3rd place. Because there are only six varsity teams throughout the James River Southside Districts and they have been playing each other, the Varsity teams have their own format.

 The 1st Round of the 2016 JRSYSA Varsity Playoff will have a 4 team playoff starting in Charlotte County this Wednesday to determine what four teams makes the District Championship games. The 1st Place Emporia Renegades and 2nd Place Lunenburg Lightning will have a Bye. The 3rd Place BCYL Knights will play the 6th Place Nottoway Gators at 6:30 pm. The 4th Place Amelia Raiders will play the 5th Place Charlotte Patriots right afterward. The winners will move on to the District Championship games.

The Lowest Seed team that come out of the games this weekend will play the 1st place Emporia Renegades at the Southside District Championship game in Emporia on October 29th. The Highest Seed team will play the 2nd Place Lunenburg Lightning at the James River District Championship games in Amelia.

Just got information on the 2016 Southside District Championship games what will be hosted by Emporia on October 29th. In the first game, the 1st Place Emporia Renegade Flag team will play the 2nd Place South Hill Yellowjackets Flag. The 1st Place Nottoway Gators Pee Wee will play the 2nd Place South Hill Yellowjackets Minors. And the 1st Place Nottoway Gators JV will square off against the 2nd Place Emporia Renegades JV Team. The first game will start at 4:00 pm next Saturday.

For more information, check the "Playoffs and Super Bowl" in the Main Menu.


Season's Finale' at Amelia; Teams Go 3-1

The Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer travel to Amelia for their last regular season game. It was a pretty good day for football as a morning chill began the morning for the flag and Minors games. It warmed up just a little afterwards...buts that's football weather. At the end of the day, the BCYL teams went 3-1 against the Amelia Raiders.

For so of us, it's seems like the beginning of the season was just a couple of weeks ago (unless you are most parents), and now it's over. All four teams played very well this past weekend and all four teams had a pretty good season as well. All of our Buckingham County Youth League football teams will see post season play.



Knights go 2-1 on Homecoming Weekend

With really good weather this past weekend, the Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer program celebrated the 2016 Homecoming festivities before the football squared off for a some football. Congratulations to Amari Rose and Delante' Woodson for being crowned the 2016 BCYL Homecoming King and Queen. You can see the rest of our Homecoming Court by clicking on the "Homecoming" tab in the Main Menu.

The BCYL Flag, Minors defeated the Brunswick Bulldogs but our JV team fell short of victory. The BCYL Varsity team didn't not play due to the Nottoway Gators had to forfeit the game due to not enough players.

Game summary will be added to each teams Homepage.



BCYL Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month 3-1

The Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer program represented the Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing their pink. In fact, if you look at all of the organizations in the James River Southside Youth Sports Association you will see the trending of wearing pink apparel at every game. 

The games was postponed from Saturday to Sunday and the field wasn't really that bad...but there was some messing spots along the sidelines for the parents, family and fans. Sometimes it was windy but a good day for football.

The Buckingham County Youth League Flag football team took their first loss for the season and the Minors, JV and Varsity came away with victories. With the one loss, the BCYL Flag is still in first place and our other teams are on track for post season showings and our keeping our program is still in good shape. 

Check with the teams homepage for game summary later.


Games Moved To Sunday


Due to the amount of rain we have received during the night, the games with Charlotte will be postpone until 2:00 pm tomorrow.

The Buckingham County Youth League will host the Charlotte County Patriots starting with the flag teams around 2:00 pm. 



 Week 6, Knights vs Eagles and Lightning

The Buckingham County Youth League football and cheer was spread over two counties. The Flag, Minors and Junior Varsity played in Prince Edward against the Eagles and the Varsity team went to Lunenburg to play the Lightning. It was good football and a perfect day to play.

The BCYL teams went 2-2 for the day, but the total amount the Knights loss by was only 2 points. The Minors loss to Prince Edward 7-6 and the Varsity loss to Lunenburg 13-12. Both games could have easily been won by the Knights.

The Buckingham County Youth League Flag won big against the Eagles with a final of 30-18 and the BCYL JV shut out Prince Edward 19-0.



Youth League Knights 2016

Youth League Knight 2016

Last Friday night the Buckingham County High School hosted "Youth League Knight" to recognize our county's youth football and cheerleaders. Our BCYL Cheerleaders stole the show at halftime with their performance. At the end of the night the Buckingham County High School Varsity Football team took the show over by defeating the Nottoway Cougars and winning their first game of the season.

Check out more photos by clicking on the "Youth League Knight" tab to the left in the Main Menu.




2-2 vs The Raiders; 1-0 vs The Dukes

The first game last weekend was the Cumberland Dukes Flag football team against the Buckingham County Youth League Flag team. This was a game played before the games against the Raiders that was hosted by the BCYL at Gene Dixon Park.

The BCYL Flag team handled the Cumberland Dukes flag team before taking on the Raiders from Amelia. The BCYL Minors handed the Raiders a Loss for the weekend as our Junior Varsity and Varsity landed the Losses for the day.

Next games will be against the Prince Edward-Farmville Youth Association Eagles at Prince Edward County High School for our Flag, Minors and JV teams. The BCYL Varsity football team will travel to Lunenburg to play the Lightning. Game times are listed


Let's Go Knights





After a Full Day of Football, BCYL Goes 3-1

Week three of the season the Buckingham County Youth League Football program travelled to Charlotte Court House to play the Charlotte Patriots. The teams enjoyed the really nice weather that is starting to develop  into "football weather".

Check each team's webpage for game summaries.



Finally...Schedules Will Be Posted

I have finally received a correct and final copy of the JRSYSA Football Schedule for the 2016 season. I know a lot of parents, coaches and fans have been requesting this so you can prepare and plan for the season. Sorry to everyone for it to take so long and this has been a first in the many years I have been associated with in the league. But we have it now and I have posted downloadable copies on our website. Go to the "Forms and Handout" tab to your left and you can start downloading a Flag, Minors and JV Schedule and there is also a Varsity Only Schedule as well. Be careful to get the right one and please disregard any old schedules that you may have.



Buckingham Knights Faces the Patriots

The Buckingham County Youth League will send all football teams and cheerleading squad to Randolph Henry High School this weekend to square off against the Charlotte Patriots. The Patriots have four teams like Buckingham and this will make for a long day this upcoming Saturday. So come on out and show support for our Buckingham Knights Football and cheerleading squads. First game starts at 10:00 am.


BCYL Flag Beats Cumberland @ Charlotte

The Buckingham County Youth League Flag Football team is the only team that played this past weekend. Scheduled to play a Home game against the Dukes of Cumberland didn't go as "Scheduled". The Cumberland Parks and Rec didn't have enough to field a Varsity and Junior Varsity team and their Minors team didn't have enough players also. So the one game was played at Randolph Henry High School. The Home of the Charlotte Patriots.

The young Buckingham County Flag team travel and came back victorious against the Cumberland team. Now the Knights have to prepare for another game back at Randolph Henry High School this upcoming weekend to play the Charlotte Patriots.

Buckingham Knights  25

Cumberland Dukes   12





"Another" Changing of the Schedule

Last week I posted the James River Southside Youth Sports Association Varsity Football Schedule on our website. This was the schedule that was sent to our county football program on Friday from our league office. I was just informed today that the schedule that was sent out was incorrect.

I know it has been an ordeal trying to get the 2016 game schedule for our parents, and I am asking you to be a little bit more patience with our league office so they can get an accurate game schedule so we can make our plans. I was inform that the correct schedule would come out today.

There is no blame in our program for this "Mix up", it is all on our league office.






BCYL Football & Cheer Back Online!

Due to "Popular Demands" I have been asked to continue making with updating our Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer Website. I will post information to keep our parents/fans informed on what to look for in the upcoming 2016 season.

We are very busy with getting our teams ready for the 1st games this weekend and I will be making post daily to get caught up with the season.