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  • James River Southside Youth Sports Associaton Super Bowl
  • FLAG FOOTBALL Buckingham Knights 12 Emporia Renegades 6
  • MINORS FOOTBALL Charlotte Patriots 0 South Hill Hornets 30
  • FLAG FOOTBALL Buckingham Knights 7 Emporia Renegades 26
  • FLAG FOOTBALL Buckingham Knights 21 Emporia Renegades 20 Overtime

Buckingham County Youth League
Football & Cheer

Home of Champions!

The Buckingham County Youth League Football program has produced not only a good atmosphere for the learning of the basic fundamentals of youth football for our community young and future players. We produce a winning pride! A certain quality that is necessary to keep our program on top of the James River Southside Youth Sports Association for some years. We produce Champions!

Football Season Not Over

The Buckingham County Youth League Football Program is still having activities going on for our players and cheerleaders. Below is upcoming events for the Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer.

November 15, 2014

Invitation to Hampden Sydney vs Randolph-Macon Football Game

Players and Cheerleaders invited to spend the day at Hampden Sydney College during game day. The teams will eat in the cafeteria (need $6 for the all you eat lunch buffet) and will meet with some Hampden Sydney football players before their game. BCYL will be in attendance for the 1:00 pm game as the Hampden Sydney Tiger will take on the Randolph-Macon Yellow Jackets

November 22, 2014

Invitation to the 1st Annual Hill City Turkey Bowl

All of Buckingham County Youth League Tackle football teams and Cheerleaders have been invited to participate in a football tournament in Lynchburg. The Hill City Youth Football and Cheer Association. Details will be posted.




BCYL Flag and Varsity Super Bowl Champs


Three of Buckingham County Youth League Football teams entered the James River Southside Youth Sports Association Super Bowl and each team had to square off against the powerhouse football program of the Southside District...the Emporia Renegades. The Renegades from the Emporia-Greenville Youth Association have played the BCYL football teams as their non conference games scheduled this season. During the regular season, the Renegades went 1-7 against the Knights in some close battles. At the Super Bowl the Knights get some revenge by going 2-1 against the Renegades as they bring back to Buckingham two 2014 JRSYSA Super Bowl titles.


2014 BCYL Homecoming

Check out the new "Homecoming" tab to the left to view photos of the events that happen on Oct. 18th.



BCYL Go 3-0 In James River District Championship Game

October 25, 2014

 2014 James River District Playoffs
Hosted by Cumberland
Buckingham  25
Prince Edward  6 
Charlotte  8
Amelia     0 
Junior Varsity
Buckingham  20
Charlotte  0 
Charlotte  8 
Buckingham  20
2014 James River Southside Youth Sports Association
Super Bowl
Flag - Buckingham Knigths vs Emporia Renegades
Minors - Charlotte Patriots vs South Hill Hornets
Junior Varsity - Buckingham Knights vs Emporia Renegades
Varsity -  Buckingham Knights vs Emporia Renegades


BCYL Go 3-0 in Prince Edward

The Buckingham County Youth League Knights travelled to Farmville this past weekend to play the Prince Edward-Farmville Youth Association Eagles. With only the Flag, Minors and Junior Varsity having games to play, the BCYL Varsity was off this weekend due to Prince Edward not being able to field a Varsity team for this 2014 season. So with the weather looking like it could have a down pour at any moment, with a little drizzle from time to time it was a pretty good day for youth football.

With the football teams getting geared up to enter the post season in the James River District, the Buckingham County Youth League had a solid weekend as all three teams finished the Eagles last weekend. Now the Knights have to concentrate on four tough teams from Emporia that will travel to Gene Dixon Park this upcoming weekend. This will mark the last game of the regular season, and will set the tone for our teams going into the playoffs.

This will also be the Buckingham County Youth League Homecoming. The festivities will start prior to the games at 12:00 noon this Saturday at Gene Dixon Park. Later at 2:00pm with be the start of the games between Buckingham and Emporia. So everyone come down to the park to show your support.

Look for game summary of BCYL at Prince Edward on the team's homepage.



BCYL 2-2 Against the Patriots


The Buckingham County Youth League travelled to Randolph Henry High School to play the Charlotte Patriots. On a day where the tempiture was down and a lot of fans had to break out coats and blankets, the team get warm by playing the game of football. The cheerleaders looked cold at times, but when it counted...they helped in getting our football teams pumped up during their games.

Games Summary will be posted soon. Check the teams Homepage for game summaries.



A Sweep of Cumberland


The Buckingham County Youth League went into Cumberland for Game 7 on the schedule and came away with sweep of the games played. Due to the Cumberland Parks and Recreation not able to field a flag team for the 2014 season, our BCYL Flag team had a break for that weekend. But the other teams went into the boarder county did very well winning 3-0 against the Dukes.

Game Summary will be added soon. So check out the team's homepage.




Homecoming Game

The Buckingham County Youth League Football Program will have their Homecoming Game on October 18th when Emporia comes to town. Times will be put out later for when the festivities and crowning of the King and Queen.



Back on the Winning Track...BCYL goes 3-1 against Amelia

The Buckingham County Youth League football program has completed the first half of the season with a conbine record of 15-5. After going 1-3 in the games against Renegades from the Emporia/Greensville Recreation Association, the Knights football progarm bounced back in the next week. Our goals are to do better in the second half of the season to ensure all of our team participate in the post season.

Check out each team's websit for game summary.




Last Friday at the Buckingham County High School football game (Buckingham vs Bluestone),  the Buckingham County Youth League football program had its Youth League Night. This is an annual event held at the High School's first Varsity football Home game where the youth football players and cheerleaders are recognize. This year was a little something different was added whereas the Buckingham County High School Varsity Cheerleaders finished the finale' with one of their routine. It was a wonderful evening for the BCYL Football players, cheerleaders and the BCHS Varsity Cheerleading squad. And the highlights was the beat down the BCHS Varsity Football team put on the Bluestone Barons with a 42-0 victory.


BCYL Knights Go 1-3 Against Renegades

The Buckingham County Youth League took the long trip to Greensville High School to play the E.G.R.A. Emporia Renegades this past Saturday. This game marked the halfway for the 2014 Football Season. It was also the scheduled non-conference game that the Knights drew for their 2014 Schedule. With an overcast most of the day and at one time there was a little drizzle. But it was a really good day for football. Game Summary will be added to each team Homepage.



All BCYLTeams Victorious Against Eagles

Last weekend the Buckingham County Youth League football program hosted the Prince Edward Eagles from the Prince Edward Farmville Youth Association. Due to the PEFYA organization not able to field a Varsity team, the BCYL Varsity team was off and preparing for their next upcoming game against Emporia. But games went on for the Flag, Minors and Junior Varsity teams. A day that was very hot and humid, games had to be cut short due to the  heat index. In the end, the BCYL teams came away with victories for each group. Game summarys will be added.



BCYL Goes 4-0 vs Charlotte

The Buckingham County Youth League football program played into their third game of the season against the Charlotte Patriots this past weekend. With a short week of practice after playing makeup games against Cumberland during the week, the BCYL Knights had their hands full against four determined teams. With the good weather this past weekend made for some good football during the day. By the end of the day, we had every thing from double overtime to a game the Knights had to battle from behind. 

Check out the Game Summary for each team's webpage.



27 - 0!


The games against Cumberland was postponed and 3 of the 4 teams played during the week. Yesterday the Dukes of Cumberland travelled to Gene Dixon Park with their Minors, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. At the end of the night, all three of Buckingham County Youth League teams came out victorious with the score of  27-0.

Game summary will be added on each team's webpage.



BCYL Knights Go 3-1 In Amelia


What a good day for youth football this past Saturday. The Buckingham County Youth League football program started their season at Amelia this past weekend. The Flag, JV and Varsity teams came out victorious to start the season off with a win. The Minors team played very well in the first half of their game but Amelia got rallyed in the second half.

Game summary for each team on their web page.

Also activating the Cheerleading page. So check out the hard work our Cheerleading squads put out in support of our football teams




BCYL Football & Cheer Get Ready for Amelia

The Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer program get prepared for the upcoming games at Amelia


Team Roster Pages Open! Rosters Added

I will be posting information on how the teams are doing. This will be another accessible way of gaining necessary information for your team.




2014 JRSYSA Jamboree...WET!

The Jamboree started off pretty good after the threat of heavy rains. For most parts of central Virginia it was a lot of wet weather. But the rains didn't really start in Nottoway until the teams have gotten into the scrimmages.  

However, the call came in to end the Jamboree and cut the event short due to the constant rain fall at Nottoway High School. Now it's time to get with the 2014 regular season.



First Week of Practice Ends

The BCYL Football program is up and running. Equipment has been issued and the first week of conditioning is over. It is time to start with the hitting! And that is what the BCYL Football Knights do well. If you have been with the program for the past couple of years than you know what I'm talking about. If you are new to our program and haven't witness how the Knights perform during gametime... than sit back and enjoy the ride.




2014 Game Schedule


I now been given the correct time for the 2014 BCYL Football Game Schedule and will get a copy to each player when we have their equipment issue. I will also have copies available for the cheerleaders when they meet for their first practice.

The "Times" on our football schedule will be the start games for the Flag game. If the time posted is 10:00am...than the Minors game start will be close to around 11:00 am. The Junior Varsity will be about another hour later and so on for the Varsity.

Our first game of the season will be an AWAY game, 10:00am on Aug 16, 2014 against Buckingham's long time rival Amelia. The next three Saturday's will be Home games at Gene Dixon Park against Cumberland, Charlotte and Prince Edward. All three game have a 10:00 game start. And remember that time is the start of the Flag games.

The next game will be Buckingham's non-conference game against the Renegades of Emporia. This will be our 2nd AWAY game at our halfway mark of the season and the longest we would have to travel. Due to the distance our game start will be at 11:00 am on Sept. 13, 2014. 

To start the 2nd half of the season, the Knights will host the Raiders of Amelia on Sept. 20, 2014 at 10:00 am at Gene Dixon Park before going on the road for three weekends. The first of the next three games will be at Cumberland 10:00 am on Sept. 27, 2014. The next weekend is an AWAY game against the Patriots of Charlotte. This will be our first late game of the season with a game start at 4:00 pm on Oct. 4, 2014. Remember that is the start for the Flag football game. On Oct. 11, 2014 at again another late game of 4:00 pm, we will travel to Farmville to play the Eagles of Prince Edward.

The last game of the season will be our Homecoming. Our Homecoming festivities will began before the Flag team takes the field at 2:00 on Oct. 18, 2014 to play Emporia. Also by this time, we will have information on any team that make the post season. You can get downloadable schedules off our the "Forms and Handout" page.  

Go Knights



The First Week of Practice

The first day of practice came this past Monday for the Buckingham County Youth League football program. Even with a major rule change within the James River Southside Youth Sports Association with the age change, it hasn't stop the numbers from coming into the BCYL football program. All teams has been growing and getting developed for the long upconming season. All teams are grow and getting better and getting better very quickly.

Friday will be the last day of sign ups for the football and cheerleading program for the 2014 season.




Only one day of BCYL Conditioning Camp...

...but it went pretty well. Due to the Buckingham County Youth League hosting the Dixie State Major tournament, the first day of the Football Conditioning Camp was cancelled because of the extended tournament championship games. The second day was cancelled because of heavy rains. But the last day was very productive with the participates that came out to get in football shape and ready for the first practice.

The first day of practice will be this Monday, July 28 at Gene Dixon Park from 6 pm - 8 pm.

Sign Ups will continue during the first week of practices. Also, per JRSYSA League Rules a physical is need (for football players not cheerleaders) prior to any youth league football activities.



Changes Within the JRSYSA

Most of the players, parents and fans of Buckingham County Youth League football have already been informed about the newer rules and regulations pertaining to age changes in the James River Southside Youth Sports Association. To ensure that each county within the JRSYSA have a chance to field a youth varsity team without competing against their local Middle School football programs, the ages for the youth league Varsity teams are now 11 and 12 years old. No more 13 year old participates as we have had in the past. Below is the other changes made to the Flag, Minors and Junior Varsity football teams.


                       FLAG      MINORS          JR VARSITY          VARSITY      
     AGE  5 & 6 yrs old     7 & 8 yrs old      9 & 10 yrs old     11 & 12 yrs old
 WEIGHTS          No Limits    101 striper 135 MAX         116 striper 165 MAX       131 striper 205 MAX

Forms and Handouts Updated!

I have updated the "Forms and Handout" page so you can download the updated 2014 Buckingham County Fall Football Registration Form, the Buckingham County Youth League Cheerleading Registration Form and the Virginia High School League Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form.

Also the Buckingham County High School JV and Varsity Football Schedules have been added to the Forms and Handout page.



The Buckingham County Youth Football
Conditioning Camp


The Buckingham County Youth League Football Conditioning Camp will began this week. This is where we start getting in football shape. No plays... just drills. Be perpared for your lil' ones to go right to bed during the three days of camp. The camp will start on Wednesday, July 23rd and last through Friday, July 25th.

The Camp times:  6:00pm - 7:30pm

Location: Gene Dixon Park.





Starting the Season


The Coaches of Buckingham County High School Football program held their Anual Football Fundamental Camp for the kids at Buckingham County High School. This camp was for all kids in the area ages 5-17 yrs old. Coach Gile, the Head Coach of the Buckingham County High School Varsity football team has put on this free camp of over the past 15 years and as usual it end with the coaches providing the kids with hotdogs, snacks and soft drinks.

The Buckingham County Youth League held Sign Ups during the Fundamental Football camp and will began their season starting with a Conditioning Camp next week at Gene Dixon Park on July 23 - 25, 2014. This is a camp that will start getting our players that want to participate in the upcoming season in "football shape". Starting a 6:00 pm there will be nothing but running, running and after a water break more running.  

 Sign Ups Dates

July 19th @ Gene Dixon Park      Time: 10am - 2pm 

July 23, 24 & 25 @ Gene Dixon Park (Football Conditioning Camp)  Times: 6pm - 7:30pm  

July 28th - August 1 @ Gene Dixon Park (1st Week of Football Practice)  Time 6pm - 8pm