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  • Games Scores This Past Weekend
  • BCYL Flag 32 Charlotte Flag 33
  • BCYL Minors 13 Charlotte Minors 0
  • BCYL Jr Varsity 6 Charlotte Jr Varsity 0
  • BCYL Varsity 13 Charlotte Varsity 0
BCYL @ Pr. Edward
3 Days
Youth League "Knight"

Buckingham County Youth League
Football & Cheer

Home of Champions!

The Buckingham County Youth League Football program has produced not only a good atmosphere for the learning of the basic fundamentals of youth football for our community young and future players. We produce a winning pride! A certain quality that is necessary to keep our program on top of the James River Southside Youth Sports Association for some years. We produce Champions!


Just want to let you know that I have been updating all of the scores from the games played thoughout the James Rivers and Southside District games. Check under "Game Results" to the left and click on any club in the drop down box to see the scores of their previous games. Make sure you use the dropdown to display either "Flag, Minors, JV or Varsity".


In the grass or in the dirt...it's never a good sign.


Game 3

Buckingham Knights  at  Charlotte Patriots

The Buckingham County Youth League Knights Football and Cheer program travelled to Charlotte County to play the Patriots Saturday and went 3-1 for the afternoon.  With all games being close and could have swung for either football club, the BCYL program ended on top for most of the games. Like always the Charlotte County Patriots program hosted the events with class while providing good competition to keep the James River District strong with their four good teams.

Check out your teams Homepage for game summary.





Game 2

Buckingham Knights  at Cumberland Dukes

What an interesting day for the 2nd game of the season for the Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer Program. Cumberland Recreation didn't do as well as Buckingham in signing up participates for their programs. And the games reflected that yesterday. But the kids really enjoyed playing and didn't matter if it was 8 on 8; 9 on 9 or 5 on 5. All teams except the Varsity played this past weekend.  Cumberland did not field a Varisty football team.

Check the team's Homepage for game summary



F & S Enterprises Photography

If you see this  guy with a turkey feather hat walking around taking pictures...Smile for him.

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Check out the big van parked behind the lower field's pressbox and see what they have to offer.




Week 1

Buckingham vs Amelia

Knights vs Raiders....

...was the first game of the season for the Buckingham County Youth League Knights and Cheerleaders. After the end of the day, the BCYL Knights when 3-1 to start off the season's opener games. The game summary will be on each teams Homepage.






Schedules for all teams have been updated and posted.

Go to the "Schedule" tab to the left to view the times and dates of upcoming games.

You can get printable schedules for the Buckingham County Youth League Football/Cheer along with a schedule for the James River Southside Youth Football League. You can get access by clicking on the "Forms and Handout" tab.


Knight had a good showing at the Jamboree








Also get with the Head Coach of your football team to give you the practice days after school starts.


Midway through the 1st Week of Football Practice


Flag and Minors joined together for conditioning

Sign Ups are still going on!

Come on down and get ready for the next Championship season

2015 Football and Cheer Season


 JV Team ready to break for the day

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