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  • Week 1
  • FLAG Buckingham Knights 21 Pr. Edward Eagles 0
  • MINORS Buckingham Knights 0 Pr. Edward Eagles 6
  • JV Buckingham Knights 20 Pr. Edward Eagles 0
  • VARSITY Buckingham Knights 0 Emporia Renegades 7

Buckingham County Youth League
Football & Cheer

Home of Champions!

The Buckingham County Youth League Football program has produced not only a good atmosphere for the learning of the basic fundamentals of youth football for our community young and future players. We produce a winning pride! A certain quality that is necessary to keep our program on top of the James River Southside Youth Sports Association for some years. We produce Champions!

Only One Game This Weekend

According to our schedule ( the one that is really not correct ) we were to play a Home game against the Cumberland Dukes. However, the Cumberland Parks and Recreation is not as far along as the Buckingham County Youth League football program. They have experienced a drop in numbers as everyone else in the James River Southside Youth Sports Association. Due to not having a couple of teams ready to play, all games have been forfeited this weekend.

Cumberland do have a Flag football team that can play this weekend, however that Referees will not travel for one game. So our Flag football team will travel to Charlotte and play the Cumberland Dukes at 9:00 am tomorrow. This way both Flag teams can play after working so hard this week getting ready for a game.

Buckingham Knights  vs  Cumberland Dukes

Game Time: 9:00 am

Location: Randolph Henry High School

You can get directions to R-H High School and all venues that we will be traveling to from the "Directions" tab at the Main Menu.




"Another" Changing of the Schedule

Last week I posted the James River Southside Youth Sports Association Varsity Football Schedule on our website. This was the schedule that was sent to our county football program on Friday from our league office. I was just informed today that the schedule that was sent out was incorrect.

I know it has been an ordeal trying to get the 2016 game schedule for our parents, and I am asking you to be a little bit more patience with our league office so they can get an accurate game schedule so we can make our plans. I was inform that the correct schedule would come out today.

There is no blame in our program for this "Mix up", it is all on our league office.






BCYL Football & Cheer Back Online!

Due to "Popular Demands" I have been asked to continue making with updating our Buckingham County Youth League Football and Cheer Website. I will post information to keep our parents/fans informed on what to look for in the upcoming 2016 season.

We are very busy with getting our teams ready for the 1st games this weekend and I will be making post daily to get caught up with the season.