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Hello Media Girls Softball coaches.  This area of the website will provide information that is useful for you as a coach.

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Background Checks for Coaches

We have a new method of doing background checks through Verity.  Verity runs a State Police PATCH clearance, and a Child Abuse Clearance from the Dept. of Public Welfare. The cost is $12.00, and you must renew your background check every two years.

Click this link to get your background check.  Results are provided to MAGS electronically.

* New for the 2016 Season: Also, if you have not lived in Pennsylvania for the last 10 years, you need additional clearance from the FBI, via a fingerprint check. This screening is good for 36 months.

Here is the specific instructions for the FBI finger print process:

FBI CLEARANCE - can be applied for on-line or phone 1-888-439-2486

1.             Access the Cogent Systems Website at:

2.             Choose Pennsylvania

3.             Choose PDE

4.             Click on “Register On-Line” and complete the information on the form

5.             After completing the form, follow through for payment. The cost of the report is $27.00.

6.             After your registration is completed and paid for, print out your receipt.

7.             Go to one of the designated fingerprint collection locations. There is list on the website under “Print Locations”.

a.    Please call the fingerprint location you choose for their dates and times of operation.  The Delaware County Intermediate Unit is now requiring an appointment.  Remember, you do have to register on-line before reporting to the fingerprint location.

b.    You must bring identification with you when you go to be fingerprinted. There is a list of acceptable forms of ID on the website under “what to bring”. 

8.             You do not need to wait for a clearance to come in the mail.  After having your fingerprints taken, the receipt you printed out can be scanned and emailed to league, or copied and handed in. 

Here's how reschedules work:(This will be on a First Come/First Serve based on WHEN I RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL TO MY INBOX) Please make every effort to reschedule the game as close to the original date as possible so as not to fill up the end of the season with reschedules. Games must be back on the schedule within 7 days of cancellation. This DOES NOT mean that they must be played within 7 days, only that they are back on the schedule within 7 days.


(1) Please consult your team schedules, and the open field list


(2) ASAP Work out aproposed reschedule date (or two) with the other coach. (Technically it's the home coach responsibility to start the process, but you don't have wait for that - we are all working at this together.) Once you have the dates - send one email. Then wait to here back from me. I will be as prompt as possible. Please follow the email template below


(3) Once we confirm,you can announce the reschedule/count on it. The game is NOT officiallyrescheduled till one of us confirms your email..saying it will be back on the calendar and have an ump assigned. My response time will be within 48 hours.


EmailTemplate:I ask that you all follow this template in an effort to avoid/reduce any confusion that may arise due to missing information or miscommunications:


cc: <yourcommissioner>;<visiting team coach(es)>

Subject: Game reschedule

Bodyof email:

<Your Team Name>

<Visiting TeamName>

<date/Time/Location of originalgame>

<Open FieldDate/Location

Practice Schedule


CDC's Heads Up - Concussion in Youth Sports

Get prepared for the new season in less than 30 minutes

HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. It features interviews with leading experts, dynamic graphics and interactive exercises, and compelling storytelling to help you recognize a concussion and know how to respond if you think that your athlete might have a concussion.

Click this link to see the training website.