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or, How to Keep it All Together

The purpose of this guide to is help you meander through the many issues associated with ski racing and at Attitash specifically. The information presented here has been gathered through many years of experience, hard work, trial & error, tribal chants, and sometimes just plain luck. By no means is this guidebook complete, and should you possess information that will help others, don't keep it a secret! We encourage you to forward this knowledge to a board member as often as possible.

Racer Ready Text Alerts
Ski Passes/Tickets
Membership in USSA and NHARA
Race Age Categories
Lunch on Training Days

Equipment & Clothing
Equipment & Clothing
Race Team Clothing
How to Sell Used Equipment on the Website
Family Radios and Cell Phones

Signing Up For a Race
Entering (Open and J3) Races
Pre-Race Ski Tuning
Clothing Issues on Race Day
When to Arrive at a Race
How a Typical Race Runs
Race Day Job Descriptions

Parent Items
Parent Volunteer Commitments (Race Workers, Fundraising, etc)
Parental Notes

Code of Conduct
Attitash Race Team Code of Conduct Policy
NHARA Code of Conduct
Racer Responsibility Code

Bonus Tips


Parents/racers should check this website regularly as all updates, newsletters, schedule changes, etc. should be posted here. Additionally, an email newsletter is sent out mid-week during the season which includes a review of the past week’s activities as well as information about the events for the coming weeks. The email newsletter has proven to be very effective and thorough so make sure you check your email during the week.

For Facebook users, 'Like' the Attitash Race Team's page to receive additional notes and to see promo information to various race-related suppliers.

Racer Ready Text Alerts

The "Racer Ready" text alert system allows the Team and Coaches to send brief, last-minute text messages to your mobile device with updates on weekend training plans, weather-related issues, location changes, or even races. To subscribe, create a free MyLeagueLineup account by following the link at the bottom of the left menus on our webpage. Once logged in, select "Get Text Alerts" from the login box and follow the online instructions. You can add as many phone numbers as you'd like.

Ski Passes/Tickets

Registration for the Attitash Race Team does NOT include a season pass and or skiing privileges at Attitash Mountain Resort. You must either purchase a pass or lift tickets. Our collective experience indicates that purchasing a season pass will be your best financial option. Attitash does offer a discounted youth season pass, the AttiCats pass, which is valid at Attitash Mountain Resort and Wildcat. At this time, however, Attitash Mountain Resort offers no further discounts to members of the Attitash Race Team so you'll need to purchase your pass at www.attitash.com like the rest of the skiing population.

Your entry fee to each race typically includes a lift ticket for the racer at the mountain where the race is being held. Some mountains offer discounted tickets for family members who are skiing the day of the race. Simply ask about this at the race registration desk on the morning of the race.

Membership in USSA and NHARA

All members of the Attitash Race Team must be members of USSA. This is a requirement for the team's insurance coverage. In order for an athlete to participate in any NH qualifier, final, or championship race, they must be a member of both USSA and NHARA. Athletes only need a USSA membership to compete in open races.

Since U10 athletes are not allowed to participate in the NH qualifier, final, or championship races, U10's are not required to have a NHARA membership. Regardless of membership requirements, we encourage all U10 parents to review NHARA's rules, policies, and code of conduct.

USSA is the governing body of U.S. ski racing (alpine, snowboard, Nordic, freestyle, and jumping). You can find information on this organization at www.ussa.org. USSA Membership information can be found at www.ussa.org.

NHARA is the governing body of alpine ski racing in New Hampshire. Membership information can be found at www.nhalpine.org.

Both organizations issue annual ID cards to the racer. USSA's ID card is now provided online for the racer to print at home. NHARA currently mails the ID card to your residence. These ID cards are critical for participation in every race. You will be required to present both ID cards to the registration desk for every race - NO CARD, NO RACE! The ID cards are normally returned to the racer when they return their racing bib at the end of the day.

We recommend that you laminate your ID cards and either carry them yourself or put them in your racer’s boot bag or on a clip that loops around their neck. It may also be handy to put both cards is a small zip-lock bag for handing to the registrar. It is also wise to keep a copy of both ID cards in your vehicle's glove box in case you forget them.

Race Age Categories

  • U16 – racers ages 14 & 15
  • U14 – racers ages 12 & 13
  • U12 – racers ages 10 & 11
  • U10 – racers ages 8 & 9 (**)

The ages listed above are based on the athlete turning that age prior to December 31 of the current season. The Attitash Race Team does not offer programs above U16. Racers in these age groups are encouraged to consider the Mount Washington Valley Ski Team (www.mwvskiteam.com).

** The minimum age for the Attitash Race Team is a U10 who turns age 8 before January 1 of the current ski season. USSA and NHARA have determined that intense competition and race result focus for ages 7 and younger is specifically discouraged. This determination is to be driven by the best interests of the young athlete and is consistent with other regions of NH and most regions within USSA.

A minimum level of mountain competency is also expected. The athlete must have the ability to put on/take off their own equipment, ride chairlifts, and navigate and manage all intermediate trails at Attitash Mountain Resort. Members of the coaching staff and board can help you determine if your child is ready for our program.


Many of our coaches have been with our program for several years...numerous are alumni of our program.  Many are from the Mount Washington Valley originally or have been MWV residents for years. They have a wide variety of racing backgrounds and some still race today in regional Masters races as well as local “Mountain Meister” races. All of our coaches go through regular training both locally and through USSA. They are able to coach any level but usually coach the same ages year after year.

Racers are assigned to a coach or coaches for the season, typically by age group. Parents are not allowed to choose your racer's coach.


Training is held at Attitash on most Saturdays and Sundays, unless there is a race that day. Traing for all groups begins at 8:30 a.m. sharp.  Training ends at 2:30 p.m. with a one hour break for lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. Our group sizes range from 6 to 10 skiers per coach. It is our intent to begin the training on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, pending trail conditions. Training typically concludes after the third week in March. This schedule is weather dependant of course. Our website, RacerReady texts, and team emails will provide you with the latest information so check these first before calling, emailing, or panicking!

On training days, all racers should meet at the “CB” (Cannonball), which is the small building across from the Adventure Center lodge and next to the Sidewinder Water Slide. Check in with your coach as soon as you get there so they know you are there. It is strongly recommended that all racers arrive 10 minutes before start time and be ready to hit the chairlift (bathroom visited, proper gear on, etc.). Coaches will leave the CB with all racers present from their group promptly at 8:30.

The CB has space for racers to put on their gear and store their bags. There is NO room in the CB for parents, siblings, or friends to change or store items.  A parent liaison from the Board will be at the CB each morning to address any questions or concerns you may have.

After lunch, Racers should be at the CB and ready to ski by 12:30. Again, coaches will leave the CB with all racers present from their group promptly at 12:30.

If you are late for the morning or afternoon departure times it is your responsibility to find your child’s coach. There will often be someone who has a general idea where the coach and your racer's group is skiing but they will not be able to take your child to meet the group.  Coaches may use the white board in the CB to list the day's trails for late-comers, but don't rely on this being done every day.

Training can occur anywhere on the mountain but is usually found on Spillway (Attitash) or Trillium (Bear Peak). Coaches will review trail safety and hill conditions daily with the racers.

There may be times that a family, school or social obligation may prevent your racer from training or a day when your racer needs a break – that’s understood. But, training has a direct effect on your racer’s performance so regular attendance is strongly recommended.

For weather issues (rain, extreme cold), Team emails and/or RacerReady text messages may be sent with updates if training will be affected.

Lunch on Training Days

Your child is on their own for lunch. The coaches will NOT be available to supervise your child during this time. There is space in the CB for box lunches (there are no vending machines of any type here but there is food service across the way in the Adventure Center). Many families will use this time to get together for a family lunch – at the base lodge, at their condo, or at Matty B’s restaurant across the street.

After lunch, Racers should be at the CB and ready to ski by 12:30. Coaches will leave the CB with all racers present from their group promptly at 12:30.

If you are late from lunch it is your responsibility to find your child’s coach. There will often be someone who has a general idea where the coach and your racer's group is skiing but they will not be able to take your child to meet the group.

Equipment & Clothing

Skis - First year U12 and all U10 skiers typically use one pair of skis for both GS and SL. Depending on your racer’s progress, desire, and dedication, second year J12's may want to consider separate pairs of skis for each discipline. Your coach can provide additional guidance in this regard. Some U12's and U10's may choose use a different pair of skis for afternoon training sessions, especially if tree skiing. Your coach will provide more guidance on this. U16's and U14's should have one pair of skis for SL and on for GS. Some U16's and U14's will also have separate pairs of skis for training only. Again, your coach can provide additional quidance in this regard.

Ski Length – This will depend on the discipline, but if the athlete has only one pair of skis, use skis that measure from the nose to middle of their forehead. We recommend working with the coaches to figure out the best length(s) for your child.  USSA establishes specific gear rules for U14's and higher.  These rules change from time to time so be sure to check USSA's website for the latest information on ski length and turn radius.

Boots – For beginning racers, “race” boots are not required but strongly suggested. For all other racers, race boots should be used. We recommend working with the coaches and trained boot fitters to make the correct choice of boot and to make sure it fits correctly. An improper boot fit or type can significantly affect performance.

Poles – There are no requirements for the types of poles to be used though we recommend poles that are light and durable. Many athletes use poles that have bends (GS poles) in them. These are race specific poles. The reality is that for the vast majority of our racers, curved poles will not make a difference in their performance. However, most athletes want them...because every one else has them. Pole guards are not required until the racers are “hitting” the gates. Don't worry, you’ll know when this happens. Shin guards and forearm protectors will be also appropriate at this time.

Helmets – Are required for all racers. For races, helmets are required to meet USSA rules and be of the “full shell” style (hard shell covers the ear).  USSA rules for helmets change from time to time, so always be sure to check their rules before purchasing a helmet!  Face guards are not required for SL until the racers are hitting gates. Again, you'll know when this happens. Mouth guards are not a bad idea, especially if your child wears braces.

Jacket – A warm jacket is a must. Make sure your racer's name and "Attitash" or "AAEF" is clearly writting on at least one inside label (see "Clothing Issues on Race Day" below).

Pants – If your racer is going to wear a race suit (i.e. one piece lycra suit), pants with a full zip are essential on race days. Again, make sure your racer's name and "Attitash" or "AAEF" is clearly writting on at least one inside label.

Gloves – Warm gloves are a must for a good day of training. The recent team jackets are relatively tight at the wrist, so we recommend a glove with a long cuff that can go over the jacket. A cuff won't fit under this year's new team jacket design, and a short cuff may allow snow to get in.

Race Suit – Almost all racers, including U10's, will be wearing a race suit even though it may not improve their performance one bit. This is another one of those "everyone else wears one" dilemmas. A padded suit is better as it will offer a bit more protection and warmth. These suits are typically expensive so look to families with older racers who may have grown out of theirs. Our website's Gear Exchange frequently lists very nice outgrown race suits. Check eBay or the local ski shops for deals.

Used equipment – Is fine as long as it is in good condition and fits the needs and ability of the athlete. The best deals can typically be found within the program as racers outgrow their equipment. Again, consult with your coach to make sure used equipment is right for your racer.

There are two retailers in the Mt. Washington Valley that have been very supportive of the Attitash Race Team – Stan & Dan’s in North Conway and Jack Frost in Glen. These shops have been selling race gear to children and adults for years and they can offer great assistance in helping you select the skis, boots, and bindings that are appropriate for your child. They also offer excellent boot fitting services if necessary. In the past Stan & Dan’s has offered a 20% discount (from retail price) on everything other than boots for Attitash racers. When shopping at the store, make sure they know you are part of the Attitash Race Team. Jack Frost has offered similar support – again, identify yourself as a team membern and ask about any discounts offered before making your purchase.

We strongly encourage you to visit the Gear Exchange on our website. Here you can find quality used equipment which can help ease the budget crunch. In many cases this equipment is near-new so check back often for the latest and greatest.

Race Team Clothing

Orders for team jackets are generally placed after the end of the prior season. Used/outgrown jackets are often available on our website's Gear Exchange.

Team promotional clothing (sweatshirts, T's, hats, etc) are offered periodically on specially designed vendor websites. Information as to when items can be ordered is sent out in the team newsletters and posted on the team website. Our website has a Team Gear links to connect to these vendors.

Family Radios and Cell Phones

Racers are allowed to carry family radios and cell phones but the coaches request they keep them in their pockets and turned off. In short, the racer should be the one to contact the parent ONLY when necessary.


How to Sell Used Equipment on the Website

The website offers an easy way to sell your new and used equipment to team members. Here are instructions for adding an item to the site:

  • Choose Gear Exchange from the left menu
  • Click on Add New Topic
  • If this is your first post, choose Create a MyLeagueLineup Account
  • If you have already posted, log in using your email address and password
  • After your account is created and you are logged in, the posting box will appear
  • Complete the information requested. Include as much information as possible so as to minimize questions. Make sure you include contact information so team members can get a hold of you.
  • Check back periodically to see if any questions have been posted.
  • Please update the posting when the item has been sold or is no longer available. (Reply to the post).
  • Contact webmaster@attitashraceteam.com to let us know the item can be removed from the postings.
  • We will automatically remove all postings older than 6 months.


Racers in the U14 and U12 age groups participate in both “Qualifier” and “Open” (fun) slalom and giant slalom races.

Qualifier races are part of the NHARA races series. These series are hosted regionally throughout New Hampshire and other New England states. The Attitash Race Team participates in the Eastern Division of NHARA. Our region also includes teams from Bretton Woods, Black Mountain, Cranmore, King Pine, and Wildcat. Racers rankings for each region are tracked by NHARA based on the numeric sum of the racer's places in their two best runs. Additional information about standings can be found on the NHARA website (www.nhalpine.org).

U10 athletes are NOT allowed to participate in the NHARA qualifier, finals, or championship races. NHARA offers end of season races for all levels of racers (faster racers compete against faster racers from other NH regions in the NH State Championships; developing racers compete against developing racers from other NH regions in the NH State Finals).

Open races are open to racers from all regions and have no effect on your NHARA ranking.

Racers in the U16 age group participate in both “Qualifier” and “Open” (fun) slalom and giant slalom and speed (SG) races. Qualifiers are part of the NHARA U16 regional system. Open races are open to all U16 racers regardless of their region within NH. There are end-of-season opportunities for the faster racers to compete against those from other regions and states.

Signing Up For a Race

Our coaches generally recommend the races in which our athletes should participate.

For U14, U12, and U10: Besides the Qualifier races, we typically support the Stan & Dan’s race (Attitash), Schneider Cup (Cranmore), and the Sap Run (Wildcat) “open” races. Some families also go to Bretton Woods early in the season for their pre-season race. All of these races are optional and will have no bearing on your BWL ranking.

We recommend signing up for Open races at the beginning of the season as they can fill up. You will need to pay in advance for these events. You can find registration information in your NHARA book as well as at www.nhalpine.org.

Your racer’s coach will take care of registering your child for all Qualifier races and Fun races. On race day, bring a check or cash AND your USSA and NHARA cards to the registration table. Typically you’ll be given a race bib and lift ticket for your child.

Registration for the end-of-season championship races is taken care of by your coaches and/or race organizers. You still need to bring your USSA and NHARA cards to these events in order to get your bib and lift ticket.

Race results are generally posted real-time at www.live-timing.com. Official race results and any BWL ranking updates can be found on www.nhalpine.org within a day or two after the race.

For U16's: U16's must enter all races separately using entry forms found on the NHARA website (www.nhalpine.org), USSA website (www.ussa.org) or in the NHARA or USSA guides. The Attitash coaches will identify the races that your child should enter.

Entering (Open and U16) Races

In order to be entered in a race, you must send an entry form (voucher) for each race you plan to attend at least 10 days before the race. Refer to the NHARA guide or website for addresses. Note that some races may accept on line registration – check the NHARA website for availability.

Copy the voucher from the last page of the NHARA guidebook or print a copy from the website. Please do not enlarge or reduce the form. Complete it LEGIBLY using the same name that is on your USSA card. A SEPARATE CHECK MUST BE SENT FOR EACH RACER FOR EACH RACE. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THE ENTRY FEE WITH YOUR ENTRY, IT MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED $10 MORE AT REGISTRATION. This may also be charged if you make your entry by phone, fax, e-mail or at registration.

LIMITING Entries: Most races will be limited to 200 starters with some organizers accepting even fewer. Be prepared to be turned away, even though you entered in time. All racers, especially those new to NHARA, should discuss their plans with their coach before entering any races.

CANCELLATION: If you wish to cancel your entry you must call by 9:00 am 3 days before the race, otherwise, YOUR ENTRY FEE WILL BE KEPT. See the NHARA guidebook or website for telephone numbers to call. No club will refund the fee if given notice later.

Pre-Race Ski Tuning

Having tuned skis will help your child succeed. Local shops like Stan & Dan’s and Frosty's offer excellent tuning services with quick turn-around.

Clothing Issues on Race Day

Races present opportunities for confusion – a different mountain, no familiar place to gear up, pressure, nerves, etc. We’ve learned a lot over the years and here are some tested tips we strongly encourage you to follow:

  • Make sure that each item of clothing that your child might remove on race day is clearly marked with their name and "Attitash" or "AAEF" in permanent marker, on a tag or some other highly visible place on the garment.
  • Reinforce with your child that if they want their clothing brought down after their run, they must put it in an Attitash Race Team clothing bag at the top of the course, or an overflow pile right next to the bag. Nowhere else!
  • The coaches or a designated parent volunteer will bring the clothing to the lodge near the end of the U12 Girls' first run, and again following the end of the U12 Boys' first run. They will repeat that process for the second run.
  • We will announce a specific location at the lodge where we will meet folks with the clothing bag. If you are not available when the bag arrives at the lodge, we will be leaving the remaining clothes in an Attitash Race Team bag, in a designated location inside the lodge.
  • Once you go through the bag and find your items, please be sure to return all the other items you took out, back into the bag. That way nothing will get lost.
  • Please be careful to look for your name on the items you take. You’ll find many pairs of black snow pants, and many of them are black Spyder, Karbon, or Obermeyer pants just like yours...except they have someone else's name on them!


When To Arrive at a Race

We recommend you arrive at the mountain by 7:30 a.m. thereby having plenty of time to collect your child’s bib, have them go to the bathroom and eat some breakfast. They need meet to their coach at a designated location for a course inspection usually by 8:15 a.m. However, it may vary from race to race and depend upon the weather. Make sure you talk to your coach prior to race day to understand when/where to meet.

How a Typical Race Runs

Each child will have two runs per race day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Usually the younger children go first, girls then boys, followed by increasingly older children. If the field is large at some events the J6 and younger may only get one run. It is very important that your child arrives at the mountain to allow enough time to do course inspection with their coach without having to rush. By inspecting the course he or she will be familiar with what they are skiing and the best line to take. Course inspection is a very important part of ski racing that they need to learn.

After the last person skis their run there is typically an interval of about one hour before the second run begins. Coaches will tell your child when to be ready for the second course inspection. It is extremely important that your child be on time so as not to miss their start.

Race Day Job Descriptions

All New Hampshire race programs host races as part of their commitment to NHARA. Races held at Attitash provide funding for our program and help to keep the cost low. Race work days are an opportunity for parents to get to know each other better and to view their children in a competitive race.

Race work requires a full day on the mountain. Race workers meet early in the morning and a typical race ends at 3:00 p.m. (Some earlier, some later). Each race worker is required to attend at least one training session annually. These sessions are typically 2-3 hours and are held somewhere on or near the mountain in the early part of the season.

The following descriptions are based on USSA Competition Regulations, published in the Competition Guide. We don’t necessarily staff all of these positions. See notes below.

Chief of Race (CR) Certification Requirements: USSA AO Card and Chief of Race Certification is required. Race Committee approval is required for this position. USSA Chief of Race Study Guide Job Description: The person in this position runs the race. He/She controls the work of all officials. This position is also a member of the Race Jury.

Chief of Course (CC) Certification Requirements: A USSA AO Card and Chief of Course Certification is required. Race Committee approval is required. Job Description: This person is responsible for the preparation of courses in accordance with decisions of the race committee and the jury. Should be familiar with local snow conditions and terrain concerned. Should make sure that the numbering and marking of the gates are done within the required time. Must be familiar with the set-up and maintenance of all electronic timing and communication equipment. This position is not a member of the Race Jury.

Start Referee (JA) Certification Requirements: A USSA AO Card is required for this position. A Competition Official or Jury Advisor Certification is strongly recommended and those with either of these will be given preference for this job. Job Description: This person makes sure the rules for start are properly observed; determines violations against rules for equipment and immediately takes measures provided for by rules. At the end of the race, reports to the Referee the names of competitors who did not start, have made false/late starts or other infringements. Assists the Start Hand timer. Calls competitors to the start in the correct order.

Finish Referee (JA) Certification Requirements: A USSA AO Card is required for this position. A Competition Official or Jury Advisor Certification is strongly recommended and those with either of these will be given preference for this job. Job Description: Supervises the section between the last gate and the finish. Supervises the proper crossing of the finish line. Records the order of finishing of all racers who complete the course. Assist the Finish Hand timer. Should be able to communicate immediately with the start and finish at all times.

Start Timer & Start Recorder Certification Requirements: Race Committee approval is required. Basic USSA Timing & Calculations Study Guide; Advanced Study Guide Job Description: Start Timer is responsible for running the start timing stop watch. Start Recorder records the times given by the Start Timer. Works with the Chief of Timing.

Finish Timer & Finish Referee Certification Requirements: A USSA Card is recommended. Race Committee Approval is required. Job Description: Finish Timer is responsible for running the finish timing stop watch. Finish Recorder records the times given by the Finish Timer. Works with the Chief of Timing.

Head Gate Judge Certification Requirements: This position does not require a USSA AO Card, but it is recommended. Approval of the race committee is required. Job Description: Organizes/supervises work of Gate Judges; designates gates to supervise; places them in position. At the end of the first run/end of race, will collect fault cards for delivery to Referee. Should deliver to each Gate Judge material needed; be prepared to offer assistance either to keep spectators off the course, or to help maintain the course.

Gate Judges "The most important position on the hill"  Job Description: Responsible for the supervision of one or more gates; should observe accurately; whether passage of competitor was correct through his or her assigned gates. Training is provided for all gate keepers before the start of each race. Every gatekeeper must attend the training video. This is a very good job to sign up for if it is your first exposure to ski racing.

Head of Registration/Registration Requirements: Position is reserved for injured and or non skiers. Race Committee approval is required. Job Description: Responsible for the registration of all competitors. Distributes and collects all race bibs. Must be available from 7:00AM through the Awards Ceremony. NOTE: We work with the Race Secretary on registration. We typically have 3-5 people working registration – signing in racers and workers, distributing race bibs, lift tickets, filling out the scoreboard, collecting race bibs, etc.

Scoreboard Requirements: Position is reserved for injured and or non skiers. Job Description: Writes times communicated by Timing team on scoreboard.

Starter Job Description: This position is responsible for warning signal and start command as well as the accuracy of the intervals between these signals. NOTE: We do not staff this position.

Course Worker Requirements: Course Maintenance is a very physical job. Strong skiing skill is recommended. Job Description: Assist the Chief of Course with the preparation, maintenance, and removing of the race course. Work includes installing, maintaining, and replacing of gates; maintaining the race course; installing and removing of "B – Nets"; installing and removing the timing and communication equipment.

Parent Volunteer Commitments (Race Workers, Fundraising, etc)

As the Attitash Race Team is an all-volunteer organization, we are responsible for staffing our own events. Parents of racers will be REQUIRED to work a certain amount of days per season. The amount of days depends on how many events we host. Over the past few years, most families had no more than two commitment days. During years when it's Attitash's turn in the rotation to host the NH State Championships, you can expect 3 to 4 commitment days.

There are many jobs that can be done to count towards your commitment. Working at a race is the most common and offers the most variety. When you register your child for the season you will choose your preferences for work dates and events. There is no guarantee but if you choose to work at a race, chances are that you will work a race your child is in.

See below for overview of Race Worker Descriptions.

Parental Notes

Below are a few important notes for being a parent of a racer:

  • Let the coaches do their job – this is what we pay them to do. Many children will suffer from too much input: an inconsistent message will only confuse them. If you have questions about what is being taught or suggestions on ways to best communicate with your child, please talk to the coach at the end of the day or set up a time to talk separately.

  • Stay out of the training courses. We all know you're a great skier, but the courses are set for the racers only.

  • Be careful what you say, especially at races: you never know who is standing next to you or how what you say will be interpreted. Everyone can empathize with a racer's slip, DNF, or DSQ.

  • Be positive - Provide support, care and positive encouragement for your child. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all racers, coaches, and officials. Support coaches and officials working with your child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience. Encourage your child to treat coaches, officials, and other racers with respect. Remember, most race officials are racer parents, just like YOU.


Attitash Race Team Code of Conduct Policy

In addition to practicing the Code of Conduct and Racer Responsibility Code found in your USSA and NHARA handbooks, our program requires that all athletes and parents follow the Attitash Race Team's Code of Conduct. This policy can be found under the Handouts link on our website.

Bonus Tips

  • Keep extra gloves/mittens, socks, neck gators, layers in your racer’s boot/gear bag. It’s better to have too much vs. too little!
  • On race days, bring along a good book, knitting, coffee, etc...something to pass the time while you wait in between runs during races.
  • Eat a good breakfast.
  • Get to the host mountain early on race days. The registration desk to get racing bibs can be crazy and crowded, especially at Cranmore as it is tight quarters. Make sure you're waiting in the correct check-in line ("boys" or "girls")
  • Don’t stress. If you are relaxed, your child will be relaxed.
  • Our coaches are very diligent and trustworthy on extremely cold days checking for frostbite and getting the kids in for breaks to warm up. As hardy as they are, they get cold too!
  • Gatorade and some healthy snacks are good to keep in your child's bootbag as the lines may be too long for those inbetween times that the kids come in with their coaches for a quick warm up.
  • As your child gets older, it gets easier as they meet more friends and start to “hang” together. On race days, just make sure that they check in with their coach to find out when they need to be out on the hill to slip the course.
  • Bathroom trips should be made well in advance before heading out on training days and race days. Don't forget to make a bathroom trip before returning from lunch break! On race days, there’s nothing more stressful than when your child needs to leave their group and miss the chance to check out the course. It sets the tone for the rest of the day!