Volunteering Information

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  High School   Middle School    
   TEAM    TEAM      
Feb 3/4 Boys            
Fri set 4-8p G6 3   B3 2      
7-3p G2 5   B2(1) 5      
2-10p G3/4 5   G 3/4 5      
7-3p G6 5   B2(2) 5      
1-9p G7 6   B3 5      
Feb 24/25 Girls            
Fri set 4-8p B6G 2   B4B 2      
7-3p B8B 5   B8B 5      
2-10p B4G 5   B4G 4      
7-3p B6G 5   B4B 5      
1-9p B8G 5   B8G 4      
Mar 3/4 State            
Fri set 4-8p B7G 2   B7B 2      
7-3p B7G 6   B7T 5      
2-10p B7W 7   B7T 4      
7-3p B6B 9   B7B 6      
1-9p B5G 7   B5B 7      
1st -B or G = boys or girls          
2nd - number = grade          
3rd - G,B,W,T = Gold,Black,White, or Tiger        
number - # of volunteers (Rostered players)          
i.e. B7G 6 = boys, 7th grade, Gold team, 6 volunteers      
Volunteer shifts would be as follows        
7 - 2 admissions, 4 concessions, 1 floorsweep/clock sub      
6 - 1 admissions, 4 concessions, 1 floorsweep/clock sub/admission help    
5 - 1 admissions, 3 concessions, 1 floorsweep/clock sub/admission help    
4 - 1 admissions, 3 concessions (1 floorsweep/clock sub/admission help from concession staff)

Every family volunteers 8 hours of their time per player to support the operations of Fridley hosted tournaments. These tournaments significantly offset the ongoing costs of running Fridley's basketball program.


FYSA Basketball 2017-18 Volunteering

Volunteer Deposit

  • $163 per player
  • Please write your check(s) to FYSA Basketball
  • Your volunteer check(s) will not be cashed if you sign up for and satisfy the required volunteer shifts at our tournaments. If you do not volunteer, your check will be cashed at the end of the season.

Volunteering Opportunities

  •  We will be hosting 3 tournaments this season-  February 3/4 and 24/25, and March 3/4
  • Shifts will be approximately 8 hours. Exact times will be confirmed a couple weeks before each tournament; you will be notified via email.
  • Please note that each tournament will be played at both Fridley High School and Fridley Middle School sites.
  • You may sign up for one of three opportunities: Concessions, Ticket Sales, or Game Clock
    1. Concessions: you should be able to stand for long hours and be able to count money and change
    2. Ticket Sales: you should be able to count money and change
  • Teams as a whole will be selected to serve at a venue as a group. Coaches will be confirming with you as to your participation. No need to sign up for an individual time any longer. Your team will be pre-slotted with a time.