Volunteering Information

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  High School   Middle School    
   TEAM    TEAM      
Feb 3/4 Boys            
Fri set 4-8p G6 3   B3 2      
7-3p G2 5   B2(1) 5      
2-10p G3/4 5   G 3/4 5      
7-3p G6 5   B2(2) 5      
1-9p G7 6   B3 5      
Feb 24/25 Girls            
Fri set 4-8p B6G 2   B4B 2      
7-3p B8B 5   B8B 5      
2-10p B4G 5   B4G 4      
7-3p B6G 5   B4B 5      
1-9p B8G 5   B8G 4      
Mar 3/4 State            
Fri set 4-8p B7G 2   B7B 2      
7-3p B7G 6   B7T 5      
2-10p B7W 7   B7T 4      
7-3p B6B 9   B7B 6      
1-9p B5G 7   B5B 7      
1st -B or G = boys or girls          
2nd - number = grade          
3rd - G,B,W,T = Gold,Black,White, or Tiger        
number - # of volunteers (Rostered players)          
i.e. B7G 6 = boys, 7th grade, Gold team, 6 volunteers      
Volunteer shifts would be as follows        
7 - 2 admissions, 4 concessions, 1 floorsweep/clock sub      
6 - 1 admissions, 4 concessions, 1 floorsweep/clock sub/admission help    
5 - 1 admissions, 3 concessions, 1 floorsweep/clock sub/admission help    
4 - 1 admissions, 3 concessions (1 floorsweep/clock sub/admission help from concession staff)

Every family volunteers 8 hours of their time per player to support the operations of Fridley hosted tournaments. These tournaments significantly offset the ongoing costs of running Fridley's basketball program.


FYSA Basketball 2017-18 Volunteering

Volunteer Deposit

  • $163 per player
  • Please write your check(s) to FYSA Basketball
  • Your volunteer check(s) will not be cashed if you sign up for and satisfy a volunteer shift at one of the three tournaments. If you do not volunteer, your check will be cashed at the end of the season.

Volunteering Opportunities

  •  We will be hosting 3 tournaments this season-  February 3/4 and 24/25, and March 3/4
  • Shifts will be approximately 8 hours. Exact times will be confirmed a couple weeks before each tournament; you will be notified via email.
  • Please note that each tournament will be played at both Fridley High School and Fridley Middle School sites.
  • You may sign up for one of three opportunities: Concessions, Ticket Sales, or Game Clock
    1. Concessions: you should be able to stand for long hours and be able to count money and change
    2. Ticket Sales: you should be able to count money and change
  • Teams as a whole will be selected to serve at a venue as a group. Coaches will be confirming with you as to your participation. No need to sign up for an individual time any longer. Your team will be pre-slotted with a time.