Flag Football - Fall 2017

King’s Grant Flag Football



  • Two 6-8 year old teams. (Ducks & Monarchs)
  • Two 9-10 year old teams. (Steelers & Raiders)



  • First organized practice will be held September 5th.
  • First game will be September 15th
  • Times for games TBD
  • Practices will be located at Lynnhaven Elementary School from 6:30 p.m. till 8:30 p.m.
  • KGLRA teams will play against Great Neck teams as well as our own teams.
  • 8 player football team size of 16 total players.



  • We are looking for assistance in the following areas:

        - Grounds Keepers: Ensure game field is lined and prepared before game time.

        - Gear Manager: Ensure practices and games are equipped will all gear i.e. footballs, yard markers, chains, down marker, end zone pylons, flags, water coolers, blocking dummies.

        - Team Moms/Dads: organize sign-up sheets for post game snacks, Organize post season team functions. 

  • There are many more opportunities to help with the season

More Volunteer Coaches and Assistants are Needed!

For more information, email us kingsgrantsports@gmail.com