BHS Lacrosse players and parents,
I would like to formally introduce myself as the new varsity head coach of Beaverton High School Lacrosse. Entering my third year with the club, I am honored and privileged to be given this opportunity to take the reins of a program that I believe has the potential to be among the strongest in the Metro conference and even the state - and while to some that may read simply as the lofty conjecture of a new coach, I can assure you that my conviction in it was ultimately the driving force behind my decision to step up into this position.
I realize that for those receiving this email, familiarity with who I am ranges widely, from very high to none at all. I am a Chicago native and a Southern California transplant, and this upcoming season will be my 15th consecutive spring playing or coaching lacrosse. I played my high school lacrosse in Chicago and Southern California before becoming a First Team All-Conference, Academic All-American attackman and one of the all-time leading point scorers for Whitman College. I have spent the past two seasons as the head coach of the Beaverton HS JV lacrosse team.
I believe lacrosse in its best form can help us become the best versions of ourselves, that it can teach us how to be selfless, disciplined, and industrious, that it can help us learn the nuances of teamwork, the sacrifices of leadership, and the responsibility of commitment. I believe that lacrosse, as much as it should be played for the immeasurable thrills of the game and the incomparable feelings of winning, should ultimately and uncompromisingly be played for its ability to mold us into better people, even if at times it is the tougher road. This is the gravitational core of how and why I coach, and this will now be the core of this team and this program.
When it comes to what the coaching staff and I will try to accomplish this upcoming year, there is really just one, singular goal and that is the goal of establishing a blue collar culture of working - a culture that defines itself, not through an end result, but through the perpetual desire, discipline and willpower at every level, whether it's the players, coaches or board, to put in the work necessary to continue moving this program forward and growing. to put in the work necessary to progress this club further than it has ever been. Not only will that work be necessary, but it will be expected. That means for the players - to put in the work on the field and off the field, in season and out of season to become better individually and as a team; for the coaches - to put in the work to provide the highest chance of success for our teams, whether that's devising strategy or analyzing our communication methods; and for the board - to put in the work to improve the quality of our program in every facet, logistically and holistically. The establishment of this culture will be built upon accountability. Each person, players and coaches especially, will be held accountable for his actions, for representing the program in a positive way, and most importantly, for putting in the work that the team and program expects from him.
Obviously at the varsity level, winning, which I have not mentioned until now, is immensely important - but I believe winning is inherent to this type of culture, that a culture of working naturally evolves into a culture of winning, and that if we are successful in establishing this culture, with the varsity team that we have, by the end of the season we will have done more winning than any Beaverton varsity team before us.
I realize that accountability starts at the top, that if there is one specific place at which this new culture starts, it is with me, and this letter is the first step in establishing accountability for myself, the other coaches, the players, and the rest of the program. As much as I will demand that the players be the hardest working players in Metro, I will also demand that the coaching staff and myself be the hardest working coaches in Metro as well. I believe in this club, I believe in the players and the coaches and the board, and I believe that we can push this program to new heights. I am excited and ready to put in the work to see how far we can go, how good we can be. I hope everyone else is, too.
If you have any questions, concerns or comments in general, you can reach me at
Coach Bidnam Lee