Last Updated: August 7, 2017

Congratulations on making a 2016-2017 GCAA Travel Basketball Team.  A tryout was held on Tuesday, September 27th and three independent evaluators rated each child on drills and their performance in a scrimmage format.  No evaluator had a child in the grade or in the Garden City schools.  Tryouts are not an exact science but we do try to be as transparent and equitable as possible with this independent evaluation formula.  Utilizing this approach, ratings were used to form the teams below.  


A cornerstone of GCAA Basketball is our intramural program and in order to play GCAA travel basketball, you must also be registered for intramurals.  Those listed below are now automatically registered for 4th Grade intramurals and will be notified by their respective coaches in late November.  


Thank You for your continued support of GCAA Basketball.


Coach Prendergast's Team


Jacob Antilety

Ryan Campbell

Connor Griffin

Benjamin Lau

John Patrick Maher

Michael McAndrews

Brian Nolan

James Prendergast

Chris Sarkis

Christian Shaw


Coach Cappello's Team


Vincent Abrusci

William Arendt

Evan Cabral

Ryan Cappello

Artemios Carris

Ryan Kenny

Matthew Kneafsey

Gavin O'Donohue

Gerard Schiraldi

Henry Schnell


Coach Perisa's Team


Andrew Brancaccio

Samuel Chan

Dean Colletti

James Costa

Gavin Lawe

Grant Lemieux

Jeffrey Li

Ashton Perisa

Michael Sciscente

Luca Siragusa

Luke Webber