Q. Who is the Verona Area Girls Softball Association (VAGSA)?
A. VAGSA is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 2004 whose focus is to teach fastpitch softball skills to all girls ranging in age from 5 thru age 18 in the Verona Area.

Q. Why was VAGSA formed?
A. VAGSA was formed to provide the opportunity for all girls to learn fastpitch softball whether at a recreational or competitive level under one program. In addition, emphasis is placed on promoting and developing girls’ fastpitch softball under the American Softball Association (ASA) rules.

Q. How does this program differ from other youth programs in the area?
A. VAGSA is a non-profit organization that will return your contributions to the program through highly qualified coaching instruction (some one-on-one), ongoing instructional clinics, and access to up-to-date equipment and facilities. Ultimately, this program will focus on developing the fundamentals of fastpitch softball for all girls at  all skill levels.

Q. Is there a website?
A. Yes, or

Q. When can we register for this program?
A. Registration will be held in the early part of each new year for planning purposes. Communications about registration will occur via our website, direct mail, the Verona/Fitchburg Recreation booklet, Verona Press & Fitchburg Star and in various businesses throughout the Verona area.

Q. If I miss registration, can I still get my daughter on a team?
A. Yes, if you miss the registration deadline please send an e-mail to We will place your daughter on a team but with no guarantees on any specific team.

Q. What divisions are available?
A. The age divisions are 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, 16 and under and 18 and under. VAGSA will provide recreational teams for every age division assuming there is enough interest. VAGSA will also provide teams in each age division that will be determined based on skill evaluations and/or through tryouts and will compete in a more competitive ASA league or tournament play.

Q. Is there All-Star or Tournament play available?
A. Yes, there are competitive options as part of this program.

Q. How can I volunteer to help in this program?
A. Send an e-mail to They will direct you to someone that can assist you depending upon what your interests are in helping out with the program. There is no question that non-profit organizations are successful because of parent volunteers.

Q. Do you provide assistance for families who cannot afford the fees?
A. Yes, we will provide for those families in need of assistance.

Q. How can my business or place of employment advertise on your website or sponsor a team?
A. Send an e-mail to They will work with you and provide direction for you.

(Revised 2/2013)