Volunteer Application

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To assure the safety of our little league players, all managers, coaches and other volunteers are required to submit a completed volunteer application to the Little League Board.  The Board’s Safety Officer will run the background checks required by Little League International on all applicants. 


For new volunteers: please click to download the Volunteer Application Form

For returning volunteers: please click to download the Returning Volunteer Form


All volunteer applicants should follow these simple instructions:

Please Note: The White Plains Little league uses the screening service supplied by Little league International.  The screening service requires a social security number be supplied.  Since your SS Number will be on the form and a copy of your driver’s license is also required, you may not feel comfortable emailing the information.  And, if emailed, we cannot guaranty the security of your information.  You may submit the information via email, fax, mail or personally.


Please submit the appropriate application form to:


Terence Guerriere, WPLL Safety Officer

14 Dupont Avenue

White Plains, NY 10605



fax: 646-519-2564


Thank you in advance for you cooperation and for volunteering!

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