2012/2013 Midget U18A Tryout Results Procedure
Updated 5/30/12

The Midget U18A roster for the 2012/2013 season is posted below

Deadline for players to decline a roster spot is Sunday, June 3rd at 12:00pm. Any player who declines a roster spot on or before the deadline will have their $150 committment fee check destroyed. If you require the check be returned, a self addressed, postage paid envelope is required. Please email aayiha@hotmail.com to decline a roster spot before the deadline.

You do NOT have to contact us if you accept the roster spot. If an email is not received declining the spot, we will assume the roster spot has been accepted. At noon on Sunday, May 6ht, all rosters will be final. The $150 commitment fee will be applied towards the player's 2012/13 Tracker fee.

Any player who quits a team after accepting a roster spot prior to July 1st, will be responsible for his/her portion of the team’s summer ice cost as determined by AAYIHA Executive Board as well as their commitment fee. Any player, who quits a team after September 1st, may be responsible for the entire fee. The player will not be released until his/her financial obligation is satisfied.

A supplemental tryout will be offered on August 11th. Any player placed on a lower team that would like to be reconsidered for an upper team, can work all summer and tryout in August for re-evaluation. Players joining the association at the time of supplemental tryouts or later will be responsible for the same player fee as players who joined at the time of regular tryouts.

Head coaches are listed with each team. Head coaches are responsible for contacting their assistant coaches.
Midget U18A - Burgmeier

Alex Albright
Spencer Beach
Shane Burgmeier
Alex Clarke
Joe Dombrowski
Trevor Hoover
Michael Khoury
Trevor Martin
Chris Michelone
Jedidiah Price
Matthew Shell
Brandon Sponsler

The U18 and U16 Tracker and Mustang teams have not been finalized. There are players who will be assigned to Coach Burgmeier's team.