Last Updated: April 17, 2014 

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COMMISSIONER: Nate O'Dell 512-630-9716

VICE PRESIDENT: Jason Adams 512-365-4789

4U T-ball is not a competitive format. 4U T-ball is intended to be an opportunity to introduce 4 year olds to the game of baseball. It will be conducted with great concern for safety, fun, and instruction.

• Batting will be solely off the tee. "RIF" balls will be used for play.
• Coaches will be selected by the Commissioner, and approved by GYBA. Back ground checks are mandatory.
• Players will be assigned to teams by the commissioner, through hat picks.
There will be no draft or tryouts.
• Two coaches will be allowed in the outfield during play.
• Coaches from each team will umpire their respective games.
• Each team will bat through its lineup each inning with last player hitting a HOMERUN!!
• No score or outs will be recorded.
• Games will be 45 minutes in length.
• Catchers are required to wear a catcher’s helmet or batting helmet.
• All players will be used in the field. Extra players will be used in the outfield. No one will sit the bench.
• Coaches should attempt to move players every inning to give them equal playing time at different positions.
• Coaches are responsible for removing the tee during a play at home plate.
• The ball must cross the grass arc in front of home plate or it will be a foul ball. Batter gets to try again.
• Players may not lead off or leave the base prior to ball being hit.

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