PCCL League Rules

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PCCL League Rules

June 3, 2011

PCCL League Rules:

Who Qualifies?

Current College players only, Red Shirt, Gray Shirt, ineligible college players under the age of 24 years old. No players over 24 years of age may play in this league.

What About Players?

Teams are limited on their PCCL rosters to (30) players but final rosters are due before playoffs. Players may be selected from college or high school programs, or may have finished their eligibility for college or high school baseball. Players may have played professional baseball but must provide a written release dated prior to the start of any PCCL qualifying league, tournament or the World Series.

Pro experience rule:

Any player who is out of college is allowed to play in the PCCL but has to be out of Pro ball for at least 1 year from his last contract date.

Age limit: (24) years old as of July 30th of any year.

NCAA Slide rules - Must avoid at the plate and must slide straight into the bag.

Doubleheader: (9) inn in first game and (7) innings in 2nd game

Time Limit: 3 hours. No new inning may start after 3 hours. In extra innings only 2 extra innings allowed. Whatever comes first! NO TIME LIMITS IN PLAY-OFFS OR ALL-STAR GAMES!!

Bats - Wood bats only!! Composite is ok.

Designated Hitter - American League rules

Extra Hitter (EH) - May play any position in the field and may come in and out defensively only.

Line-up: (10) batters max. May only play with a (9) batter line up and can't add a 10th batter later in the game.

Re-Enter Rule: No re-entry allowed!!

Runners: Catcher with 2 outs only!! Must be last batted out. Any other runner used original runner is out of the game.

Suspensions and Fines:

Any Player who is ejected for arguing with an umpire (1 game suspension)

Any Player/Coach who uses bad language on the field of play and is
ejected (2 game suspension) $50 Fine

Any Player/Coach who throws equipment at school property or in an unsafe manner (1 game suspension) $50 Fine

Any Player/Coach who physically attacks another person on the field of play ( Season suspension ) 

All other issues will be at the discretion of the league commissioner but fines not to exceed $100

Roster deadline for Play-Offs:

Final roster is due July 15th and should be Fax'd to 949-271-3682. Players must have played in at least (5) league games or 10 Plate appearances. Pitchers must have at least (5) appearances or (5) Innings pitched to qualify to play in the play-offs.

****Teams can not make play-offs by a team forfeiting their final games. It will be based off of win% with out end of season forfeits.

Field Rules:

No Pepper against fences

Must have dip cups! Do not spit all over the dugouts!!

On Deck batters use on deck circle

Pick up all trash before you leave the field

Let's respect our fields, coaches, umpires and other players and have a great summer!!