Last Updated: July 24, 2017
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Thank You Supporters!

The Panther Sports Club Board would like to thank all of the parents and coaches who help to make the organization successful. Without all of our volunteers, we would not have a program. We are looking forward to yet another exciting season of Basketball, Volleyball and Softball!

Panther Board Elections - Openings for 2017!


The Panther Board will be taking nominations and holding elections at our August 2017 Board Meeting.

In accordance with current By-Laws, the positions open are: President, Secretary, and Purchasing Agent


The President shall schedule, create an agenda for, and chair Executive Board meetings. The President shall attend the BAC meetings when the Facilities Coordinator is unable. The President shall plan for the future needs of the Panther Sports Club.  The President shall oversee the by-laws and General Rules and suggest or initiate change when necessary.


The Secretary shall record, keep and dispense minutes of all proceedings of Panther Sports Club meetings.  The Secretary shall be responsible for incorporating all changed, deleted, modified or updated Articles and Sections into the official written Panther Sports Club By-Laws, Rules and Ground Rules.  The Secretary shall be responsible for scheduling the times and locations of all meetings of the Panther Sports Club Executive Board of Directors.

Purchasing Agent

The Purchasing Agent shall be responsible for all purchases made by Panther Sports Club. The Purchasing Agent shall be responsible for inventory control of all Panthers Sports Club owned equipment.  The Purchasing Agent shall provide whatever support necessary to the Equipment Managers of each sport.

Please contact any current Board member for more information.

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