Our Mission

The mission of the Verona Area Girls Softball Association (VAGSA) is to promote, develop and regulate the game of softball at the youth level in the Verona Area. The primary goals of VAGSA are to develop team and individual softball skills that participants can carry with them through their school careers and throughout their lives. VAGSA will achieve the primary goals by providing the opportunity for girls ages 5-18 to play both recreational and competitive Fast Pitch softball in a fun, educational, and safe environment. VAGSA will use fast pitch softball as a means to promote personal growth and provide a learning experience for girls while encouraging fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork.


Ø Is designed for girls who attend the Verona Area School District and surrounding communities.

Ø Provides an opportunity for any girl wishing to play softball to have a team to play on.

Ø Decisions will be made by the VAGSA Board and the board will focus on girls softball issues.

Ø Will be a cohesive program that strives for unity in approaching girls’ softball issues throughout the Verona Area.

Ø Will provide opportunities at all levels of girls softball including: Girls’  Softball skills camps (fundamental skills, pitching & catching), Instructional program, recreational league play, competitive league play (Amateur Softball Association (ASA) Leagues), tournament team play at the recreational and competitive levels.

ØWill continue to develop a mentoring system via youth leadership via clinics, teaching, training, etc.

  • Ø Will pool resources of summer programs such as equipment, fields umpire coordinators, etc. to ensure adequate availability for all levels of instruction and leagues. VAGSA will participate in maintaining softball fields and equipment for all league play and instructional camps.

Ø Will educate, communicate, and enforce a code of conduct for all players, coaches and parents to adhere to for the success of the programs.

Program Descriptions

Instructional Softball

This is an excellent opportunity to focus on continuous development of proper softball mechanics for girls in grades ranging from K – 9.. Throwing, running, fielding, hitting, defensive and offensive strategies, as well as pitching and catching instruction are part of this comprehensive program. The philosophy of this program is to provide ongoing, proper instruction during the development years of the softball player. This program is offered through the Verona Recreation Department and is held at the Country View softball fields. Program development and instruction is overseen by experienced coaches and performed by Kelly Keyes and college school players. This program is highly recommended for every softball player!

VAGSA Recreational Softball

This program is geared toward recreational softball for girls ages 8 to 15. The emphasis of this program is to encourage playing the game of softball. Therefore, all players attending regular season games play at least 2 innings in the field and bat each time through the lineup. Coaches will be responsible for rotating players through a variety of positions in the field during the season. Coaching will be provided by parents in good standing. Levels of play include:

Grades 2-4 (10U)

This division alternates between coach pitch and kid pitch with an 11 inch softball. The emphasis is on having fun while learning the rules of the game. The focus is placed on basic, but, proper fielding, throwing and hitting techniques with an introduction to pitching. Initially, the girls get to face pitching in a controlled environment (coach pitch), then, midway through the season live pitching is incorporated.

Grades 5-6 (12U)

This division emphasizes honing the fundamental skills and learning game situation strategies. Players continue to develop fundamental skills in throwing, fielding and hitting. The girls learn to bunt and steal bases and soon learn the importance of advancing runners and how to keep them from advancing. Live pitching is added to the game at this level.

Grades 7-8(14U)

This division follows rules nearly identical to high school softball. The league is more competitive but the emphasis is on having fun. Focus is placed on executing the fundamentals with power and furthering the knowledge of game situation strategies. This is where the players hone their skills to prepare themselves for high school softball. More advanced skills such as drag & slap bunts, and learning to drive the ball are taught and essential at this level of play.


VAGSA Competitive Softball

This program is offered within VAGSA to provide more competitive opportunities for the advanced skill players ages 8-18. To compete in this program, girls must attend skill evaluations/try-outs and rate in the upper level within their age group. Higher level skills are taught and practiced in this program and begin at the younger ages. Teams in this program participate in leagues whose mission is to provide community focused ASA level league play in support of improving area high school teams. More commitment and travel is involved and required for this program.

Pre-Season Warm-Up Youth Camp

This fundamental skills camp is targeted for girls 8 to 14 years of age. Campers will be taught the proper mechanics to help them with their offensive and defensive softball skills prior to the start of the upcoming season. Camp coaches will concentrate on the fundamental skills of throwing, hitting, fielding, running, pitching, catching and game situations. Instruction will be provided by the experienced coaches, specialty coaches, current players and alumni.

Coaching/Umpire Clinics

Clinics will be provided to further the knowledge of summer coaches and umpires to help them improve their skills. Instruction will be provided by experienced coaching and specialty personnel.