Below is an outline overview of what our "Energy Transfer" Hitting Approach is all about. We teach all aspects of our approach in great detail at all of our hitting camps through large group mechanics, small group functional drills and through video analysis from our computer to your computer.

Over his years of teaching hitting, E.B.A.'s director, Darin Everson has 19 years of professional baseball experience as a Hitting Coach, Manager, Scout and Player.  Between his professional playing and coaching career, Everson was the hitting coach in two of the premier collegiate leagues (Northwoods and Alaska Leagues) and managed for two years in the Northwoods League.  He also coached at the collegiate and high school levels.

Professionally, Everson has been a hitting coach in the Florida Marlins system and the Colorado Rockies organization working with some of the best up and coming prospects in Denver.  He has developed this approach through all of his personal experiences and by working with and compiling valuable information and video analysis from some of the best "hitting instructors" in the country. We look forward to teaching our approach to your son during our camp season or through our online video hitting instruction.
I. RELAXED ATHLETIC SET UP - Loose and relaxed body allowing for good vision and balanced athleticism.
II. LOAD TO LAUNCH - Preparing the body for the swing with balance and rhythm that efficiently moves the body into a great launch position for the individual that is monitored by our 5-point check analysis. This energy is created while maintaining balance, looseness and an effective vision plan. 
III. ENERGY TRANSFER CREATED FROM THE GROUND UP - From an effective launch position, the athlete works to keep the body square to the plate with the swing being produced from the lower body moving the upper body into a good position.  Working consistently to get the barrel on plane with the pitch to maximize the opportunity for hard contact and high exit speeds.
IV. FINISH & FOLLOW THROUGH - Working the barrel flat through the zone with the back hip delivering or turning the barrel.  Our bat to ball skills and proper vision plan adjusts the barrel to hard contact, with extension of the back arm after contact until the arms and body follow through with balance.

ADJUSTMENT HITTING: Two-Strike Approach - making minor adjustments (mental and/or physical) remaining aggressive and consistent, expecting hard contact and hitting a pitch that travels over the plate.