Play-Off format

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Play-off format

June 22, 2011

Due to the loss of a team the play-off format has changed to best 3 overall records. The #1 seed will get a bye and seeds 2 and 3 will play a one game play-off to see who will play the #1 seed in the Championship series.

The Top 3 best Winning percentage teams will move on to play offs.

Championship series is best of 3!!!

League Champion wins $2,500

Runner up - $500


July 18th - Play off Elimination game - Cypress College.

July 20th - Game 1&2 Championship series. La Habra HS. 12PM Start

July 21st - Game 3 if needed.


Play-off Tie breaker Rule:


1.)  Head to head.

2.) Run diferrential in over all standings

3.) Coin flip