The SCCSA will utilize USA Softball rules with the following exceptions:


Teams will be allowed to bat roster.


Teams will be allowed free substitution.


Game times are 1 hour 15 minutes finish the inning.


If a player is injured and has to leave the game, there will not be a out awarded at the player next bat. That spot in the lineup will just be skipped and the player cannot return to the game.



7th Grade teams will pitch from 40' and the girls are NOT allowed to wear metal spikes.


8th Grade teams will pitch from 43' and will be permitted to wear metal spikes.


If batting roster, a courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and catcher. This runner will be the last batted out.



Team / Roster Exceptions:


     The team roster will consist of girls who will be attending the same high school.  Girls must play for the high school they will attend or for high school whose boundaries they live. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the SCCSA. Managers must complete a Roster Exception Form and it must be signed by the manager of the the player is supposed to play for. If there is no team in the league then an official with SCCSA must sign the form. No player may play for a team outside of their high school boundary without a Roster Exception Form being approved by the SCCSA.


     Any coach violating this rule may be directed to step down as coach of the team. The player affected may not be permitted to continue playing with team and all games with a non-approved player in the lineup will be forfeited.


     If a school/team is unable to field a minimum of 9 players, this team will be allowed to pick-up players to get their rosters to 9 players to avoid forfeits. This pick-up player cannot be a pitcher. This guest player must have a Roster Exception Form completed and approved before play begins.


7th grade teams cannot carry any 8th grade players.