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MGSL Board Meeting December 13th, 2017

Location: Midland County Parks and Recreation Office

Attendees: Rick Haskell, Mike Williams, Kal Palmer, Steve Mecca, Jerry Hanson, and Jesse Stewart

        I.            Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Steve Mecca:

      II.            Financial Summary:

a.       Mike review account status, last season was below breakeven mark.

b.      Discussed upcoming expenses.

c.       Discussed separate fundraising needed for field improvements.

    III.            Spring Calendar and Schedule:

a.       Registration period: January 1st through March 15th.

b.      Kids Day at Mall: January 20th.

c.       In person registration: TBD.

d.      Evaluation day: TBD (based on Civic Arena availability).

e.      Buffalo Wild Wings Color Night: Late March target date.

f.        Clean Up Day: Saturday April 14th.

g.       Opening Day: Saturday April 21st.

h.      League Picnic: Saturday June 9th.

i.         Spring Schedule: 7 Weeks, all teams have a game opening day plus below.

                                                               i.      13U – Tuesday group practices, 5 Thursday games.

                                                             ii.      10U – 9 Tuesday and Thursday games, plus championship tournament.

                                                            iii.      8U – 8 Wednesday (primary) and Monday games, league picnic day game.

                                                           iv.      6U – 7 Monday games, league picnic day game (League practice instead of game for Memorial Day).

    IV.            Proposal to Modify 13U Season:

a.       Club ball runs mid-April to May 20th, consists of 7 to 8 double headers and consumes much of the league player pool.

b.      Proposal:

                                                               i.      Maintain the spring league for interested girls, running opening day to May 24th.

                                                             ii.      Incorporate Club Ball players with spring league players to form an early summer league that runs 5 weeks, starting early May and ending prior to July 4th.

      V.            Spring Player Fees:

a.       Spring fundraiser will be raffle tickets sold with player fees ($30 for individual, $45 for family).

b.      Spring 2017 Player fees: 6U & 8U is $50, 10U & 13U is $70.

    VI.            Equipment plans:

a.       Need softballs (all sizes), bats, tees, 2 sets of bases, umpire equipment, and a pitching machine.

  VII.            Equipment Shed Update:

a.       League needs to submit formal plan to city for approval.

b.      Discussed modifying pavilion to be equipment shed and concession stand.

VIII.            8U Rules Changes:

a.       Discussed league rule changes that would more closely match the 8U all-star format.  One option would be for girls to play up in the 10U division.

    IX.            Winter Training Update:

a.       Currently 25 to 30 girls enrolled in winter clinic.

b.      Pitching camp will take place at Jefferson Middle School on Thursday nights.

      X.            Meeting Adjourned at 8:40

MGSL Board Meeting November 1st, 2017

Location: Midland County Parks and Recreation Office

Attendees: Trevor Cassiday, Rick Haskell, Mike Williams, Kal Palmer, Steve Mecca, Tina Rhoton, Brandi Dominowski, Dave Hoeh, and Jesse Stewart

        I.            Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Steve Mecca:

a.       Steve gave an overview of the board mission to provide a place for girl’s ages 5 to 15 to play organized recreational softball.

      II.            Election of 2018 Board Members:

a.       President:  Steve Mecca (Incumbent, Nominated by Mike Williams, and Seconded by Kal Palmer) was the only volunteer.  A verbal vote was unanimous; Steve Mecca was announced President for the 2018-2019 seasons at 6:41pm.

b.      Vice President:  Tina Rhoton (Incumbent, declined nomination), Rick Haskell (Nominated by Tina Rhoton, and Seconded by Brandi Dominowski) was the only volunteer.  A verbal vote was unanimous; Rick Haskell was announced Vice President for the 2018-2019 seasons at 6:43pm.

c.       Treasurer:  Mike Williams (Incumbent, Nominated by Tina Rhoton, and Seconded by Brandi Dominowski) was the only volunteer.  A verbal vote was unanimous; Mike Williams was announced Treasurer for the 2018-2019 seasons at 6:45pm.

d.      Secretary: Kal Palmer continuing second year of term started in 2017.

e.      At Large Members, all approved by unanimous verbal vote:

                                                               i.      Tina Rhoton, 6:47pm

                                                             ii.      Brandi Dominowski, 6:48pm

                                                            iii.      David Hoeh, 6:49pm

                                                           iv.      Trevor Cassiday, 6:50pm

                                                             v.      Incumbent Member: James Edwards

    III.            Role and Task Assignment:

a.       Equipment Manager: Rick Haskell

b.      Facilities Manager: Trevor Cassiday

c.       Registration Director: Mike Williams

d.      Uniform Coordinator: Brandi Dominowski

e.      Coaching Secretary: Steve Mecca

f.        All Stars Director: Rick Haskell

g.       Fundraising Coordinator: Brandi Dominowski

h.      Event Coordinator: Brandi Dominowski, Tina Rhoton

i.         Web Mater: Tina Rhoton, Steve Mecca

j.        Sponsor Relations: Mike Williams

k.       Player Development: James Edwards

l.         Umpire Manager: Tina Rhoton

m.    Tournament Director: Tina Rhoton, Rick Haskell

n.      13U Division Manager: Steve Mecca

o.      10U Division Manager: Tina Rhoton

p.      8U Division Manager: Brandi Dominowski

q.      6U Division Manager: Kal Palmer

    IV.            2018 Fundraising Goals and Ideas:

a.       Fundraising in 2017 had only 42 participants and needs to be revamped to hit the goal of $5,000 to $6,000.

b.      The possibility of doing a family buy-out of fund raisers or raffle tickets was discussed.

c.       Will keep doing Color Night at Buffalo Wild Wings.

d.      Looking into opportunities to partner with Burger King, Five Below, and Jimmy Johns to work with their established fundraisers.

e.      Looking at options for a Haunted Trail, Pancake Breakfast, and a Poker or Euchre Night.

      V.            Discussion of 2018 Season:

a.       MGSL is adding the Wildcats program.

b.      Discussed ways to make the league available to club ball players interested in the 13U division.

    VI.            Winter Training at Midland Civic Arena:

a.       Will run Monday evenings January 8th Through March 12th.  Cost will be $60 for the 10 winter sessions, targeting 40 to 50 participants.

  VII.            Equipment needs for 2018:

a.       A new pitching machine will be purchased.

VIII.            Equipment Shed at Optimist Park:

a.       The city would like us to move out of the current storage building due to accessibility issues with the utilities housed in the storage room.  The option of a shipping container was discussed, including the city requirements, size, budget, and timing.  Further information will be gathered and a decision will be made in the near future.

    IX.            Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

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