Batting Cage Schedule

Hours of operation: Sundays 12pm to 4pm and Weekdays 530pm to 8pm

Please come by the concession stand to book the batting cage practice. 

Rules for the batting cages:

1. One team per tunnel.

2. Only an adult may operate the pitching machine.

3. Only an adult may pitch to a player from behind .

4. Only one player at a time is allowed in the tunnel.

5. All players waiting their turn must wait outside the entrance to the batting cages.

6. Food is NOT allowed in the batting cages.

7. Horseplay is not allowed in or around the batting cages.

8. Coach from last team on complex must lock up batting cages before leaving and lock the facility gate once everyone has cleared the complex.


Want to manage, coach, help with practices or be a team rep? Then this is the class for you! We will go over what it means to be a coach, safety procedures for conducting practices and games, as well as first aid training. Click on the Signup button below to view the available classes. 

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2018 Volunteer Background Check Form

Please fill out form, print, sign and bring to SAO with valid driver's license/I.D.


2018 Little League Rule Books are now available.

Tee Ball Training Manual

Baseball Rule Book   

Softball Rule Book

Challenger Rule Book






Game Day Signup Sheets are in Word format. You can make any changes you need to fit your game schedules.

T-Ball Game Day Sign Up Sheet

Click here to download the Game Day Sign Up Sheet.


Game Day Sign Up Sheet 

Click here to download the Game Day Sign Up Sheet.