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2017 Approved Bylaws & Constitution

July 15, 2017
Attached you will find the final pdf's of the rule book. There are 6 different attachments, and all will be posted on the website very soon. All staff are expected to adhere to the entire rule book, but the abridged versions enables them to access or download specific areas of the rule book.
All attachments have a linked Table of Contents. Just find the topic in the ToC and simply click and you will be automatically redirected to the page in the book. I have lined up the page numbers so there is no confusion. If the Flag Safety barrier rule is on page 68 in the full version, it will be on page 68 in the Abridged Version (Part #3 Flag).
If a rule is new you will find it in red text with gray background. Or if certain areas do not apply in 2017 (such as Midgets) the book notes as "does not apply in 2017 season". This will also be in red text. Nothing was deleted unless it was removed by a rule change (such as minimum weight references)
Here are the 6 formats:


Complete Rule Book (Our Traditional Rule Book)


Abridged Versions: (Smaller Versions Specific to Certain Aspects of the Rule Book)

Part I – Conference, Franchise Formation, Recruiting & Coaching (Articles I-XXVI)


Part II – Conditioning, Practice, Scrimmage, Certification, Games & Playoffs.  (Articles XXVI-XL)


Part III – Flag


Part IV – Cheer


Part V – Awards & Bylaw Violations





2017 Approved Bylaws & Constitution DOWNLOAD


Part 1 - Bylaws (Conference, Franchise, Formation, Recruiting & Coaching -

Articles I-XXV) (1) DOWNLOAD



Part 2 - Commencing Practice, Scrimmages, Certification, Games & Playoffs



Part 3 - Jr Gremlin Flag  DOWNLOAD


Part 4 - Cheer Rules DOWNLOAD



Part 5 - Awards and Bylaw Violation DOWNLOAD