Fall weight restrictions

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May 20, 2018 – 02:00 PM



Fall Football 2018 

  Don't miss out on the

**Early Bird Special **

Flag $90.00

Tackle $130.00

Player must be registered and paid no later than

May 20, 2018 to receive this discount

In-person sign ups for fall ball and 3-day summer programs

@ Founders field May 20th from 2:00-4:00

Join us for an introduction to our

Skills Development and Enhancement Training program,

(Wear T-shirt/shorts/cleats, bring water)

Come meet the "New Board Members" and hear what changes are coming!

Stop by the tent to view

new uniforms, try on equipment 

and free Hotdogs!



The Wylie Football League is open to all children, boys and girls, between K thru 6th grade (Please check the age/grade chart on our website). All children play at least 50% of each game with few exceptions (missed practice, illness, etc… as determined by the coach and/or parents).  all kids are placed on a team.


Leagues / maximum age limits:

Players shall be assigned to teams based upon the grade they will be in for the 2018-2019 school year, along with their age as of 09/01/18. 


  1. If the player’s age exceeds the maximum age for the division, then that player shall be assigned to play in the next higher division.
  2. Students that are enrolled in 7th grade for the Fall 2018 semester and are not enrolled in Athletics are eligible to play in the WFL, as long as they meet the age restrictions shown below.
  3. All players are eligible to play “up” one division with the approval of the WFL Board.       





Max Age

as of 09/01/18

Ball Carrier

Max Weight

Junior Flag

Pre-K / K.



Senior Flag

1st / 2nd



Freshman Tackle




Sophomore Tackle




Junior Tackle




Senior Tackle






Note: There are no maximum weight limits for a player choosing to participate in the WFL.

**All players will have to provide a birth certificate by Aug. 3rd, 2018.  If we do not receive a birth certificate by Aug. 3rd your player will not be placed on a team.**

*** There will be a$25.00 processing fee for refunds. Once registration is closed we will not issue any refunds.****


Breakdown of leagues/age groups is dependent upon the number of children registered. Leagues may be combined at the Boards’ discretion to best meet the needs of the WFL.


 click here for Early Bird Registration

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