Last Updated: July 2, 2015
  • RAIN-OUT HOTLINE # 972-516-6350
  • WFL Fall Season will start a few week early this year.
  • Early Bird Discount will start May 1st. You must pay online to receive the discount.
  • Make sure you register before Aug. 22nd.

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The Wylie Football League is open to all children, boys and girls, between 4 and 13 yrs. old (Please check the age/grade chart on our website). All children play at least 50% of each game with few exceptions (missed practice, illness, etc… as determined by the coach and/or parents). There are no tryouts; all kids are placed on a team.


Free Mini-Camp Dates 2015

The WFL will be holding 3 free mini-camps. This is open to all children who are eligible to play in the 2015 season. Camp registration is required and can be completed online via our website at  All mini camps will be held at Founders Park on the football fields.



The WFL Fall Season will be starting early this year!!! 



***Online Registration Is Now Open***

June Registrations will receive $15 off

*** You have to pay online to receive the discount***

(Normal fees will start July 1st)



                                       Sat.  July 18th         9am-11am         *Registration & weigh in at the fields

                                        Sat. Aug. 8th           9am-11am        * Registration & weigh in at the fields


                                        Attire:         Shorts, shirt, cleats, water bottle/drink

****Free t-shirt for each participant while supplies last****


Evaluations Saturday, Aug. 22nd at Founders

Draft will be held Sunday, Aug. 23rd (this is for Coaches & Asst. Coaches Only)

Coaches will contact you the week of the draft.


Games set to begin Saturday, September 12th.







 Leagues / maximum age limits:

Players shall be assigned to teams based upon the grade they will be in for the 2015–2016 school year, along with their age as of 09/01/15.  Please provide the WFL Board with a copy of your child's birth certificate.

  1. If the player’s age exceeds the maximum age for the division, then that player shall be assigned to play in the next higher division.
  2. All players are eligible to play “up” one division with the approval of the WFL Board.  There shall be no consideration given to playing “down”. 





Max Age

as of 09/01/15

Ball Carrier

Max Weight

Junior Flag

Pre-K / K.



Senior Flag

1st / 2nd



Freshman Tackle




Sophomore Tackle




Junior Tackle




Senior Tackle





Note: There are no maximum weight limits for a player choosing to participate in the WFL.


Breakdown of leagues/age groups is dependent upon the number of children registered. Leagues may be combined at the Boards’ discretion to best meet the needs of the WFL.


*Students that are enrolled in 7th grade for the Fall 2014 semester are not eligible to play in the WFL.

Be sure to join our e-mail distribution list. Registering a player does not automatically put you on the e-mail list. 

      The link is located on the left side under the spinning mail box.  

WFL is on Facebook!! Click here to join or sign in and search for Wylie Football League.