Fontana Community Little League

Fall Ball 2017 Season 

Tee Ball
Farm Baseball
 Minor/Major Combined Softball
Minor Baseball 

Major Baseball
 Senior Baseball


Fall Ball Rules

Rules per Division


Practice Days

Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturdays at Bill Martin Park

(Most practices are 1 hour in length due to field availability) 


Game Days

Friday & Saturdays at Bill Martin Park


Start Date

Practices: September 6, 2017

Games: On September 8, 2017


End Date

On or About November 18, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a manager or coach for Fall Ball?

At registration, we will have a sign-up sheet.  The Board of Directors, at their sole discretion will determine who may or may not manage/coach.  All volunteers will need to complete a background check (see below for more information).  An ID Badge will be provided at a cost of $5.  Once the background check is completed AND the badge is picked up, the $5 will be refunded.


Do we need to show proof we live in FCLL Boundaries?

No.  There are no boundary regulations for Fall Ball. 

(Please note: Participation in FCLL Fall Ball does not authorize you to play  in FCLL during the Spring Season.  Boundary requirements are enforced at Spring Season registration.)


Does the team need to obtain sponsorships?

No sponsorships are required.


 How do I find out my child’s league age and division my child will play?

 This will be determined at registration based on Little League Guidelines and your birth certificate.


Do we play games against other leagues (“interleague”)?

 There is a strong possibility that this may occur for all softball divisions and  junior baseball.  Days and times will be communicated by your manager after teams are formed. No requests for specific days of the week or times can be granted.


Where are games played and what is the frequency?

 Our primary field is Bill Martin Park, located south of Miller between Cypress and Juniper. Games may also be scheduled for:

  • Coyote Canyon Park, 5051 Duncan Canyon Road in Fontana;or

  • Hunter's Ridge Park, 5220 Cherry Avenue in Fontana .

Days and times will be communicated by your manager after teams are formed. No requests for specific days of the week or times can be granted.


Where do practices occur and what is the frequency?

 Our practices primarily occur at Bill Martin Park but may also occur at local schools, Coyote Canyon, and Hunter’s Ridge Park.  Attempts are made to get 3 baseball events scheduled a week for Rookie and above, 2 baseball events per week for Farm and below.  These events include games and practices.  Days and times will be communicated by your manager after teams are formed. No requests for specific days of the week or times can be granted.


When should I hear from a coach?

 Teams should be formed by the beginning of September 2017. If you have not heard from a manager by then please email


What do I need for my child to play?

 The league provides a Dri-Fit shirt and a cap for baseball and a Dri-Fit shirt and socks for softball. Parents will need to purchase pants, socks, belt, and an undershirt (optional). Please do not buy these items until AFTER you have met with your team where the colors will be decided. Players need to have a baseball/softball glove, cleats, and an athletic supporter.


What do I need to do to become a volunteer at FCLL?  Do I need to provide my Social Security Number to volunteer?

 You will need to fill-out a Volunteer Form for EACH season regardless if you have volunteered in the past.  At Registration, we will have a list of those that have volunteered in the past and are in the background check system.  If you are in the system, you need to fill out a Returning Volunteer Form.  If not, you will need to complete a detailed Volunteer Form.

 Yes, you will need to provide your Social Security Number if you are not in the Background Checking System.  Social Security Numbers are required in order to run a background check.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  Once entered, all forms will be shredded.


Does my player need to Try-Out?

 No, there are no tryouts for Fall Ball.


Can I request to play with a certain player or be on a specific manager’s team?

 Yes and every attempt will be made to accommodate your request.  If we are unable to accommodate your request, the player agent will provide you a reason. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOUR REQUEST WILL BE HONORED.


 Can I “BUY-OUT” the snack bar responsibility?

 No.  There is NO Snack Bar Buy-Out.  All teams will be responsible for working the snack bar at least once during the Fall season.


Are there refunds?

 Yes.  FCLL Policy is to refund BEFORE AUGUST 1stAny request for a refund after that time will be at the Board of Director’s discretion and will be less the cost of the Jersey, Cap, and/or Socks.


Can I make payment plans? Are there scholarships?

 This is evaluated on a case by case basis. Please speak to a Board Member at FCLL In-Person Registration. 


Are their paid positions/roles at FCLL?

 The Board of Directors are all volunteers.  The league contracts for some services such as field maintenance, umpires, and a snack bar coordinator.


How is FCLL governed?

 FCLL is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) educational organization.  The league is governed by our Constitution and our Bylaws.






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