Home Run Corner

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Home Run Count for 2018


Majors Division

Regular Season

Shay Todd (3/23/18):  Shay of the Padres hit our league's 1st home run of the season over the RBVLL center field fence vs. the O.A. A's!

Shay Todd (5/2/18): Shay of the Padres hit a homer over center field against the Giants at RBV Field!

RBVLL Playoffs

River Scott (5/16/18): River of the Dodgers hit a 2-run homer to left against the Padres in the championship game!

Vista City Tournament

Shay Todd (5/21/18): The Padres' Shay Todd hit a 2-run bomb to the railroad tracks in left vs the BFLL Dodgers at Vista National Field.

Nick Voelpel (5/22/18): Nick of the GIants hit a solo shot to center vs the VN Reds at Vista National Field!


AAA Division

Aidan Avery (4/11/2018): Aiden of the Yankees hit a bomb over the big part of the center field fence against the Rangers at RBVLL!