Last Updated: March 27, 2015

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Umpire Registration

Did you take part in the off season umpire training? Did you go to any of the rules or mechanics clinics? Even if the answer to those questions is no, but you are interested in umpiring games, please register with us here:

If you are under 18, you can earn volunteer hours, a snack bar meal, or even some cash. Umpiring is a very rewarding, very fun way to get involved on the field during games. Little League is a training and development program for managers, coaches and umpires too, not just players. So don't be nervous, or think you aren't capable of being an umpire, you are!

Spring Registration

Interested in joining RBV Little League? If you haven't registered online yet, fill out the online application. You don't have to pay online, you can bring a check to the fields if you'd like. If you do pay online, you still need to provide your child's original birth certificate (copies for out of state is OK), and three forms of residency verification from the list here. The three documents need to be from three different categories.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Scheduled Games

Monday,  Mar 30
Red Sox @ Giants 4:30pm RBVLL Minors Field
Iron Birds @ Owls 4:30pm RBVLL Majors Field
Blue Rocks @ Timber Rattlers 5:00pm * Rancho Buena Vista LL
Tuesday,  Mar 31
Majors 1st Half
BFLL Dodgers @ Marlins 7:00pm RBVLL Majors Field
Royals @ Cardinals 7:00pm RBVLL Minors Field
VN Pirates @ VN Brewers 7:00pm Vista National LL
Pirates @ Yankees 4:30pm RBVLL Minors Field
Mudhens @ Rubber Ducks 4:30pm RBVLL Majors Field
Bats @ Blue Rocks 5:00pm RBVLL T-Ball Field
Wednesday,  Apr 1
Majors 1st Half
Angels @ Padres 7:00pm RBVLL Majors Field
Giants @ Rangers 4:30pm RBVLL Minors Field
Red Wings @ Iron Birds 4:30pm RBVLL Majors Field
Dragons @ Timber Rattlers 5:00pm RBVLL T-Ball Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!