Last Updated: February 28, 2015

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Great News!

February 28, 2015

Games are on! Let's hope the rain holds off until after 7pm so we can get a full day of games in!

Opening Day Is In The Books!

The baseball gods definitely smiled on RBVLL tonight, holding off the rain so we could get both games done. The Mets squeaked by the Angels in a nail biter with some late runs, while a late charge by the Royals came up just short against the Cardinals.

Hopefully we'll get lucky again, and the rain will hold off overnight. Our infields can't really absorb any more serious rain yet, so we'll be on weather watch all night. We'll make the go/no go call tomorrow by 8:00am.

Baseball Starts Tonight!

February 27, 2015
We're thrilled to kick off the 2015 Season tonight!

Opening Ceremonies will start at 5:30. We will have Lupine Hills available for parking, as well as our lot and the upper Optimist Club lot. Teams need to be on the minors field by 5:00 for the parade. They will proceed in division order (T-ball, A, AA, AAA, Majors), and alphabetically within the division. Have your players in full uniform WITHOUT cleats.

We do have 7:00pm games, so we will start promptly at 5:30, and move the ceremonies along as quickly as possible. We encourage you to hang out and watch the night games. On the Majors field, the Angels will be taking on the Mets. In AAA, the Royals face off against the Cardinals. All other teams (except the Marlins and Owls) play on Saturday.
We'll have some very special guests at this opening, and of course our Michelin starred snack bar will be rocking a few specials. You don't want to miss it!
We've been waiting a long time for this. Its GAME TIME!

Limited Practice Schedule Today

February 24, 2015

All City Fields are open for practices today.

All three RBVLL fields are closed today. The batting cages are open, as well as the bullpens on the Majors and Minors fields.

If you are scheduled to use the cages tonight, please limit your out of cage activities. If you are scheduled to have field practice at RBVLL, you may use the bullpens to work pitchers and catchers. If you are a Single A team scheduled for field practice at RBVLL, enjoy your night off.

We should be back to the regular practice schedule tomorrow.


Clinics and Cleanup Day

Opening Ceremonies are right around the corner, Friday Feb 27th! We're going into the final stretch for preseason preparation, and we have a few upcoming events.

District 70 Score Keepers Clinic, Wednesday Feb 25th, 6pm.

Umpire Registration

Score Keepers Clinics

Score keeping during the regular season is actually fairly simple. Most people are seasoned pros after doing just one inning. However, it is a critical component of each game, and we cannot play without an official score keeper. If you are interested in scoring games, please register here:

There will be a score keeping clinic offered next week as District 70 will host one on Wednesday February 25th, at 6pm, at the North Coast Village Condo Complex, at 999 North PAcific St. in Oceanside. It is the same location as the umpire rules clinic.

Junior scorekeepers can either be paid or get volunteer hours. Parent score keepers are strongly encouraged! We'll send out a score keeper sign up form soon.

Umpire Registration

Did you take part in the off season umpire training? Did you go to any of the rules or mechanics clinics? Even if the answer to those questions is no, but you are interested in umpiring games, please register with us here:

If you are under 18, you can earn volunteer hours, a snack bar meal, or even some cash. Umpiring is a very rewarding, very fun way to get involved on the field during games. Little League is a training and development program for managers, coaches and umpires too, not just players. So don't be nervous, or think you aren't capable of being an umpire, you are!

Donations Swap

RBVLL will have a bin set up in the boardroom starting 2/9 through Opening Ceremonies to collect gently used baseball items such as pants, socks, belts, cleats, undershirts, bats, gloves, etc. Basically, anything you are no longer using that you think another family could benefit from.

The donation is twofold, swing by to drop off stuff you don’t use anymore and check the bin to see if there is something you need!

Items not taken will be donated to Goodwill.

District 70 Umpire Clinics

Hey RBVLL Families,

Opening day is just under two weeks away, and we’re anticipating a great season! Many of you and your players participated in our off season umpire training during the fall. It is about time for all that hard work to pay off.

And for those who have not umpired before but are interested in doing so this spring, please email

We’ll see you on the field this spring!

Spring Registration

If you haven't registered online yet, fill out the online application. You don't have to pay online, you can bring a check to a eligibility verification session if you'd like. Even if you pay online, you still need to come see us at one of our eligibility verification sessions. We'll need to see your child's original birth certificate (copies for out of state is OK), and three forms of residency verification from the list here. The three documents need to be from three different categories.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Snack Bar Workers Needed!

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our snack bar team, now is the time!

Anyone who is at least a Freshman in high school can participate so please feel free to pass this email onto your friends.  In order to be included in our database of approved workers, please complete the application by following the link below. 

Come join us, have some fun, and earn some extra cash!

Thanks, and we look forward to a great season!

2015 Home Plate Grill - Worker Info Form

Scheduled Games

Tuesday,  Mar 3
Majors 1st Half
Padres @ Marlins 7:00pm RBVLL Majors Field
Royals @ VN Brewers 6:00pm Vista National LL
VN Pirates @ Cardinals 7:00pm RBVLL Minors Field
Pirates @ Rangers 4:30pm RBVLL Minors Field
Mudhens @ Owls 4:30pm RBVLL Majors Field
Bats @ Sand Gnats 5:00pm RBVLL T-Ball Field
Wednesday,  Mar 4
Majors 1st Half
Mets @ BFLL Dodgers 6:30pm Bonsall/Fallbrook LL
VN Dodgers @ Royals 7:00pm RBVLL Minors Field
Phillies @ Yankees 4:30pm RBVLL Minors Field
Rubber Ducks @ Red Wings 4:30pm RBVLL Majors Field
Dragons @ Grasshoppers 5:00pm RBVLL T-Ball Field
Thursday,  Mar 5
Majors 1st Half
BFLL Dodgers @ Angels 7:00pm RBVLL Majors Field
Brewers @ VN Dodgers 6:00pm Vista National LL
VN Marlins @ Athletics 7:00pm RBVLL Minors Field
Red Sox @ Giants 4:30pm RBVLL Minors Field
Iron Birds @ Owls 4:30pm RBVLL Majors Field
Blue Rocks @ Timber Rattlers 5:00pm RBVLL T-Ball Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!