Coaching Introduction

Somerworth Youth Baseball League teams are managed and coached by volunteers, typically parents of players. Every team, from T-Ball through Majors, needs 1 manager and at least 1-2 assistant coaches.

A committee reviews candidates and establishes a list of potential appointees. The SYBL President appoints all managers and coaches, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors. There is no seniority or tenure in serving as a manager or coach year to year.

To be considered, simply submit a completed manager/Coach form to the Board for review prior to the season.


Managers and coaches must provide a positive role model for all players. Please read and become familiar with the league's local rules for your division, codes of conduct, parent handbook, and saftey codes. Also, all managers and coaches must submit a National Volunteer Form prior prior to the season. 

Coaches/Managers Code of Conduct

Tools and Tips
Managing a Little League team requires organization. Field practices, batting cage time, and game preparation are all part of
delivering a quality experience to the kids. Below are some resources that may help you in managing or coaching your team.

Setting up phone tree or other form of communication branch helps keep your parents informed of any changes in practice or games schedules.
One option is a website. You can create your own free website for your team at

Tips and Drills
Player's skills develop more rapidly by repetitions of 'good' actions. Ensure each player is receiving an adequate number of repetition
each practice.

Following are some tips and drills to help.

Fielding a ground ball

Fielding Drills

Swing Finish Tip

Pitching Tips 1

Pitching Tips 2