Town of Lewiston Recreation 2017

June 26 - August 11

(For kids ages 5-13)


**Free Registration**

- You can register your child/children at your home park at any time during the Recreation season.


Come join us for fun at Kiwanis Park (Eastern end of Oxbow Lane, Lewiston) or Sanborn Park (Buffalo Street, Route 429, Behind Sanborn Fire Company). Each park opens Monday through Friday:

9:00AM - 12:00PM and 1:00PM - 4:00PM.

*Children MUST leave the park for lunch


  All of our staff members are CPR and First Aid certified by the Red Cross.



Featured events this summer:

Field trips (Ages 6+): Buffalo Zoo, Fantasy Island, Laser Tron, Buffalo Bisons' Game, Fort Niagara Pool

Visitors: Nickel City Reptiles, Mr. NO The Balloon Man, and Wildlife Animals!


*Calendar for this year's events* 

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Monday June 26th : Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself with an action & People Bingo ACTIVITY: Scoop Toss

Tuesday June 27th:  CRAFT: All about me Rainbow  ACTIVITY: Kan-Jam

Wednesday June 28th: CRAFT: Key chain Sand Art  ACTIVITY: Obstacle Course

Thursday June 29th:  CRAFT: Dream Catchers  ACTIVITY: Kickball Canvas Crashers $5.00 Per child 10AM-Kiwanis Park, 1PM Sanborn Park. Friday June 30th:  CRAFT: Rainbow Tambourines  ACTIVITY: Human Knot & Make Slime



Monday July 3rd: CRAFT: Glitter Firework Craft ACTIVITY: Capture the Flag, Money must be in for Fantasy Island by Noon! $20.00 per child.

Tuesday July 4th: NO RECREATION

Wednesday July 5th: FIELD TRIP: Fantasy Island- Please bring your own lunch

Thursday July 6th: CRAFT: Pirate Craft ACTIVITY: Map Trail Treasure Hunt

Friday July 7th: CRAFT: Watermelon Fans  ACTIVITY: Wall Ball, Four Square, Tag, Heads up 7up- Kiwanis Park: Nickel City Reptiles 10AM-11AM  Sanborn Park: Nickel City Reptiles 1PM-2PM



Monday July 10th: CRAFT: Paper Plate Jelly Fish  ACTIVITY: Bean Bag Point Toss

Tuesday July 11th:  CRAFT: Foam Ball Octopus  ACTIVITY: Sports Afternoon

Wednesday July 12th:  FIELD TRIP: Laser Tron- Please bring your own lunch $20.00 Per Child

Thursday July 13th:  CRAFT: Cupcake Liner Crabs  ACTIVITY: Soccer

Friday July 14th:  Kiwanis Park: 10-11AM Wild Kritters of Niagara Sanborn: 1-2PM Wild Kritters of Niagara  ACTIVITY: Crab Soccer



Monday July 17th: CRAFT: Pinwheels  ACTIVITY: Volleyball

Tuesday July 18th: CRAFT: Tie Dye T-Shirts ($5 Dollars & Bring your own Shirts)  ACTIVITY: Puzzles and Big Checker Boards 

Wednesday July 19th: CRAFT: DIY Visors   ACTIVITY: Giant Scrabble

Thursday July 20th: : Open Field Laser Tag Kiwanis Park: 10AM-12, Sanborn:1PM-3PM

Friday July 21st: CRAFT: Plant a Bean ACTIVITY: Wallball, Simon Says/Frisbees



Monday July 24th: CRAFT: Name Rockets  ACTIVITY: Chalk games

Tuesday July 25th: CRAFT: Hand Print Space Aliens  ACTIVITY: Baseball & Softball Instruction

Wednesday July 26th: ACTIVITY: Scoop Toss Kiwanis Park: Mr. No The Balloon Guy 10-11AM Sanborn Park: Mr. No The Balloon Guy 1-2PM

Thursday July 27th: FIELD TRIP: Buffalo Bison’s Game- Please bring your own lunch & $15.00 Per child

Friday July 28th: CRAFT: Paper Plate Sun Craft  ACTIVITY: Capture the Flag



Monday July 31st: CRAFT: Campfire ACTIVITY: Flag Football

Tuesday August 1st:  CRAFT: Nature Name Craft  ACTIVITY: Obstacle Course/Sports

Wednesday August 2nd: Field Trip: Grand Island Fun Center $15.00 Per Child

Thursday August 3rd: CRAFT: Make your own masks ACTIVITY: Volleyball

Friday August 4th: CRAFT: Coffee Filter Earth  ACTIVITY: Board Games & Sports



Monday August 7th: CRAFT: Foot Print Flip Flops  ACTIVITY: Relay Races

Tuesday August 8th: CRAFT: Finger Painting  ACTIVITY: Make Slime

Wednesday August 9th: CRAFT: Thumbprint Pineapple Painting ACTIVITY: Wall Ball, Four Square, Tag, Heads up 7up

Thursday August 10th: ACTIVITY: Obstacle Course Bungee Run @ Kiwanis (Bus From Sanborn) Balloon/Ball relay/Sandman Game/ Water Games- Bring your own squirt guns, we will have water balloons

Friday August 11th:  Final Recreation Olympics & Awards *Bring $5 Dollars for Lunch


**TBD-Tennis Instruction by the USTA

** Drop off at Park for all Field Trip by 930AM the latest, the bus will return to parks between 330-4PM