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Please send all football registration forms & a COPY of your child's Birth Certificate to the following address:

North Allegheny Tiger Pride Football Club

P.O. Box 87

Ingomar, PA



August 23rd: Scheduled Scrimmages

August 25th: 3 practices per week for football

August 30th: First game of the season

October 18th: Playoffs

October 25th: Semi Final Game

November 1st: Superbowl @ Keystone oaks



Welcome to Tiger Pride Football. 

          I want to let all of you know about the great things going on with Tiger Pride football and cheer.  This year we will continue to take substantial steps toward the safety and well-being of the participants.  As part of the G19 Youth Football League, we have partnered with the Pittsburgh Steelers to become full members of USA Football and the Heads Up program.  We have instituted a new initiative designated as ETA (Equipment, Technique, Awareness) and we are formalizing our Concussion protocol.  This is our commitment to our children.

                  Equipment is a big part of safety.  We strive to outfit our kids with the best equipment.  Our helmets are all 4 star helmets (rating based on 1-5) and all helmets are less than 5 years old.  We annually have the equipment representative in to examine all helmets and recondition helmets per manufacturer specs.  Older helmets are discarded.  The shoulder pads are new and designed for the player to tighten the straps easier to provide better protection.  We have gone to integrated game pants so pads are in place and properly situated on the player.

                  Technique is also important to avoid injury. Some of our coaches participated in a 5 week program with Darnell Dinkins, a former Pitt standout and NFL player.  The clinic was for kids but showed various techniques needed in the game.  We are continuing to stay close to Art Walker the High School Coach and utilize his system and get coaching pointers.  Our coaches will be spending a lot of time throughout the season with blocking and tackling technique. 

                  Awareness is important to avoid further injury.  The Heads Up program will require all coaches including assistants to complete the training course established by this national organization.  We are requiring the coaches pass a concussion test administered for High School coaches.  Our protocol which we have followed for several years will be written and will require medical clearance for any player taken from a game with concussion symptoms.  Players who complain of head symptoms will be removed from practice and parents notified.  As always a trained Medic will be at all games.

                  Football is a great sport that teaches kids more than just the game.  We want to keep it safe for all to enjoy.  See you on the field this Fall. 

Bernie Caputo


Baseline Head Injury Testing


Through our affiliation with UPMC Sports Medicine, Tiger Pride is now offering the opportunity to utilize ImPACT concussion baseline testing at a cost of $20.00 per athlete. This computer based online test is a series of memory and reaction questions that help establish a baseline of normal cognitive function. The baseline test will then be used as part of a comprehensive clinical evaluation to determine recovery following concussion. It should be noted that this test does not prevent concussions or determine if your son or daughter is predisposed to a concussion. The test is simply one more tool that can be used to determine if your son or daughter can safely return to play following a concussion.

This test is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. Likewise, if your son or daughter were to sustain a concussion during the season I would strongly encourage him or her to seek medical care from the UPMC Sports Medicine or other concussion experts. Additional information regarding the concussion program is available on the Sports Medicine website at the address below.

Appointments for the ImPACT concussion baseline test can be made by calling UPMC Sports Medicine at 412-432-3775.

2013 NA Tiger Pride Hand Book

August 1, 2010