Last Updated: March 24, 2017
 Session 4 League *UPDATE* League has been pushed back due to spring break. The League will now start on April 22nd and run 5 consecutive weeks. Playoffs will stay on May 20th/21st.  

Thank you so much for another awesome league!  We watched a ton of great games this season and had a very exciting playoff!
Thank you to all of the Coaches, Players, Parents, and fans for all of your hard work and support!  We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you in the future!

-Cage Management


4th/5th Grade Girls

1st Place Gold - Fastbreak

2nd Place Gold - MBA Lightning

1st Place Silver - Flushing Elite

2nd Place Silver - Lady Wolves


6th Grade Girls

1st Place Gold - Saginaw Triple Threat

2nd Place Gold - Brighton 6

1st Place Silver - Howell Lady Highlanders

2nd Place Silver - Hoyas


7th/8th Grade Girls

7th Grade, 1st Place - MI Cagers 7

7th Grade, 2nd Place - TEAM Basketball Black

8th Grade, 1st Place - Fastbreak 7

8th Grade, 2nd Place - TEAM Basketball Red

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3rd/4th Grade Boys

1st Place Gold - FA 4 Williams

2nd Place Gold - FA 4 Carter

1st Place Silver - FA Mun 3

2nd Place Silver - Swartz Creek


5th Grade Boys

1st Place Gold - CMB Running Rebels

2nd Place Gold - TEAM Basketball 5

1st Place Silver - Raiders

2nd Place Silver - LO Blazers


6th Grade Boys

1st Place Gold - TEAM Basketball Crum

2nd Place Gold - Lapeer Thunder

1st Place Silver - Warriors

2nd Place Silver - Thunder