Session 3 League

There have been some scheduling changes to the 5th and 6th grade girls schedules. Please make sure to check your schedules.  

Thank you so much for another awesome league!  We watched a ton of great games this season and had a very exciting playoff!
Thank you to all of the Coaches, Players, Parents, and fans for all of your hard work and support!  We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you in the future!

-Cage Management


4th/5th Grade Girls

1st Place Gold - Fastbreak

2nd Place Gold - MBA Lightning

1st Place Silver - Flushing Elite

2nd Place Silver - Lady Wolves


6th Grade Girls

1st Place Gold - Saginaw Triple Threat

2nd Place Gold - Brighton 6

1st Place Silver - Howell Lady Highlanders

2nd Place Silver - Hoyas


7th/8th Grade Girls

7th Grade, 1st Place - MI Cagers 7

7th Grade, 2nd Place - TEAM Basketball Black

8th Grade, 1st Place - Fastbreak 7

8th Grade, 2nd Place - TEAM Basketball Red

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3rd/4th Grade Boys

1st Place Gold - FA 4 Williams

2nd Place Gold - FA 4 Carter

1st Place Silver - FA Mun 3

2nd Place Silver - Swartz Creek


5th Grade Boys

1st Place Gold - CMB Running Rebels

2nd Place Gold - TEAM Basketball 5

1st Place Silver - Raiders

2nd Place Silver - LO Blazers


6th Grade Boys

1st Place Gold - TEAM Basketball Crum

2nd Place Gold - Lapeer Thunder

1st Place Silver - Warriors

2nd Place Silver - Thunder