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Coach's Packet

We have something a little new this season!

In an effort to educate our coaches, players and parents, we have created a Coach’s Packet filled with tons of great information and guidelines that every coach needs in order to have a successful season here in MSA. Some of the papers enclosed, we request that you make copies and hand them out to the players’ families so that everyone is aware of our expectations for families and spectators.

When you register your team, you will be given the Spring 2016 Coach’s Packet. Along with the packet, you will be given an acknowledgement form to fill out and sign stating that you have received, will read and will abide by all the information, rules, policies and pledges enclosed. Since not all Head Coaches were present to register their teams, that means some packets were signed by a team representative sign  We wanted to make sure each Head Coach has access to the packet contents, so everything in the Coach’s Packet is available on this page for your convenience.

We wish everyone Good Luck and have a fantastic season!

Printable Pledge

Please print and hand out to players and their families 


Printable Game Day Responsibilities and Guidelines

Please print and hand out to your players and their families 


Game Day Responsibilities and Guidelines


  • Please show respect to Referees, Association Officials and all other spectators at the fields.

  • The Head Coach is ultimately responsible for the behavior of the sideline, so please make sure all your parents are aware of the guidelines.

  • All adults should be a positive example of sportsmanship

  • There is no smoking, no pets, no alcoholic beverages and no glass bottles allowed at the soccer complex

  • Coaching staff, spectators and players must stay at  least 5 feet from the sideline at all times.

  • Coaches must wear their ID cards while they are coaching.

  • Coaches, spectators or players are not permitted to sit or stand behind the goal areas or at the end of the field during the game.

  • Coaches, spectators or players are required to stay on their own sideline during the game.

  • Coaches and spectators should refrain from talking or yelling at the opposing team's players or sideline.

  • All jerseys must be tucked in and jewelry removed before the game starts.

  • No one can enter the field of play unless given permission by the referee.

  • If a player is given a red card, they are required to to leave the complex immediately and must sit out their next scheduled game. A Sit out Verification form needs to be presented to the referee  of the next game to show that they did sit out, this form needs to be turned in to the silver box at the equipment room after the game.

  • If a coach or spectator is sent to the parking lot, they cannot return to the field during or after the game and must sit out the very next scheduled game. A Sit out Verification form needs to be presented to the referee  of the next game to show that they did sit out, this form needs to be turned in to the silver box at the equipment room after the game.

  • Please respect the referee before, during and after the game. If you have a complaint, please fill out a form from the equipment room.

  • If you have lost your child, please report it to a golf cart or the concession stand immediately and we will go into the Lost Child Procedures.   If you hear three short blasts from the air horn, this is an indication that there is a lost child on the complex. (you can find the procedures online and your coach should have it as well)

  • During bad weather, green flag means all play, yellow flag means go to your car and wait for new flag to be raised, blue flag means all games until noon are cancelled and the red flag means all games are now cancelled, go home. Each flag change will be signified by a single blast from the air horn.



Printable Coach's Code of Ethics

These are the Codes by which all Coaches are expected to operate according to the North Texas State Soccer Association


Printable Missing Child Procedures and Bad Weather Policy

Missing Child Procedures

 If you have a missing child report it to the Golf Cart, Association Official, referee,  club official, or the concession stand.

Use hand radio to notify all field personnel, the closest official to the equipment room will sound the air horn with three short blasts to alert everyone of the missing child. Start time clock to know when to call 911.

Obtain detailed description of missing child: name, sex, clothing, height, weight, and last location child was seen and radio out all information.

Concession Manager and closest Board member conduct immediate search of  both restrooms and equipment room.

Call 911 if child is not located within 10 minutes

Upon 911 Call,   All available Board members and Commissioners start locating themselves at entrances and exits on both sides of the complex.

Sound all clear with air horn, one long blast, when child is found.


Bad Weather Procedures

If the American flag or the green flag is flying at the playing fields, games are to be played as scheduled. 

If the yellow flag is flying games have been postponed for 20 minutes.  Yellow flags supersede all referee and coaches authority with regard to safety issues, all games are immediately suspended.  After a yellow flag is raised go to your cars for safety reasons and wait for a green, blue or red flag. 

If a green flag is raised all games are to resume, if a blue flag is raised all games are cancelled until 12 noon, then all regularly scheduled games beginning after 12 noon will commence. 

Should a red flag be raised all games are cancelled for the day.



Printable List of Board Positions and what they do

Need help or have a question and don't know who to ask?

This might help !!

~ PRESIDENT ~ is basically the "overseer" of the Board itself. Anytime another Board member cannot fulfil there position duties, the President steps in.

~VICE PRESIDENT ~ covers for the President in their absence, is the purchasing agent for the association, handles the contracts such as the referee assignor, and equipment manager. Contact this person with injury insurance questions.

~REGISTRAR  ~ Is in charge of  the registration of  all the players, the player pool draw, signing releases and academy forms, working with the commissioners on all Pool Draw and Registration, as well as entering in the team's rosters for North Texas.

~TREASURER ~In charge of our association finances, the taxes, handles player payments and refunds.

~DIRECTOR of COACHING  ~ is responsible for educating the coaches of MSA and scheduling the coach's clinics and development of any educations programs.  If interested in coaching in our association, contact this person.

~PUBLIC RELATIONS  ~ is responsible for the MSA website and Facebook, publishing the monthly newsletter for the coaches, advertising for player Registration and for promoting MSA.

~SGT. at ARMS  ~ is responsible for keeping meetings in order and following Roberts Rules of Order, as well as the Chairman of the Appeals and Discipline Committee. The liasion to the Referee Board and handles referee complaints. If you have a problem with a referee, parent, player, coach, or have gotten in trouble at a need to talk to this person.

~SECRETARY ~ is keeper of the minutes for our coach's meetings and Board meetings as well as the record keeper of our association.  He/she also schedules locations for the association meetings.

~CUPS and GAMES ~ is the Tournament Director for all MSA tournaments. Purchases/designs all awards and trophies for players of MSA.

~LEAGUE COMMISSIONER ~ works with the Division Commissioners regarding schedules and is responsible for the scheduling of games and play off games.   He/she also handles record keeping of game results.

~DIVISION COMMISSIONERS ~ The liaison between the Executive Board and the Coaches. answers questions, prepare for the pool draw, make schedules and register the teams for their specific age group.