USA Softball of St. Louis MVP-Class C Program

 Our mission is to provide a softball tournament series where non-competitive teams can participate against other non-competitive teams. Recreational/Class C teams now have a tournament series to compete in without having to play against “A” or “B” level teams.

While nurturing an environment of fun, it also gives an overall tournament experience to the players. Our priority is to provide a fun and lasting experience for the recreational softball player. We call this our MVP program. Most Valuable Players.....your team is loaded with them. Come join us this summer and see for yourself.


You can enter all St. Louis ASA MVP Tournament at




 Who Can Play


For Teams to be eligible to participate in the MVP Series Tournaments, they:

1. Must not have an "A" or "B" players on their team even if they are a roistered player on a recreational team.

2. Cannot have a player on their roster from another team in the current MVP Tournament.

3. Teams outside of recreational leagues can apply for entry to the MVP Tournaments and must be considered a "C" level team.

4. A team playing in more than 2 "B" tournaments cannot participate in MVP tournaments.

5. No team can participate in an “A” level tournament.


For Players to be eligible to participate in the MVP Series and MVP Fall Classic Tournaments, they:

1. Must play in a recreational league or not on an active roster for an "A" or "B" team for current year.

2. Cannot play on multiple teams in the same VIP Tournament in the same division.

3. Can only be a guest player on a "B" team for 2 tournaments.

4. Cannot be a regular player or guest player on a roster of an "A" team.


The MVP Tournaments reserve the right to refuse entry into the tournaments for any reason. Teams cannot be an "A" or "B" competition tournament team. Any team that enters the MVP Tournaments and is considered an "A" or "B" team by the MVP Tournaments prior to the tournament prior to the scheduling of the tournament will have their entry returned. After the schedule has been posted, entry fee will not be refunded. If a team is determined to be an "A" or "B" team during the tournament, the team will be removed from the tournament without any refund. Any team found to be in violation of the team rules or players rules will be ejected from the tournament without refund.

Do not make accusation about another team without proof! If you have proof of violations of the above rules, We want to see it. These rules will change as needed and should be read prior to any MVP Tournament.





General Playing Rules-All Divisions

1. Time Limit: All games will be 1 Hour 15 minutes and you will finish the inning. Game start time will be 1 minute after pre-game is over.

Official Game: If a game cannot be completed and has less than 15 minutes left, it will be considered an official game with the previous inning score being official.

Note: If time has expired and the visitors' team is ahead by at least 6 runs, the game is official.

2. Run Limit/Spreads

A. All divisions - 5 runs scored in an inning will end that half inning.

B. Run spreads are 12 after 3, 10 after 4 and 8 after 5.

3. Players: 08C-10C-12C ONLY divisions will field ten players, or that number less than ten available. A team must have no less than seven players to start and/or finish a game. When fielding 10 players, defense must use 4 outfielders and, in the umpire’s opinion, positioned in the outfield. All players must bat. Players not in the dugout when play begins will be added to the bottom of the batting order when the player checks in with the Official Scorekeeper. A player that leaves the game for any reason may not return and no out is charged to the team when her turn-at-bat comes due.

4. Injured Player(s): If an injured player is unable to continue batting and/or base running, the player will be substituted for with the next player in the batting order. The player will be skipped in the batting order without penalty of an out and may not return to game.

5. Free Substitution: Players may be freely substituted.

6. Scorekeepers: The home team will furnish the official scorekeeper.

7. Protests: The Home Plate Umpire and the Official Scorekeeper must be notified of a protest at the time of the infraction and prior to the next pitch, legal or illegal. Tournament UIC will give final rule interpretation. Protest for judgement calls are not allowed.

8. Managers: Managers are responsible for good sportsmanship by their players, coaches and fans. Failure to show good sportsmanship by those individuals may result in the ejection of the manager. Profanity by a Manager, Coach, Parent, or follower of the team will result in the immediate ejection of that individual from the game. The manager is responsible for all persons associated with their team. The Manager of each team will see that their dugout area is policed properly after each game.

10. Alcoholic and tobacco: The use of alcoholic beverages by Managers, Coaches, Parents, or followers while coaching, watching, or practicing will result in that person being barred from further participation in the tournament. Managers and Coaches will refrain from using tobacco products or smoking while on the field or in the vicinity of the dugout and in the fans viewing areas.

11. Participation of Players: Players not in the dugout when play begins will be added to the bottom of the batting order when the player checks in with the Official Scorekeeper.

12. Tie Breaker: At the end of time limit and/or seven innings in bracket play only, International Tie Breaker Rule goes into effect.

13. An accidentally thrown bat shall constitute a team warning. Further thrown bats shall constitute a dead ball out for that player. A flagrantly thrown bat shall constitute a dead ball and the batter is out. An intentionally thrown bat shall constitute an out and ejection.

14. No Jewelry allowed! Includes no tape or Band-Aid cover-up!

15. Courtesy Runner: The courtesy runner shall be the player who is the last at bat at the time that is neither the pitcher nor catcher of record.

Additional 10U Rules:

1. No infield fly rule.

2. No dropped 3rd strike.

3. Players are allowed to steal second and/or third but may not steal home. I stolen base per pitch allowed.

4. Strike Zone:The strike zone shall be enlarged, when the player is in a natural stance, to include the top of the shoulders to mid-shin. The strike zone shall also be enlarged to include the width of a softball on each side of home plate.

5. On a base on balls, batter is awarded 1st base and can not advance further than 1st base on the walk.

Coach Pitch Division Rules (08U)

1. Defensive Coaches:Two defensive coachs are allowed to stay on the field at all times, for the purpose of instruction and placement between plays. The coach will have fifteen seconds between plays to position players and offer instructions.

2. Pitching Distance: The pitching distance shall be 35 feet.

3. Player/Pitcher Rules (PP):

A. The player must be in the pitcher's circle when the ball is delivered.

B. The player must be STATIONARY, not forward of the pitching rubber when the ball is released. (violation:first warning, second time, the PP is to be removed from the PP position for the remainder of the game.)

4. Batters:

A. There will be no walks.

B. A batter will be called out after five (5) pitches or 3 strikes. The umpire will give notification prior to the

fifth pitch.

C. If it's the 5th pitch or if the batter has 2 strikes, the batter will continuously receive another pitch until the pitch is missed or put in play.

D. No bunting will be allowed.

5. Base Running:

A. No stealing.

B. Base runners may leave a base after the pitcher releases the ball. (Violation: runner is out)

C. No Infield Fly Rule.

D. Once the ball is in the control of a fielder located in the infield, the play is over and the batter and base

runners must stop at the base they are on or the base they are running to. If the base runner has roundedthe base and her back foot has left that base, then she is deemed to be running to the next base and may advance with liability to be put out.

E. One base max on all overthrows, regardless of where the ball goes. When the ball is live, the runner has liability to be put out. The goal is to permit the defense to attempt to make the play without penalty.

F. An infielder must have possession of the ball on the infield to stop play.