Kahunaverse Sports
Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sun4/29/20182:00 pm PPDN/RFt. Garry Twins  Ft. Garry Giants   FG2
Sun4/29/20182:00 pm F 15-8 Macdonald Cubs  Charleswood Royals   PJN
Sun4/29/20182:00 pm F 4-3 Charleswood Cardinals  Riverview Rangers   RIV2
Sun4/29/20182:00 pm F 5-5 Charleswood Goldeyes  Tuxedo Lightning   TX2
Sun4/29/20182:00 pm F 3-13 Macdonald Mets  SW Trailblazers #1   WV1
Sun4/29/20182:00 pm F 4-12 St. Norbert Raiders  SW Wanderers   WV2
Thu5/3/20186:30 pm F 11-10 Charleswood Royals  Macdonald Mets   LSL2
Sat5/5/20182:00 pm F 6-8 Tuxedo Lightning  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Sat5/5/20182:00 pm F 11-2 Ft. Garry Sox  Macdonald Mets   LSL3
Sat5/5/20182:00 pm F 6-10 Macdonald Yankees  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 6-15 Macdonald Cubs  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 11-7 Charleswood Cardinals  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 12-9 Macdonald Mets  Corydon Blue Jays   RH3
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 16-10 Charleswood Royals  Charleswood Goldeyes   TX1
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 0-13 Riverview Rangers  SW Trailblazers #1   WV1
Sun5/6/20182:00 pm F 11-2 Macdonald Yankees  SW Wanderers   WV2
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 1-3 Charleswood Goldeyes  Macdonald Yankees   LSL4
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 11-0 Ft. Garry Sox  Charleswood Hawks   PJN
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 8-6 SW Wanderers  Riverview Rangers   RIV2
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 7-8 Corydon Comets  Charleswood Cardinals   RPNE
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 16-4 Ft. Garry Giants  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 3-8 Corydon Blue Jays  Tuxedo Lightning   TX2
Tue5/8/20186:30 pm F 7-12 Ft. Garry Twins  SW Trailblazers #1   WV2
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 8-3 Charleswood Hawks  Charleswood Goldeyes   Eric Coy South (ECS)
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 4-10 SW Trailblazers #1  Ft. Garry Giants   FG2
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 10-2 Riverview Rangers  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 5-7 Corydon Comets  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Thu5/10/20186:30 pm F 5-6 Charleswood Cardinals  Charleswood Royals   PJN
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 5-7 Charleswood Cardinals  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm PPDN/RMacdonald Cubs  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 14-10 Macdonald Mets  Charleswood Goldeyes   PJN
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 10-5 Corydon Comets  Riverview Rangers   RIV2
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 9-8 SW Wanderers  Charleswood Royals   RPNE
Tue5/15/20186:30 pm F 11-8 SW Trailblazers #1  Tuxedo Lightning   TX2
Wed5/16/20186:30 pm F 6-3 Charleswood Hawks  Corydon Blue Jays   CRW3
Thu5/17/20186:30 pm F 13-6 Ft. Garry Giants  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Thu5/17/20186:30 pm F 4-8 Macdonald Yankees  Charleswood Cardinals   PJN
Thu5/17/20186:30 pm PPDN/RCharleswood Royals  Charleswood Hawks   RPNE
Thu5/17/20186:30 pm PPDN/RFt. Garry Twins  Corydon Blue Jays   SJF
Thu5/17/20186:30 pm F 6-5 Charleswood Goldeyes  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Thu5/17/20186:30 pm F 9-6 Ft. Garry Sox  SW Trailblazers #1   WV1
Thu5/17/20186:30 pm F 3-7 Tuxedo Lightning  SW Wanderers   WV2
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 4-9 Charleswood Goldeyes  Ft. Garry Giants   FG2
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 10-14 Tuxedo Lightning  Macdonald Yankees   LSL4
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 13-0 Ft. Garry Sox  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 12-4 Charleswood Cardinals  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 6-8 Riverview Rangers  Charleswood Royals   PJN
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 9-3 SW Trailblazers #1  Corydon Blue Jays   SJF
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 8-6 Macdonald Mets  Charleswood Hawks   TX2
Tue5/22/20186:30 pm F 6-7 Corydon Comets  SW Wanderers   WV2
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPSt. Norbert Raiders  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Royals  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Twins  Macdonald Mets   LSL2
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Cubs  Riverview Rangers   McK
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Blue Jays  Charleswood Goldeyes   PJN
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPSW Wanderers  Charleswood Cardinals   RPNE
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Giants  Tuxedo Lightning   TX2
Thu5/24/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Hawks  SW Trailblazers #1   WV2
Sat5/26/20182:00 pm TBPCorydon Blue Jays  Macdonald Yankees   LSL4
Sun5/27/20182:00 pm TBPMacdonald Yankees  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Sun5/27/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Hawks  Ft. Garry Giants   FG2
Sun5/27/20186:30 pm TBPSt. Norbert Raiders  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Sun5/27/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Twins  Tuxedo Lightning   TX1
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Comets  Charleswood Royals   Eric Coy South (ECS)
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Mets  Ft. Garry Giants   FG2
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPSW Trailblazers #1  Macdonald Yankees   LSL4
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPSW Wanderers  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Twins  Charleswood Goldeyes   PJN
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPSt. Norbert Raiders  Riverview Rangers   RIV2
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Sox  Corydon Blue Jays   SJF
Tue5/29/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Hawks  Tuxedo Lightning   TX2
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Goldeyes  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm TBPRiverview Rangers  Macdonald Mets   LSL2
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Yankees  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm TBPTuxedo Lightning  Charleswood Cardinals   PJN
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Blue Jays  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Royals  SW Trailblazers #1   WV1
Thu5/31/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Giants  SW Wanderers   WV2
Fri6/1/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Sox  Charleswood Goldeyes   PJN
Fri6/1/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Blue Jays  Charleswood Cardinals   RPNE
Fri6/1/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Mets  Tuxedo Lightning   TX2
Sun6/3/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Giants  Macdonald Yankees   LSL3
Sun6/3/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Royals  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Sun6/3/20186:30 pm TBPTuxedo Lightning  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Sun6/3/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Mets  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Sun6/3/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Cardinals  Charleswood Hawks   TX1
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Blue Jays  Ft. Garry Giants   CRW3
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Comets  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Cardinals  Macdonald Mets   LSL4
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm TBPSW Wanderers  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm TBPSt. Norbert Raiders  Charleswood Royals   PJN
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Yankees  Riverview Rangers   RIV2
Tue6/5/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Cubs  Charleswood Hawks   RPNE
Wed6/6/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Hawks  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Blue Jays  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Giants  Charleswood Cardinals   Eric Coy South (ECS)
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Yankees  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm TBPRiverview Rangers  Charleswood Hawks   PJN
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm TBPSW Trailblazers #1  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm TBPTuxedo Lightning  Charleswood Royals   TX2
Thu6/7/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Goldeyes  SW Wanderers   WV2
Sun6/10/20186:30 pm TBPRiverview Rangers  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Sun6/10/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Mets  Macdonald Yankees   LSL3
Sun6/10/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Goldeyes  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Sun6/10/20186:30 pm TBPSW Trailblazers #1  SW Wanderers   WV1
Mon6/11/20186:30 pm TBPTuxedo Lightning  St. Norbert Raiders   STN
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPSW Wanderers  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Cubs  Macdonald Mets   LSL3
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Hawks  Macdonald Yankees   LSL4
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Comets  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPSW Trailblazers #1  Charleswood Goldeyes   PJN
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Giants  Riverview Rangers   RIV2
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Royals  Corydon Blue Jays   SJF
Tue6/12/20186:30 pm TBPSt. Norbert Raiders  Charleswood Cardinals   TX2
Wed6/13/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Hawks  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm TBPSW Trailblazers #1  Corydon Comets   CRW3
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm TBPSt. Norbert Raiders  Ft. Garry Sox   FG2
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm TBPTuxedo Lightning  Riverview Rangers   McK
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Giants  Macdonald Cubs   Oak Bluff #3
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Goldeyes  Charleswood Cardinals   RPNE
Thu6/14/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Blue Jays  SW Wanderers   WV2
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Yankees  Charleswood Royals   PJN
Fri6/15/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Twins  Charleswood Hawks   TX1
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Sox  Ft. Garry Giants   FG2
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm TBPSW Wanderers  Macdonald Mets   LSL3
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm TBPSt. Norbert Raiders  Ft. Garry Twins   McK
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm TBPRiverview Rangers  Corydon Blue Jays   RH3
Sun6/17/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Cubs  SW Trailblazers #1   WV2
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPSW Wanderers  Charleswood Hawks   Eric Coy South (ECS)
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Royals  Ft. Garry Giants   FG2
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Twins  Macdonald Yankees   LSL3
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPCorydon Comets  Macdonald Mets   LSL4
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPRiverview Rangers  Charleswood Goldeyes   PJN
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPMacdonald Cubs  Corydon Blue Jays   SJF
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPFt. Garry Sox  Tuxedo Lightning   TX2
Tue6/19/20186:30 pm TBPCharleswood Cardinals  SW Trailblazers #1   WV2

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