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Sat8/23/20148:00am TBPN/RHI Finest  Bombers .B12   CORP 1
Sat8/23/20148:00am TBPN/RRegulators  Pacesetters   CORP 4
Sat8/23/20148:00am TBPN/RZone 02  Rising Sun   Pride A
Sat8/23/20148:00am TBPN/RZone 03  PHATT   Pride D
Sat8/23/201410:15am TBPN/RHI Finest  Damage   CORP 1
Sat8/23/201410:15am TBPN/RWindward  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sat8/23/201410:15am TBPN/RWaipahu  Go Nuts White   Pride A
Sat8/23/201410:15am TBPN/RKaizen  Mililani Brawlers   Pride D
Sat8/23/201412:30pm TBPN/RRampage  808 Kaos   CORP 1
Sat8/23/201412:30pm TBPN/RPoi Pounders  HK Dodgers   CORP 4
Sat8/23/201412:30pm TBPN/RSluggers 1  Knuckleheads   Pride A
Sat8/23/201412:30pm TBPN/RAiea A's  Team Waianae   Pride D
Sat8/23/20142:45pm TBPN/RRebels  808 Rebels   CORP 1
Sat8/23/20142:45pm TBPN/RHK Dodgers  Ground Force   CORP 4
Sat8/23/20142:45pm TBPN/RSluggers 2  HI Heat   Pride A
Sun8/24/20148:00am TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Sluggers 1   CORP 1
Sun8/24/20148:00am TBPN/RDamage  Team Axe Red   CORP 4
Sun8/24/20148:00am TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  Zone 03   Pride A
Sun8/24/20148:00am TBPN/RKnuckleheads  HI Finest   Pride D
Sun8/24/201410:15am TBPN/R808 Kaos  Sluggers 2   CORP 1
Sun8/24/201410:15am TBPN/RKaizen  Bombers .B12   CORP 4
Sun8/24/201410:15am TBPN/RHI Heat  Waipahu   Pride A
Sun8/24/201410:15am TBPN/RPHATT  Team Waianae   Pride D
Sun8/24/201412:30pm TBPN/R808 Rebels  Rampage   CORP 1
Sun8/24/201412:30pm TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Zone 02   CORP 4
Sun8/24/201412:30pm TBPN/RGround Force  WK Cubs   Pride A
Sun8/24/201412:30pm TBPN/RAiea A's  Regulators   Pride D
Sun8/24/20142:45pm TBPN/RPacesetters  Poi Pounders   CORP 1
Sun8/24/20142:45pm TBPN/RGabbys  Windward   CORP 4
Sun8/24/20142:45pm TBPN/RRebels  Rising Sun   Pride D
Sat8/30/20148:00am TBPN/RPacesetters  Poi Pounders   CORP 1
Sat8/30/20148:00am TBPN/R808 Kaos  HK Dodgers   CORP 4
Sat8/30/20148:00am TBPN/RAiea A's  Rampage   Pride D
Sat8/30/201410:15am TBPN/R808 Rebels  Knuckleheads   CORP 1
Sat8/30/201410:15am TBPN/RKaizen  HK Dodgers   CORP 4
Sat8/30/201410:15am TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Waipahu   Pride A
Sat8/30/201410:15am TBPN/RGabbys  Damage   Pride D
Sat8/30/201412:30pm TBPN/RPHATT  Thunder   CORP 1
Sat8/30/201412:30pm TBPN/RWindward  Zone 02   CORP 4
Sat8/30/201412:30pm TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Team Waianae   Pride A
Sat8/30/201412:30pm TBPN/RRebels  Sluggers 2   Pride D
Sat8/30/20142:45pm TBPN/RGround Force  HI Finest   CORP 1
Sat8/30/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Heat  Zone 03   CORP 4
Sat8/30/20142:45pm TBPN/RRegulators  Sluggers 1   Pride D
Sun8/31/20148:00am TBPN/RRegulators  Waipahu   CORP 1
Sun8/31/20148:00am TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Zone 03   CORP 4
Sun8/31/20148:00am TBPN/RAiea A's  Sluggers 1   Pride D
Sun8/31/201410:15am TBPN/RRebels  Windward   CORP 1
Sun8/31/201410:15am TBPN/R808 Kaos  Thunder   CORP 4
Sun8/31/201410:15am TBPN/RGabbys  Damage   Pride A
Sun8/31/201410:15am TBPN/RPoi Pounders  Sluggers 2   Pride D
Sun8/31/201412:30pm TBPN/R808 Rebels  WK Cubs   CORP 1
Sun8/31/201412:30pm TBPN/RKaizen  HI Finest   CORP 4
Sun8/31/201412:30pm TBPN/RGround Force  PHATT   Pride A
Sun8/31/201412:30pm TBPN/RRising Sun  Team Axe Red   Pride D
Sun8/31/20142:45pm TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Knuckleheads   CORP 1
Sun8/31/20142:45pm TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  Team Waianae   CORP 4
Sun8/31/20142:45pm TBPN/RPacesetters  Zone 02   Pride A
Sat9/6/20148:00am TBPN/RRebels  Thunder   CORP 1
Sat9/6/20148:00am TBPN/RHK Dodgers  Knuckleheads   CORP 4
Sat9/6/20148:00am TBPN/RRampage  Go Nuts White   Pride A
Sat9/6/20148:00am TBPN/RPacesetters  Team Waianae   Pride D
Sat9/6/201410:15am TBPN/RRegulators  Zone 03   CORP 1
Sat9/6/201410:15am TBPN/RHK Dodgers  PHATT   CORP 4
Sat9/6/201410:15am TBPN/RAiea A's  Storm   Pride A
Sat9/6/201410:15am TBPN/RSluggers 1  Waipahu   Pride D
Sat9/6/201412:30pm TBPN/RRising Sun  Zone 02   CORP 1
Sat9/6/201412:30pm TBPN/R808 Kaos  Damage   CORP 4
Sat9/6/201412:30pm TBPN/RHekili  Go Nuts Black   Pride A
Sat9/6/201412:30pm TBPN/RPoi Pounders  Windward   Pride D
Sat9/6/20142:45pm TBPN/R808 Rebels  HI Finest   CORP 1
Sat9/6/20142:45pm TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Bombers .B12   CORP 4
Sat9/6/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Heat  Gabbys   Pride A
Sat9/6/20142:45pm TBPN/RSluggers 2  Ground Force   Pride D
Sun9/7/20148:00am TBPN/RRampage  HI Finest   CORP 1
Sun9/7/20148:00am TBPN/R808 Rebels  PHATT   CORP 4
Sun9/7/20148:00am TBPN/RPacesetters  Knuckleheads   Pride A
Sun9/7/20148:00am TBPN/RStorm  WK Cubs   Pride D
Sun9/7/201410:15am TBPN/RRising Sun  Team Waianae   CORP 1
Sun9/7/201410:15am TBPN/RTeam Axe Red  Windward   CORP 4
Sun9/7/201410:15am TBPN/RHekili  Ground Force   Pride A
Sun9/7/201410:15am TBPN/RPoi Pounders  Thunder   Pride D
Sun9/7/201412:30pm TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Gabbys   CORP 4
Sun9/7/201412:30pm TBPN/RAiea A's  Waipahu   Pride A
Sun9/7/201412:30pm TBPN/RSluggers 1  Zone 03   Pride D
Sun9/7/20142:45pm TBPN/RRebels  Damage   CORP 1
Sun9/7/20142:45pm TBPN/R808 Kaos  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sun9/7/20142:45pm TBPN/RSluggers 2  Zone 02   Pride D
Sat9/13/20148:00am TBPN/RPoi Pounders  Damage   CORP 1
Sat9/13/20148:00am TBPN/RPacesetters  Ground Force   CORP 4
Sat9/13/20148:00am TBPN/R808 Kaos  HK Dodgers   Pride A
Sat9/13/20148:00am TBPN/RWaipahu  Zone 03   Pride D
Sat9/13/201410:15am TBPN/RRampage  PHATT   CORP 1
Sat9/13/201410:15am TBPN/R808 Rebels  Go Nuts White   CORP 4
Sat9/13/201410:15am TBPN/RAiea A's  HK Dodgers   Pride A
Sat9/13/201410:15am TBPN/RStorm  HI Finest   Pride D
Sat9/13/201412:30pm TBPN/RRising Sun  Knuckleheads   CORP 1
Sat9/13/201412:30pm TBPN/RRebels  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sat9/13/201412:30pm TBPN/RWindward  Zone 02   Pride A
Sat9/13/201412:30pm TBPN/RSluggers 2  Team Waianae   Pride D
Sat9/13/20142:45pm TBPN/RRegulators  Gabbys   CORP 1
Sat9/13/20142:45pm TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Hekili   CORP 4
Sat9/13/20142:45pm TBPN/RKaizen  Thunder   Pride A
Sat9/13/20142:45pm TBPN/RSluggers 1  Bombers .B12   Pride D
Sun9/14/20148:00am TBPN/RPacesetters  Kaizen   CORP 1
Sun9/14/20148:00am TBPN/RRampage  Go Nuts White   CORP 4
Sun9/14/20148:00am TBPN/RAiea A's  Zone 03   Pride A
Sun9/14/20148:00am TBPN/RWaipahu  Bombers .B12   Pride D
Sun9/14/201410:15am TBPN/RPoi Pounders  Go Nuts Black   CORP 1
Sun9/14/201410:15am TBPN/RRebels  HI Heat   CORP 4
Sun9/14/201410:15am TBPN/RWindward  Thunder   Pride A
Sun9/14/201410:15am TBPN/RTeam Axe Red  Damage   Pride D
Sun9/14/201412:30pm TBPN/RWK Cubs  Gabbys   CORP 1
Sun9/14/201412:30pm TBPN/RRegulators  Hekili   CORP 4
Sun9/14/201412:30pm TBPN/RSluggers 1  HI Finest   Pride A
Sun9/14/201412:30pm TBPN/RStorm  PHATT   Pride D
Sun9/14/20142:45pm TBPN/RRising Sun  Ground Force   CORP 1
Sun9/14/20142:45pm TBPN/R808 Rebels  808 Kaos   CORP 4
Sun9/14/20142:45pm TBPN/RZone 02  Team Waianae   Pride A
Sun9/14/20142:45pm TBPN/RSluggers 2  Knuckleheads   Pride D
Sat9/20/20148:00am TBPN/RSluggers 2  Ground Force   CORP 1
Sat9/20/20148:00am TBPN/RRising Sun  Kaizen   CORP 4
Sat9/20/20148:00am TBPN/RThunder  Team Waianae   Pride A
Sat9/20/20148:00am TBPN/RWindward  Knuckleheads   Pride D
Sat9/20/201410:15am TBPN/RSluggers 1  Hekili   CORP 1
Sat9/20/201410:15am TBPN/R808 Rebels  PHATT   CORP 4
Sat9/20/201410:15am TBPN/RZone 03  Bombers .B12   Pride A
Sat9/20/201410:15am TBPN/RWaipahu  Gabbys   Pride D
Sat9/20/201412:30pm TBPN/RPoi Pounders  HK Dodgers   CORP 1
Sat9/20/201412:30pm TBPN/RPacesetters  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sat9/20/201412:30pm TBPN/RZone 02  Damage   Pride A
Sat9/20/201412:30pm TBPN/RRebels  Mililani Brawlers   Pride D
Sat9/20/20142:45pm TBPN/RRampage  HK Dodgers   CORP 1
Sat9/20/20142:45pm TBPN/RAiea A's  HI Finest   CORP 4
Sat9/20/20142:45pm TBPN/RRegulators  808 Kaos   Pride A
Sat9/20/20142:45pm TBPN/RStorm  Go Nuts White   Pride D
Sun9/21/20148:00am TBPN/RPoi Pounders  Mililani Brawlers   CORP 1
Sun9/21/20148:00am TBPN/RZone 03  Gabbys   CORP 4
Sun9/21/20148:00am TBPN/RThunder  Knuckleheads   Pride A
Sun9/21/20148:00am TBPN/RWK Cubs  Go Nuts White   Pride D
Sun9/21/201410:01am TBPN/RRising Sun  808 Rebels   CORP 4
Sun9/21/201410:15am TBPN/RSluggers 2  Kaizen   CORP 1
Sun9/21/201410:15am TBPN/RTeam Waianae  PHATT   Pride A
Sun9/21/201410:15am TBPN/RWindward  Ground Force   Pride D
Sun9/21/201412:30pm TBPN/RSluggers 1  808 Kaos   CORP 1
Sun9/21/201412:30pm TBPN/RAiea A's  Bombers .B12   CORP 4
Sun9/21/201412:30pm TBPN/RRampage  Pacesetters   Pride A
Sun9/21/201412:30pm TBPN/RWaipahu  Hekili   Pride D
Sun9/21/20142:45pm TBPN/RStorm  Regulators   CORP 1
Sun9/21/20142:45pm TBPN/RZone 02  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sun9/21/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Finest  Damage   Pride A
Sun9/21/20142:45pm TBPN/RTeam Axe Red  HI Heat   Pride D
Sat9/27/20148:00am TBPN/RRising Sun  Mililani Brawlers   CORP 1
Sat9/27/20148:00am TBPN/RPoi Pounders  Regulators   CORP 4
Sat9/27/20148:00am TBPN/RAiea A's  PHATT   Pride A
Sat9/27/20148:00am TBPN/RBombers .B12  Gabbys   Pride D
Sat9/27/201410:15am TBPN/RWaipahu  808 Kaos   CORP 1
Sat9/27/201410:15am TBPN/RHI Finest  Go Nuts White   CORP 4
Sat9/27/201410:15am TBPN/RTeam Waianae  Go Nuts Black   Pride A
Sat9/27/201410:15am TBPN/RRampage  HK Dodgers   Pride D
Sat9/27/201412:30pm TBPN/RSluggers 2  808 Rebels   CORP 1
Sat9/27/201412:30pm TBPN/RDamage  Knuckleheads   CORP 4
Sat9/27/201412:30pm TBPN/RZone 03  Ground Force   Pride A
Sat9/27/201412:30pm TBPN/RStorm  Pacesetters   Pride D
Sat9/27/20142:45pm TBPN/RSluggers 1  Rebels   CORP 1
Sat9/27/20142:45pm TBPN/RZone 02  HI Heat   CORP 4
Sat9/27/20142:45pm TBPN/RThunder  Hekili   Pride A
Sat9/27/20142:45pm TBPN/RWindward  Kaizen   Pride D
Sun9/28/20148:00am TBPN/RWaipahu  Rebels   CORP 1
Sun9/28/20148:00am TBPN/RAiea A's  Gabbys   CORP 4
Sun9/28/20148:00am TBPN/RHI Finest  Go Nuts White   Pride A
Sun9/28/20148:00am TBPN/RZone 03  808 Kaos   Pride D
Sun9/28/201410:15am TBPN/RTeam Axe Red  Regulators   CORP 1
Sun9/28/201410:15am TBPN/RKnuckleheads  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sun9/28/201410:15am TBPN/RSluggers 2  PHATT   Pride A
Sun9/28/201412:30pm TBPN/RStorm  Rising Sun   CORP 1
Sun9/28/201412:30pm TBPN/RBombers .B12  Hekili   CORP 4
Sun9/28/201412:30pm TBPN/RRampage  Sluggers 1   Pride A
Sun9/28/201412:30pm TBPN/RWK Cubs  Pacesetters   Pride D
Sun9/28/20142:45pm TBPN/RTeam Waianae  HI Heat   CORP 1
Sun9/28/20142:45pm TBPN/RDamage  Ground Force   CORP 4
Sun9/28/20142:45pm TBPN/RThunder  Kaizen   Pride A
Sun9/28/20142:45pm TBPN/RZone 02  Mililani Brawlers   Pride D
Sat10/4/20148:00am TBPN/RWindward  Rampage   CORP 1
Sat10/4/20148:00am TBPN/RAiea A's  Go Nuts White   CORP 4
Sat10/4/20148:00am TBPN/RTeam Waianae  Mililani Brawlers   Pride A
Sat10/4/20148:00am TBPN/RThunder  808 Rebels   Pride D
Sat10/4/201410:15am TBPN/RWaipahu  Poi Pounders   CORP 1
Sat10/4/201410:15am TBPN/RGabbys  Hekili   CORP 4
Sat10/4/201410:15am TBPN/RBombers .B12  808 Kaos   Pride A
Sat10/4/201410:15am TBPN/RZone 03  Rebels   Pride D
Sat10/4/201412:30pm TBPN/RDamage  Kaizen   CORP 1
Sat10/4/201412:30pm TBPN/RKnuckleheads  HI Heat   CORP 4
Sat10/4/201412:30pm TBPN/RStorm  Sluggers 1   Pride A
Sat10/4/201412:30pm TBPN/RZone 02  Regulators   Pride D
Sat10/4/20142:45pm TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  Ground Force   CORP 1
Sat10/4/20142:45pm TBPN/RPHATT  HK Dodgers   CORP 4
Sat10/4/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Finest  Pacesetters   Pride A
Sat10/4/20142:45pm TBPN/RSluggers 2  Rising Sun   Pride D
Sun10/5/20148:00am TBPN/RWindward  Storm   Pride A
Sun10/5/20148:00am TBPN/RHI Finest  Rising Sun   Pride D
Sun10/5/201410:15am TBPN/RDamage  808 Rebels   Pride A
Sun10/5/201410:15am TBPN/RThunder  Rampage   Pride D
Sun10/5/201412:30pm TBPN/RAiea A's  Hekili   CORP 1
Sun10/5/201412:30pm TBPN/RGabbys  Team Axe Red   CORP 4
Sun10/5/201412:30pm TBPN/RBombers .B12  Rebels   Pride A
Sun10/5/201412:30pm TBPN/RZone 02  Sluggers 1   Pride D
Sun10/5/20142:45pm TBPN/RGround Force  HI Heat   CORP 1
Sun10/5/20142:45pm TBPN/RKnuckleheads  Mililani Brawlers   CORP 4
Sun10/5/20142:45pm TBPN/RTeam Waianae  Regulators   Pride A
Sun10/5/20142:45pm TBPN/RWK Cubs  Sluggers 2   Pride D
Sat10/11/20148:00am TBPN/RBombers .B12  Poi Pounders   CORP 1
Sat10/11/20148:00am TBPN/RPHATT  Rising Sun   CORP 4
Sat10/11/20148:00am TBPN/RKnuckleheads  Regulators   Pride A
Sat10/11/201410:15am TBPN/RAiea A's  HK Dodgers   CORP 1
Sat10/11/201410:15am TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Pacesetters   CORP 4
Sat10/11/201410:15am TBPN/RThunder  Storm   Pride A
Sat10/11/201410:15am TBPN/RHI Finest  Sluggers 2   Pride D
Sat10/11/201412:30pm TBPN/RHekili  808 Kaos   CORP 1
Sat10/11/201412:30pm TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  808 Rebels   CORP 4
Sat10/11/201412:30pm TBPN/RDamage  Rampage   Pride A
Sat10/11/201412:30pm TBPN/RTeam Waianae  Sluggers 1   Pride D
Sat10/11/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Heat  Kaizen   CORP 1
Sat10/11/20142:45pm TBPN/RWindward  Rebels   CORP 4
Sat10/11/20142:45pm TBPN/RZone 02  Waipahu   Pride A
Sat10/11/20142:45pm TBPN/RGround Force  Mililani Brawlers   Pride D
Sun10/12/20148:00am TBPN/RKaizen  Mililani Brawlers   CORP 1
Sun10/12/20148:00am TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Rising Sun   CORP 4
Sun10/12/20148:00am TBPN/RPHATT  Poi Pounders   Pride A
Sun10/12/201410:15am TBPN/RAiea A's  808 Kaos   CORP 1
Sun10/12/201410:15am TBPN/RGround Force  Regulators   CORP 4
Sun10/12/201410:15am TBPN/RPHATT  Sluggers 2   Pride A
Sun10/12/201410:15am TBPN/RZone 02  Pacesetters   Pride D
Sun10/12/201412:30pm TBPN/RTeam Waianae  Waipahu   CORP 1
Sun10/12/201412:30pm TBPN/RHI Finest  Windward   CORP 4
Sun10/12/201412:30pm TBPN/RKnuckleheads  Sluggers 1   Pride A
Sun10/12/201412:30pm TBPN/RHekili  Rebels   Pride D
Sun10/12/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Heat  808 Rebels   CORP 1
Sun10/12/20142:45pm TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  Rampage   CORP 4
Sun10/12/20142:45pm TBPN/RDamage  Storm   Pride A
Sun10/12/20142:45pm TBPN/RThunder  WK Cubs   Pride D
Sat10/18/201412:30am TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Sluggers 2   CORP 4
Sat10/18/20148:00am TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  808 Rebels   CORP 1
Sat10/18/20148:00am TBPN/RPHATT  Windward   CORP 4
Sat10/18/20148:00am TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  Storm   Pride A
Sat10/18/20148:00am TBPN/RKaizen  Regulators   Pride D
Sat10/18/201410:15am TBPN/R808 Kaos  Rebels   CORP 1
Sat10/18/201410:15am TBPN/RHekili  Poi Pounders   CORP 4
Sat10/18/201410:15am TBPN/RGabbys  Thunder   Pride A
Sat10/18/201410:15am TBPN/RAiea A's  Pacesetters   Pride D
Sat10/18/201412:30pm TBPN/RDamage  HI Finest   CORP 1
Sat10/18/201412:30pm TBPN/RKnuckleheads  Waipahu   Pride A
Sat10/18/201412:30pm TBPN/RTeam Waianae  Zone 03   Pride D
Sat10/18/20142:45pm TBPN/RHK Dodgers  Rising Sun   CORP 1
Sat10/18/20142:45pm TBPN/RGround Force  Sluggers 1   CORP 4
Sat10/18/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Heat  Rampage   Pride A
Sat10/18/20142:45pm TBPN/RBombers .B12  Zone 02   Pride D
Sun10/19/20148:00am TBPN/RPacesetters  Rising Sun   CORP 1
Sun10/19/20148:00am TBPN/R808 Kaos  Poi Pounders   CORP 4
Sun10/19/20148:00am TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Windward   Pride A
Sun10/19/20148:00am TBPN/RPHATT  Thunder   Pride D
Sun10/19/201410:15am TBPN/RKaizen  Sluggers 1   CORP 1
Sun10/19/201410:15am TBPN/RDamage  HI Finest   CORP 4
Sun10/19/201410:15am TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  WK Cubs   Pride A
Sun10/19/201410:15am TBPN/RHI Heat  Storm   Pride D
Sun10/19/201412:30pm TBPN/RBombers .B12  Sluggers 2   CORP 1
Sun10/19/201412:30pm TBPN/RGabbys  Zone 02   CORP 4
Sun10/19/201412:30pm TBPN/RHekili  Team Axe Red   Pride A
Sun10/19/201412:30pm TBPN/RAiea A's  Rebels   Pride D
Sun10/19/20142:45pm TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Rampage   CORP 1
Sun10/19/20142:45pm TBPN/RGround Force  Waipahu   CORP 4
Sun10/19/20142:45pm TBPN/RKnuckleheads  Zone 03   Pride A
Sun10/19/20142:45pm TBPN/R808 Rebels  Regulators   Pride D
Sat10/25/20148:00am TBPN/R808 Rebels  Sluggers 1   CORP 1
Sat10/25/20148:00am TBPN/RHK Dodgers  Windward   CORP 4
Sat10/25/20148:00am TBPN/R808 Kaos  PHATT   Pride A
Sat10/25/20148:00am TBPN/RKnuckleheads  Bombers .B12   Pride D
Sat10/25/201410:15am TBPN/RGround Force  Zone 03   CORP 1
Sat10/25/201410:15am TBPN/RKaizen  Waipahu   CORP 4
Sat10/25/201410:15am TBPN/RGo Nuts White  Thunder   Pride A
Sat10/25/201410:15am TBPN/RAiea A's  Rising Sun   Pride D
Sat10/25/201412:30pm TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  Storm   CORP 1
Sat10/25/201412:30pm TBPN/RHI Heat  Damage   CORP 4
Sat10/25/201412:30pm TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  HI Finest   Pride A
Sat10/25/201412:30pm TBPN/RRegulators  Rampage   Pride D
Sat10/25/20142:45pm TBPN/RPacesetters  Sluggers 2   CORP 1
Sat10/25/20142:45pm TBPN/RHekili  Zone 02   CORP 4
Sat10/25/20142:45pm TBPN/RGabbys  Team Waianae   Pride A
Sat10/25/20142:45pm TBPN/RRebels  Poi Pounders   Pride D
Sun10/26/20148:00am TBPN/RRebels  Team Axe Red   CORP 1
Sun10/26/20148:00am TBPN/RHekili  Team Waianae   CORP 4
Sun10/26/20148:00am TBPN/RGo Nuts Black  PHATT   Pride A
Sun10/26/20148:00am TBPN/RAiea A's  Poi Pounders   Pride D
Sun10/26/201410:15am TBPN/R808 Rebels  Waipahu   CORP 1
Sun10/26/201410:15am TBPN/RKaizen  Zone 03   CORP 4
Sun10/26/201410:15am TBPN/RGround Force  Bombers .B12   Pride A
Sun10/26/201410:15am TBPN/RRampage  Sluggers 1   Pride D
Sun10/26/201412:30pm TBPN/RGabbys  Thunder   CORP 4
Sun10/26/201412:30pm TBPN/RPacesetters  Windward   Pride A
Sun10/26/201412:30pm TBPN/RRising Sun  Sluggers 2   Pride D
Sun10/26/20142:45pm TBPN/RMililani Brawlers  WK Cubs   CORP 1
Sun10/26/20142:45pm TBPN/RHI Heat  HI Finest   CORP 4
Sun10/26/20142:45pm TBPN/R808 Kaos  Zone 02   Pride A
Sun10/26/20142:45pm TBPN/RRegulators  Storm   Pride D
Sun11/2/20148:00am TBPRegulators  WK Cubs   CORP 1
Sun11/2/20148:00am TBPHI Heat  PHATT   CORP 4
Sun11/2/20148:00am TBPMililani Brawlers  HI Finest   Pride A
Sun11/2/20148:00am TBPPoi Pounders  Team Axe Red   Pride D
Sun11/2/201410:15am TBPRampage  Waipahu   CORP 1
Sun11/2/201410:15am TBP808 Kaos  Team Waianae   CORP 4
Sun11/2/201410:15am TBPHekili  Knuckleheads   Pride A
Sun11/2/201410:15am TBPSluggers 1  Storm   Pride D
Sun11/2/201412:30pm TBP808 Rebels  Zone 03   CORP 1
Sun11/2/201412:30pm TBPKaizen  Bombers .B12   CORP 4
Sun11/2/201412:30pm TBPPacesetters  Thunder   Pride A
Sun11/2/201412:30pm TBPRebels  Zone 02   Pride D
Sun11/2/20142:45pm TBPGround Force  Gabbys   CORP 1
Sun11/2/20142:45pm TBPGo Nuts White  Damage   CORP 4
Sun11/2/20142:45pm TBPAiea A's  Sluggers 2   Pride A
Sun11/2/20142:45pm TBPRising Sun  Windward   Pride D
Sat11/8/20148:00am TBPRising Sun  Thunder   CORP 1
Sat11/8/20148:00am TBP808 Kaos  Knuckleheads   CORP 4
Sat11/8/20148:00am TBPRegulators  HI Finest   Pride A
Sat11/8/20148:00am TBPSluggers 2  Windward   Pride D
Sat11/8/201410:15am TBPHK Dodgers  Go Nuts Black   CORP 1
Sat11/8/201410:15am TBPMililani Brawlers  PHATT   CORP 4
Sat11/8/201410:15am TBPHI Heat  Go Nuts White   Pride A
Sat11/8/201410:15am TBPRampage  Zone 03   Pride D
Sat11/8/201412:30pm TBPRebels  Team Waianae   CORP 1
Sat11/8/201412:30pm TBPPacesetters  Damage   CORP 4
Sat11/8/201412:30pm TBPAiea A's  Hekili   Pride A
Sat11/8/201412:30pm TBPPoi Pounders  Zone 02   Pride D
Sat11/8/20142:45pm TBP808 Rebels  Bombers .B12   CORP 1
Sat11/8/20142:45pm TBPKaizen  Gabbys   CORP 4
Sat11/8/20142:45pm TBPStorm  Waipahu   Pride A
Sat11/8/20142:45pm TBPSluggers 1  Ground Force   Pride D
Sun11/9/20148:00am TBPRampage  Bombers .B12   CORP 1
Sun11/9/20148:00am TBPMililani Brawlers  Go Nuts White   CORP 4
Sun11/9/20148:00am TBPKaizen  Hekili   Pride A
Sun11/9/20148:00am TBPSluggers 1  HI Finest   Pride D
Sun11/9/201410:15am TBPRising Sun  Damage   CORP 1
Sun11/9/201410:15am TBP808 Rebels  Gabbys   CORP 4
Sun11/9/201410:15am TBPAiea A's  Windward   Pride A
Sun11/9/201410:15am TBPSluggers 2  Thunder   Pride D
Sun11/9/201412:30pm TBPRegulators  PHATT   CORP 1
Sun11/9/201412:30pm TBPPacesetters  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sun11/9/201412:30pm TBPWaipahu  WK Cubs   Pride A
Sun11/9/201412:30pm TBPStorm  Zone 03   Pride D
Sun11/9/20142:45pm TBPRebels  Knuckleheads   CORP 1
Sun11/9/20142:45pm TBP808 Kaos  Ground Force   CORP 4
Sun11/9/20142:45pm TBPTeam Axe Red  Zone 02   Pride A
Sun11/9/20142:45pm TBPPoi Pounders  Team Waianae   Pride D
Sat11/15/20148:00am TBPPacesetters  HI Heat   CORP 1
Sat11/15/20148:00am TBPKaizen  Team Waianae   CORP 4
Sat11/15/20148:00am TBPPoi Pounders  Knuckleheads   Pride A
Sat11/15/20148:00am TBPRebels  Ground Force   Pride D
Sat11/15/201410:15am TBPRampage  Gabbys   CORP 1
Sat11/15/201410:15am TBP808 Rebels  Hekili   CORP 4
Sat11/15/201410:15am TBP808 Kaos  Zone 03   Pride A
Sat11/15/201410:15am TBPStorm  Bombers .B12   Pride D
Sat11/15/201412:30pm TBPRising Sun  Go Nuts Black   CORP 1
Sat11/15/201412:30pm TBPAiea A's  Zone 02   CORP 4
Sat11/15/201412:30pm TBPWindward  Thunder   Pride A
Sat11/15/201412:30pm TBPSluggers 2  Damage   Pride D
Sat11/15/20142:45pm TBPRegulators  Go Nuts White   CORP 1
Sat11/15/20142:45pm TBPWaipahu  HI Finest   CORP 4
Sat11/15/20142:45pm TBPMililani Brawlers  HK Dodgers   Pride A
Sat11/15/20142:45pm TBPSluggers 1  PHATT   Pride D
Sun11/16/20148:00am TBPPoi Pounders  Ground Force   CORP 1
Sun11/16/20148:00am TBPRegulators  Mililani Brawlers   CORP 4
Sun11/16/20148:00am TBPRebels  808 Kaos   Pride A
Sun11/16/20148:00am TBPTeam Axe Red  Knuckleheads   Pride D
Sun11/16/201410:15am TBPStorm  Gabbys   CORP 1
Sun11/16/201410:15am TBP808 Rebels  Kaizen   CORP 4
Sun11/16/201410:15am TBPZone 03  Team Waianae   Pride A
Sun11/16/201410:15am TBPWaipahu  PHATT   Pride D
Sun11/16/201412:30pm TBPRampage  Hekili   CORP 1
Sun11/16/201412:30pm TBPZone 02  HI Finest   CORP 4
Sun11/16/201412:30pm TBPWK Cubs  Bombers .B12   Pride A
Sun11/16/201412:30pm TBPSluggers 1  Go Nuts White   Pride D
Sun11/16/20142:45pm TBPRising Sun  HI Heat   CORP 1
Sun11/16/20142:45pm TBPWindward  Damage   Pride A
Sun11/16/20142:45pm TBPSluggers 2  Go Nuts Black   Pride D
Sat11/22/20148:00am TBPRegulators  Kaizen   CORP 1
Sat11/22/20148:00am TBPPoi Pounders  808 Rebels   CORP 4
Sat11/22/20148:00am TBPBombers .B12  PHATT   Pride A
Sat11/22/20148:00am TBPAiea A's  Damage   Pride D
Sat11/22/201410:15am TBPStorm  808 Kaos   CORP 1
Sat11/22/201410:15am TBPZone 03  Rebels   CORP 4
Sat11/22/201410:15am TBPHI Finest  Gabbys   Pride A
Sat11/22/201410:15am TBPRising Sun  Hekili   Pride D
Sat11/22/201412:30pm TBPSluggers 2  Mililani Brawlers   CORP 1
Sat11/22/201412:30pm TBPTeam Waianae  Ground Force   CORP 4
Sat11/22/201412:30pm TBPHK Dodgers  Go Nuts Black   Pride A
Sat11/22/201412:30pm TBPWindward  HI Heat   Pride D
Sat11/22/20142:45pm TBPSluggers 1  Pacesetters   CORP 1
Sat11/22/20142:45pm TBPZone 02  Knuckleheads   CORP 4
Sat11/22/20142:45pm TBPRampage  Go Nuts White   Pride A
Sat11/22/20142:45pm TBPWaipahu  HK Dodgers   Pride D
Sun11/23/20148:00am TBPAiea A's  HI Heat   CORP 1
Sun11/23/20148:00am TBPStorm  Rebels   CORP 4
Sun11/23/20148:00am TBPBombers .B12  Go Nuts White   Pride A
Sun11/23/20148:00am TBPZone 03  Team Axe Red   Pride D
Sun11/23/201410:15am TBPRampage  808 Rebels   CORP 1
Sun11/23/201410:15am TBPAiea A's  Knuckleheads   CORP 4
Sun11/23/201410:15am TBPTeam Waianae  Ground Force   Pride A
Sun11/23/201410:15am TBPWindward  Mililani Brawlers   Pride D
Sun11/23/201412:30pm TBPSluggers 1  Rising Sun   CORP 1
Sun11/23/201412:30pm TBPPHATT  Gabbys   CORP 4
Sun11/23/201412:30pm TBPHI Finest  Hekili   Pride A
Sun11/23/201412:30pm TBPWK Cubs  808 Kaos   Pride D
Sun11/23/20142:45pm TBPSluggers 2  Regulators   CORP 1
Sun11/23/20142:45pm TBPDamage  Go Nuts Black   CORP 4
Sun11/23/20142:45pm TBPWaipahu  Pacesetters   Pride A
Sun11/23/20142:45pm TBPZone 02  Kaizen   Pride D

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Oahu Cal Ripken/ Babe Ruth League

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