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A downloadable version of the 2017 Cal Ripken Qualifying Season Information Sheet is located in the "handouts" link on the left side of this page. The document contains registration information for players and coaches.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Jan 28
2016-17 15u OBRL/Manoa Extended Season
K Warriors 1 @ Hitmen8:00amCorp A1
Na Koa @ K Warriors 28:00amManoa
Go Nuts @ Expos10:30amCorp A1
KAC Blue @ Manoa10:30amManoa
Jr Seariders @ Hi Per1:00pmCorp A1
Thunder @ Prime TimeCanceledManoa
Islanders @ Canefires3:30pmCorp A1
Aces @ Bombers3:30pmManoa
2017 10u Extended Season
Nanakuli Hawks @ .12:00amBYE
Kahala Warriors @ Kaos8:00amCorp Y3
Raiders @ Eastside Baseball10:15amCorp Y3
2017 12u Extended Season
Hawaii Diamonds @ Ku Ha'aheo8:00amCorp Y1
Central Hiper @ Pirates8:00amCorp Y4
Go Nuts Navy @ LA10:15amCorp Y1
MIL'z (fka Bears) @ 808 Baseball Blue10:15amCorp Y4
K Town Soljahs @ 2nd City Canes12:15pmCorp Y1
Bombers @ Saints12:15pmCorp Y4
Go Nuts Gray @ Mililani KC2:30pmCorp Y1
Bears 04 @ Surfriders2:30pmCorp Y4
Sunday, Jan 29
2016-17 15u OBRL/Manoa Extended Season
Hitmen @ Expos8:00amCorp A1
Thunder @ K Warriors 1CanceledManoa
Prime Time @ BombersCanceledCorp A1
Canefires @ Na Koa10:30amManoa
Aces @ Islanders1:00pmCorp A1
Go Nuts @ Hi Per1:00pmManoa
Sluggers @ Jr Seariders3:30pmCorp A1
Manoa @ K Warriors 23:30pmManoa
2017 10u Extended Season
Raiders @ .12:00amBYE
Nanakuli Hawks @ Kahala Warriors8:00amCorp Y3
Kaos @ Eastside Baseball10:15amCorp Y3
2017 12u Extended Season
Go Nuts Navy @ K Town Soljahs8:00amCorp Y1
2nd City Canes @ Hawaii Diamonds8:00amCorp Y4
Go Nuts Gray @ Ku Ha'aheo10:15amCorp Y1
Bombers @ Mililani KC10:15amCorp Y4
Bears 04 @ Pirates12:15pmCorp Y1
808 Baseball Blue @ Surfriders12:15pmCorp Y4
Central Hiper @ LA2:30pmCorp Y1
MIL'z (fka Bears) @ Saints2:30pmCorp Y4

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