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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Apr 4
2015 12u Qualifying Season
Go Nutz White @ . 12:00am BYE
808 Storm @ Kaizen 8:00am Corp Y1
Bombers B-11 @ Dirty Birds 8:00am Corp Y4
Banzai @ Go Nutz Black 10:30am Corp Y1
Zone 02 @ Zone 03 10:30am Corp Y4
Hekili @ HI Finest 12:45pm Corp Y1
Regulators @ Pacesetters 12:45pm Corp Y4
Thunder @ Jays 3:15pm Corp Y1
Rising Sons @ 808 Kaos 3:15pm Corp Y4
2015 10u Qualifying Season
Bombers B-10 @ . 12:00am BYE
Crewsaderz @ . 12:00am BYE
Gabbys @ . 12:00am BYE
Hawaii's Finest @ Team Axe 8:00am Corp Y3
Hawaii Diamonds @ Zone 04 8:00am Pride C
K.C. @ Rebels 8:00am Pride D
Hi Heat @ Lightning 10:30am Corp Y3
H50 @ Rising Sons 10:30am Pride C
Go Nutz Grey @ Zone 05 10:30am Pride D
Hawaiian Fire @ Bandits 12:45pm Corp Y3
Nanakuli Hawks @ Ainoa 12:45pm Pride D
Kaizen @ Pacesetters 3:15pm Corp Y3
Go Nutz Blue @ Legends 3:15pm Pride D
Saturday,  Apr 11
2015 12u Qualifying Season
Jays @ . 12:00am BYE
Kaizen @ Hekili 8:00am Corp Y1
Zone 03 @ Banzai 8:00am Corp Y4
Bombers B-11 @ Rising Sons 10:30am Corp Y1
Go Nutz White @ Go Nutz Black 10:30am Corp Y4
808 Kaos @ Zone 02 12:45pm Corp Y1
Regulators @ 808 Storm 12:45pm Corp Y4
HI Finest @ Dirty Birds 3:15pm Corp Y1
Pacesetters @ Thunder 3:15pm Corp Y4
2015 10u Qualifying Season
Bandits @ . 12:00am BYE
Zone 04 @ . 12:00am BYE
Zone 05 @ . 12:00am BYE
Kaizen @ Hawaii's Finest 8:00am Corp Y3
Rebels @ Go Nutz Grey 8:00am Pride C
K.C. @ Hawaiian Fire 8:00am Pride D
Nanakuli Hawks @ Hawaii Diamonds 10:30am Corp Y3
Hi Heat @ H50 10:30am Pride C
Team Axe @ Bombers B-10 10:30am Pride D
Rising Sons @ Crewsaderz 12:45pm Corp Y3
Lightning @ Gabbys 12:45pm Pride D
Ainoa @ Legends 3:15pm Corp Y3
Pacesetters @ Go Nutz Blue 3:15pm Pride D

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