Game Schedules & Scores

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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sat3/17/201812:15 pm PPDN/RJ1- Hornets  J6- Flames   RVMS 1
Sat3/17/201812:15 pm PPDN/RJ2- Camo Crushers  J5- Red Roses   RVMS 2
Sat3/17/201812:15 pm PPDN/RJ3- Softball Bombs  J4- Teal Tornado   RVMS 3
Wed3/21/20185:45 pm TBPJ2- Camo Crushers  J3- Softball Bombs   RVMS 1
Wed3/21/20185:45 pm TBPJ6- Flames  J4- Teal Tornado   RVMS 2
Wed3/21/20185:45 pm TBPJ5- Red Roses  J1- Hornets   RVMS 3
Sat3/24/201812:15 pm TBPJ1- Hornets  J4- Teal Tornado   RVMS 1
Sat3/24/201812:15 pm TBPJ5- Red Roses  J3- Softball Bombs   RVMS 2
Sat3/24/201812:15 pm TBPJ6- Flames  J2- Camo Crushers   RVMS 3
Wed3/28/20185:45 pm TBPJ4- Teal Tornado  J2- Camo Crushers   RVMS 1
Wed3/28/20185:45 pm TBPJ3- Softball Bombs  J1- Hornets   RVMS 2
Wed3/28/20185:45 pm TBPJ5- Red Roses  J6- Flames   RVMS 3
Thu4/12/20186:00 pm TBPJ3- Softball Bombs  J6- Flames   RVMS 1
Thu4/12/20186:00 pm TBPJ1- Hornets  J2- Camo Crushers   RVMS 2
Thu4/12/20186:00 pm TBPJ4- Teal Tornado  J5- Red Roses   RVMS 3
Sat4/14/201810:00 am TBPJ3- Softball Bombs  W3- Ducks   Windsor - Hiram Lewis Park Field
Sat4/14/201812:00 pm TBPJ4- Teal Tornado  W4- DareDevils   Windsor - Hiram Lewis Park Field
Sat4/14/201812:15 pm TBPWC1- West County1  J1- Hornets   RVMS 1
Sat4/14/201812:15 pm TBPW6- Kangaroos  J6- Flames   RVMS 2
Sat4/14/201812:15 pm TBPWC2- West County 2  J2- Camo Crushers   RVMS 3
Sat4/14/20182:00 pm TBPJ5- Red Roses  W5- Cardinals   Windsor - Hiram Lewis Park Field
Wed4/18/20186:00 pm TBPJ6- Flames  J1- Hornets   RVMS 1
Wed4/18/20186:00 pm TBPJ5- Red Roses  J2- Camo Crushers   RVMS 2
Wed4/18/20186:00 pm TBPJ4- Teal Tornado  J3- Softball Bombs   RVMS 3
Sat4/21/201810:00 am TBPJ6- Flames  W2- Titans   Windsor - Hiram Lewis Park Field
Sat4/21/201812:00 pm TBPJ1- Hornets  W1- Angels   Windsor - Hiram Lewis Park Field
Sat4/21/201812:15 pm TBPW5- Cardinals  J5- Red Roses   RVMS 1
Sat4/21/201812:15 pm TBPRP2- SeaWolves  J4- Teal Tornado   RVMS 2
Sat4/21/201812:15 pm TBPRP1- Sun Devils  J3- Softball Bombs   RVMS 3
Sat4/21/20182:00 pm TBPJ2- Camo Crushers  W6- Kangaroos   Windsor - Hiram Lewis Park Field
Wed4/25/20186:00 pm TBPJ3- Softball Bombs  J2- Camo Crushers   RVMS 1
Wed4/25/20186:00 pm TBPJ4- Teal Tornado  J6- Flames   RVMS 2
Wed4/25/20186:00 pm TBPJ1- Hornets  J5- Red Roses   RVMS 3
Sat4/28/201810:00 am TBPJ3- Softball Bombs  WC1- West County1   Sebastopol - Ragle Park (Large)
Sat4/28/201810:00 am TBPJ2- Camo Crushers  W1- Angels   Windsor - Hiram Lewis Park Field
Sat4/28/201812:00 pm TBPJ4- Teal Tornado  WC2- West County 2   Sebastopol - Ragle Park (Large)
Sat4/28/201812:15 pm TBPRP3- Wildcats  J5- Red Roses   RVMS 1
Sat4/28/201812:15 pm TBPRP2- SeaWolves  J6- Flames   RVMS 2
Sat4/28/201812:15 pm TBPW2- Titans  J1- Hornets   RVMS 3
Mon4/30/20186:00 pm TBPWC2- West County 2  S2- Funky Monkeys   RVMS 6
Wed5/2/20186:00 pm TBPJ4- Teal Tornado  J1- Hornets   RVMS 1
Wed5/2/20186:00 pm TBPJ3- Softball Bombs  J5- Red Roses   RVMS 2
Wed5/2/20186:00 pm TBPJ2- Camo Crushers  J6- Flames   RVMS 3
Wed5/9/20186:00 pm TBPJ2- Camo Crushers  J4- Teal Tornado   RVMS 1
Wed5/9/20186:00 pm TBPJ1- Hornets  J3- Softball Bombs   RVMS 2
Wed5/9/20186:00 pm TBPJ6- Flames  J5- Red Roses   RVMS 3
Sat5/12/201812:15 pm TBPJ6- Flames  J3- Softball Bombs   RVMS 1
Sat5/12/201812:15 pm TBPJ2- Camo Crushers  J1- Hornets   RVMS 2
Sat5/12/201812:15 pm TBPJ5- Red Roses  J4- Teal Tornado   RVMS 3

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