2012 Registration is OPEN!!!

December 3, 2012
Registration is now open - click on the following link: http://www.leaguelineup.com/FormPreview.asp?url=franklinbaseball&FormID=64587

Registration Fees: $185 (Tee Ball $140) includes $10 non-refundable registration fee
Note: No refunds will be provided after March 13th
Note: Early Registration Fees ended on January 27th 
 Registrations received for closed Divisions will only be accommodated at the discretion of the Division director.

Leagues and League Directors
Instructional (Boys and Girls)
Tee Ball (Kindergarten and must be 5 yrs old before 4/30/12)          Roseann Donaldson [586-980-6963 rmdonaldson@comcast.net]
Prep   (1st and 2nd Grade and must be 6 yrs old before 4/30/12)     Joe Bungart [248-840-3964 bungartjk@gmail.com]

Baseball (Boys)
Continental I (3rd Grade)               Dan Villaire [248-506-5986 dlvillaire@yahoo.com]
Continental II (4th Grade)              Jeff Taylor [248-538-6838 jataylor@att.com] 
Little League (5th & 6th Grade)      Doug Brown [248-865-2826 dougbrown001@comcast.net]
Pony (7th to 9th Grade)                    Bill Kelly  [248 851 9462 wjkspi@aol.com]
Softball (Girls)
Junior  (2nd to 4th Grade)               Harry Wasvary [248-865-7767 pedkid@comcast.net]
Intermediate  (5th & 6th Grade)     Allan Bittker  [248-626-0782 bittwins@aol.com]
Senior  (7th to 9th Grade)                Mike Kizy  [248-865-9003mjkizy@comcast.net]