Last Updated: April 24, 2017
  • 2017 Player and Umpire Registration Now OPEN !!
  • Player Registration Deadline March 13, 2017
  • Team Notifications March 19th
  • Practices Begin March 24th
  • Opening Day April 29th!
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Please join us for our Opening Day 2017 Activities!
Location: Franklin Park next to Franklin Community Church 
Tigers Mascot PAWS: 10:00-11:00 am
Opening Day Ceremonies: Begin at 9:45 am : 
Invocation (Pastor David Huseltine)
League Welcome (Jamie Blank)
Take me Out to the Ball Park (West Maple Choir)
National Anthem (Karen Newman with the West Maple Choir)
Home Run Derby (open to all) begins at 8:00am 
Food Tent- Come enjoy a delicious hot dog or hamburger!
Here is the Photo Schedule for Opening Day:


Photographer 1

Photographer 2

Photographer 3

Photographer 4

Photographer 5



SS Bulldogs

SS Hurricanes

SS Tigers

SS Wildcats

LL Athletics



LL Nationals

LL Diamondbacks

LL Orioles

LL Red Sox

LL Tigers



LL Rangers

LL Indians

LL Royals

LL White Sox

PO Rangers



PO Tigers

PO Blue Jays

PO Nationals

PO Diamondbacks

PO Indians



PO White Sox

PO Athletics

JS Yellowjackets

JS Tigers

JS Bulldogs



JS Wildcats

P2 Diamondbacks

P2 Angels

P2 Athletics

P2 Mets



TB Diamondbacks

TB Athletics

TB Orioles

TB Red Sox

TB White Sox



Opening Ceremony



TB Royals

TB Marlins

P1 Tigers

P1 Red Sox

P1 Orioles



C1 Tigers

C1 Nationals

C1 Athletics

P1 Royals

P1 Rangers



C1 Rangers

C1 Giants

C1 Mets

C1 Royals

C1 Orioles



IS Hurricanes

IS Tigers

IS Wildcats

















2017 Photo Packages

2017 Photo Order Form 

Umpire Training Dates


Umpire Training Dates

All umpire training sessions will take place at the Franklin Community Church. A portion of the training will be indoors and a portion will be outdoors. Please dress accordingly.

Saturday, April 1st, 10 am - 12 pm

Saturday, April 8th, 10 am - 12 pm

Sunday, April 9th, 3 pm -  5 pm (makeup for anyone missing a training)

Saturday, April 22nd, 2pm - 4 pm (Umpires will sign up for games after the training session, please bring a list of dates you are NOT available to umpire. Once you sign up, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement if you cannot make your scheduled game)





Updating the Franklin Community Playground

For many years our Franklin Baseball and Softball families have enjoyed the playground next to the Franklin Church. There is a committee that is fundraising to update the facilities. Below is information on how to help them reach their goal! 

 It is time to update the aging Franklin Community Playground.  A team has been formed and is dedicated to improving and enhancing this popular meeting place.  The entire community will benefit from a park that is safe and inviting for all who visit.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation in support of your "Franklin Family" to accomplish this project.  To view project details and make a donation, please visit  


Sunset Times

Generic Schedule Days by League

Below are the typical days of the week leagues play on - they are not 100% guaranteed but in the great majority of cases they will apply:

T-Ball Kindergarten Must by 5 by Apr 30   Approx. 1-2 games per week. 45 minute practices followed by a 45 minute game. Typically follows  a Mon - Wed - Fri - Sat schedule. 
Prep 1st & 2nd Grade Must be 6 by Apr 30  Approx. 2 games per week. Prep 2 teams tend to follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and Prep 1  teams tend to follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule
Continental 3rd and 4th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and some will  follow a  Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule. 
Little League 5th and 6th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a  Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and some will  follow a  Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule. 
Pony 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule  and some will follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun Schedule.
Novice Softball  1st- 3rd grade 
 Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule.
Intermediate Softball- 4th-6th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule.
Senior Softball 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a  Mon - Wed - Sat - Sun schedule. 

 (Note: Fridays are used as Make-up Dates. Practice Schedules may not follow these guidelines)

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Apr 25
Continental I
Nationals @ Royals6:30pmFranklin Church
Tigers @ Orioles6:30pmMeadowlake 1
Intermediate SB
Wildcats @ Tigers6:30pmThe Corners
Little League
White Sox @ Red Sox6:30pmFranklin Kaline
Orioles @ Rangers6:30pmWest Maple 1
Athletics @ Indians6:30pmFranklin Cornillie
Prep 1
Tigers @ Rangers6:30pmEcho East
Red Sox @ Orioles6:30pmMeadowlake 2
Wednesday, Apr 26
Continental I
Rangers @ Athletics6:30pmFranklin Church
Mets @ Giants6:30pmMeadowlake 1
Little League
Indians @ Tigers6:30pmFranklin Kaline
Royals @ Athletics6:30pmWest Maple 2
White Sox @ Nationals6:30pmFranklin Cornillie
Tigers @ Rangers6:30pmWest Maple 1
Senior SB
Wildcats @ Tigers6:30pmThe Corners
Tee Ball
White Sox @ Red Sox5:30pmSt Owens
Thursday, Apr 27
Continental I
Nationals @ Tigers6:30pmFranklin Church
Royals @ Orioles6:30pmMeadowlake 1
Intermediate SB
Hurricanes @ Wildcats6:30pmThe Corners
Little League
Diamondbacks @ White Sox6:30pmFranklin Kaline
Red Sox @ Rangers6:30pmWest Maple 1
Prep 1
Royals @ Tigers6:30pmMeadowlake 2
Friday, Apr 28
Continental I
Athletics @ Rangers6:30pmFranklin Church
Little League
Nationals @ Royals6:30pmFranklin Kaline
Athletics @ Orioles6:30pmWest Maple 2
Tigers @ Athletics6:30pmFranklin Cornillie
Blue Jays @ Rangers6:30pmWest Maple 1
Senior SB
Bulldogs @ Hurricanes6:30pmThe Corners
Tee Ball
Royals @ Diamondbacks5:30pmSt Owens
Saturday, Apr 29
Continental I
Royals @ Mets7:30pmDrake 2
Little League
Rangers @ Diamondbacks2:00pmFranklin Kaline
Indians @ Nationals2:00pmFranklin Cornillie
Prep 2
Mets @ Athletics2:00pmMeadowlake 2
Tee Ball
Athletics @ Marlins2:00pmSt Owens
Novice SB
Bulldogs @ Tigers2:00pmThe Corners
Wildcats @ Yellowjackets5:00pmMeadowlake 2
Sunday, Apr 30
Continental I
Nationals @ Athletics4:30pmDrake 1
Orioles @ Rangers4:30pmDrake 2
Intermediate SB
Tigers @ Wildcats7:00pmDrake 1
Little League
Athletics @ Indians1:30pmFranklin Kaline
Tigers @ Royals1:30pmWest Maple 2
Nationals @ Red Sox4:30pmDrake 3
White Sox @ Orioles4:30pmFranklin Kaline
Athletics @ White Sox1:30pmFranklin Cornillie
Tigers @ Blue Jays1:30pmWest Maple 1
Prep 1
Orioles @ Rangers1:30pmMeadowlake 2
Royals @ Red Sox4:30pmMeadowlake 2
Senior SB
Tigers @ Wildcats7:00pmDrake 2
Hurricanes @ Bulldogs7:00pmDrake 3
Monday, May 1
Rangers @ Nationals6:30pmFranklin Cornillie
Prep 2
Angels @ Mets6:30pmEcho East
Athletics @ Diamondbacks6:30pmMeadowlake 2
Novice SB
Yellowjackets @ Bulldogs6:30pmThe Corners

For a complete schedule listing, click here!