Last Updated: February 21, 2017
  • 2017 Player and Umpire Registration Now OPEN !!
  • Player Registration Deadline March 13, 2017
  • Team Notifications March 19th
  • Practices Begin March 24th
  • Opening Day April 22nd!

2017 Registration is Now Open for Players and Umpires!

It's hard to believe that it’s time to think Baseball but it is! - Register now for the Franklin Baseball and Softball League’s 62nd Season at the following link: Click Here to Register

Space is limited - once the divisions fill up there will be a first come first serve wait list. Don't disappoint your child, sign up before it's Too Late!

The Franklin Baseball and Softball League serves almost one thousand local youngsters, ages 5 to 15, in Franklin, Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Bingham Farms, and neighboring communities. 

We have implemented a number of improvements to our younger divisions (T-Ball and Prep) to create more focus on development. We listen to your feedback!  We are working on including more practices into the 2017 season, as well as some more flexibility into our scheduling system. NEW THIS SEASON: We have added a new division to our Softball program called NOVICE SOFTBALL! We received many requests for our 1st and 2nd grade girls to have the opportunity to play softball, so we have added this division to allow our girls to get a head start on softball!!

We will again be offering summer tournament team programs (Franklin Patriots)  in baseball and (Franklin Revolution) girls fast pitched travel softball. 

Umpires may register on-line using the same registration system, too. The League needs teenagers (13 on June 30, 2017 and older) and adults. Click Here to register as an Umpire. Training is provided; details will follow in the new year.  For more information please contact the Director of Umpires Tim Adams (248-229-0152) 


Tee Ball - Kindergarten and must be 5 years old before 4/30/17 

Prep Division (Coach Pitch): 1st and 2nd grades (coed) and must be 6 years old before 4/30/17

Boys Continental I Division: 3rd and 4th grades

Boys Little League Division: 5th and 6th grades 

Boys Pony Division: 7th to 9th* grades


Novice Girls Softball (Coach Pitch): 1st and 2nd grade

Junior Girls Softball (Modified Kid Pitch): 3rd to 4th grades 

Intermediate Girls Softball: 5th to 6th grades 

Senior Girls Softball: 7th to 9th* grades

For more information contact the Division director for your division. Click here for contact information

If you're wondering what days your kids will play on, click here for a link to our "Generic Schedule by Division" Or see below:  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE, BUT THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU A GENERAL IDEA AS TO WHICH DIVISIONS PLAY ON WHICH DAYS.


·  9th grade boys and girls may play in either Pony or Senior Softball if they are not participating in High School baseball or softball.

·  Registration Fees: $195 (Tee Ball $150) includes $10 non-refundable registration fee. 

·  No refunds will be provided after March 17th (with the exception of 9th grade players who successfully tryout for high school teams)

Important Dates: 
March 4th: Player evaluations (Continental/Little League/Pony) 
March 5th: Player evaluations (Girls Softball/ All divisions except Novice) 

March 20th: Team Assignment Notifications (following League-wide Managers meeting on March 18th) 
March 27th: Practices Begin

April 22nd: Games Begin 
April 29th: Opening day Festivities (Team Photos and BBQ)

Reminder to review league adopted bat restrictions. The final specifications are posted on the web site ( Please consider the specifications before buying any equipment for this season or while reviewing your current equipment.

PLEASE NOTE:  The league NO LONGER provides helmets.  Parents are REQUIRED to provide their child with a properly fitting helmet to minimize the risk of head injury.

To keep up to date with Franklin Baseball events and to socialize with other Franklin Baseball “Fans” please visit our Franklin Baseball page. 

For additional information, call:
your Divisional Director,
Jamie Blank, President (248) 840-4768
Dave Schwartz, Administration (248) 214 1201 or 
e-mail us at

Baseball and Softball Evaluation Schedule



Contact Phone

Tryout Date

Tryout Time #1 (A-L)

Tryout Time #2 (M-Z)

C-1 (3rd-4th grade boys)

Jason Klein Peter Nagy


March 4th



LL (5th-6th grade boys)

Jorey Chernett


March 4th



Pony (7th-9th grade boys)

Randy Blau


March 4th





Contact Phone

Tryout Date

Tryout Time #1 (A-Z)


ISB (4th-6th grade girls)

Nick Demarco


March 5th



SSB (7th-9th grade girls)

Bob Caza


March 5th





Generic Schedule Days by League

Below are the typical days of the week leagues play on - they are not 100% guaranteed but in the great majority of cases they will apply:

T-Ball Kindergarten Must by 5 by Apr 30   Approx. 1-2 games per week. 45 minute practices followed by a 45 minute game. Typically follows  a Mon - Wed - Fri - Sat schedule. 
Prep 1st & 2nd Grade Must be 6 by Apr 30  Approx. 2 games per week. Prep 2 teams tend to follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and Prep 1  teams tend to follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule
Continental 1 3rd Grade and 4th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule or Mon -Wed -Sat schedule.
Little League 5th and 6th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a  Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and some will  follow a  Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule. 
Pony 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule  and some will follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun Schedule.
Novice Softball and Junior Softball-  1st and 2nd grade3rd and 4th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule.
Intermediate Softball 5th and 6th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule.
Senior Softball 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a  Mon - Wed - Sat - Sun schedule. 

 (Note: Fridays are used as Make-up Dates. Practice Schedules may not follow these guidelines)