What programs do we offer at Memorial?

Fall Sports-football, volleyball, cross country, and football cheerleading

Winter Sports-boys and girls basketball, wrestling, and basketball cheerleading

Spring Sports-boys and girls track

What forms are required for athletic participation and where would I get these forms?

Mentor Schools is switching to an online form format.  The physical form will still need be turned in to your coach or athletic director.  These forms: athletic participation form, concussion form and Minutemen Commitment form will be completed online and must be completed before you may try-out for or participate in a sport at Memorial. 

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in a sport at Memorial?

All incoming seventh graders are eligible for participation for the Fall. At the end of the first grading period, student athletes must receive passing grades in 5 of their subjects and maintained a 2.0 GPA to remain eligible for participation in athletics. Student/athletes who fall below a 2.0 and not below a 1.0 GPA do qualify for probation and must attend mandatory student tables to remain eligible. Student athletes are not able to apply for probationary status in two or more consecutive grading periods

How much is the Pay to Participate Fee?

All athletes must pay the pay to participate fee of $150.00 for the first sport they participate in at Memorial.  If they have an older sibling playing a sport in the Mentor Schools or if they are playing a second sport the fee is only $50.00.  Please let the coach or athletic director know that an older sibling is or has participated in a sport so we can correctly put the fee on infinite campus.  IT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED THAT PARENTS PAY THE FEE ONLINE.

Do I have to attend the player/parent meeting if I already attended the same meeting at the high school or earlier in the year?

Yes, the OHSAA mandates that players and parents must attend this meeting for every sport that their child will be trying out for or participating in. At this meeting we will show the OHSAA video, have a short presentation by Mr. Jeckel about key topics regarding athletics and then we will break up into individual team informational meetings where the coaches will discuss rules, expectations, try-out information, and they may also pass out other important information.(Font/>

Do I have to attend all practices if I go out for a team or make a team that I try out for?

Yes, all athletes are expected to attend all practices.  Athletes/Parents are expected to contact the coach in the event that a practice must be missed.  Any unexcused practices can lead to denial of participation in games.

How can I contact one of the coaches about information about a specific sport?

If you click on teams on the homepage of this site, go to the specific team you want information for and coaches email will be on that page

Where else can I find information about Memorial Athletics?

You can follow us on twitter @mentorMMSsports.  Information is tweeted almost on a daily basis

Who do I contact if I have a question about athletics?

If you have any questions regarding athletics you may contact Mr. Jeckel at 440-205-2514 or you can email him at jeckel@mentorschools.org.  It is best to email him since he checks his email on a regular basis.  He cannot check his voicemail regularly during the school year because of his class schedule and during the summer he is not in the building and is unable to check his voicemail.