2018 Team Registration and Info Meeting @ Moody School

April 11, 2018 – 05:00 PM

The 2nd 2018 league meeting is set for Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 at Moody School parking lot on Country Club Rd in Middletown.

Ill be there from 5pm-7pm to test bats, collect roster/team sheets and collect entry fee of $875 or remaining balance owed.

If you plan to play in 2018, you MUST be at this meeting.

I need the entry fee to order softballs, pay the town for fields and get you into the divisions and make the schedule. 

Please send someone to Moody School with a check if you cant make it. Or call me 203-427-5377. 

Season will start April 23rd or 30th depending on how the fields look and weather.  

We are using the same ball as last year.

If you have ideas to make the league better this is the time to share them.


Key changes:

- Limited to 2 roster shares and they must be noted who they are when you hand in your roster sheet.

- Play with 9 ok, you CAN use roster shares to make 10.

- New Board members - Earle Francks VP of league operations and Dan Forlenzo Web site coordinator and game scheduler

- Established a Rule Enforcement Committee lead by Earle with Dan and myself as members.


We are asking for division winners to play Meriden division champs after season is over at Moody School

Charity fund raiser with Meriden and Middletown FD/ PD