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Monument Parking and Traffic Issues

RBBA Managers, Coaches, Parents and Team Followers - 

This is a reminder to everyone involved with the Rockville Baseball Association program to respect and obey the City of Rockville's parking and traffic laws. This especially important in the following three locations.

MONUMENT PARK: Again this season players' parents are parking in the no parking zone at the intersection of Monument Street and Maryland Avenue, which can make that intersection very dangerous. Parents have also been parking in driveways along Monument Street. This is unacceptable behavior. The City of Rockville will be approaching this neighborhood parking situation with a zero tolerance level and cars may end up getting ticketed or towed. 

EAST ARGYLE STREET: Although most parents use Fleet Street to get to Monroe Street and Dogwood Park, there are parents who are using S. Washington Street as a shortcut, and making an illegal left turn onto Argyle Street. There is a left turn restriction from S. Washington Street onto Argyle Street. 

DOGWOOD PARK: Please observe the one-way signs in the Park, and park legally in designated spaces only.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Dick Clark 
President of Rockville Baseball Association

You can visit our site at www.rbba.org