Tuesday a busy day with the Knights

October 23, 2013


We had a big Tuesday with our team captains and senior Unity Council members being invited to have lunch with the LPC Senior Citizens at the

Senior Center.   It was a great time and it was good to hear our players interact with members of our community.   The players brougth their game

equipment and showed the crowd how it was worn and some of the advanced technology.   Jacob Clark is sitting on the table with three senior

citizens while Cole Reiter, Jay Scheel, Bo Bader, Jace Hadachek, and Kolten Bader also were invited.

Lastly, former Union Knight, Austin Bunz, was on leave from the U.S. Navy.   He shared some great points about the core values of the Navy and

how those same core values make up the Union football team.  Austin was right on with his message and encouraged out team to keep fighting.

Austin is shown below speaking with passion about his playing days and TEAM being more important than yourself.

We hope you all can travel to Waterloo Columbus as our freshmen play their last game of the year at 5:00pm followed by the varsity game at

7:30pm.   For your fans far away from here you can follow the Knights score and online broadcast at www.unionknights.net.  Dean Bostian and Ryan

Moody do a terrific job giving you a play by play thanks to our very generous sponsors.