Knights unveil defensive starters for game one with ARMY of 11 Blackshirt Defense jerseys!

August 25, 2015

PHOTO:  (from left to right:  D Coordinator Todd Carlson, Daycen Douglass, Eric Vaughn, Jordan Schmitz,

Jared Jolley, John Boisen, Brock Hadachek, Isaiah Vaughan, Zane Seuser, Dylan Stech, Jace Glenn, 

Michael Ahrendsen, Head Coach Joe Hadachek).


The Union Knights announced the Army of 11 black shirt defensive starters last night after Monday 

practice.   Defensive coordinator Todd Carlson and the defensive staff each congratulated several starters

by handing the black jersey to be worn on practice days.   The players will get to keep and wear their black

jersey unless another teammate rises up to take their place.   In that case the jersey will be turned in and 

handed to the new starter.  #TheU