Two former teammates wear PURPLE at two different schools this spring!


In 2011 these two teammates played together in the UNI Dome while helping win a 3A state championship.

Today, both have played in the Dome wearing colors different than the Knight red, black, and silver.   Wes 

Burnside enjoyed a great spring prepping for his final year at running back for the UNI Panthers.   As a high school

senior Wes was named the MVP of the 2011 championship game before attending Iowa Central CC for two years prior

to UNI.  While his teammate, Trev Hadachek, played at Iowa for two years, then transferred to WIU.  He was a WR and

special teams player for WIU when the Leathernecks traveled last fall to UNI and pulled off a win in a very tight ball game.  

WIU has a new coaching staff and Hadachek has been moved to safety.  This fall the Panthers travel to WIU on November

12 at 1pm CST.    No matter what the outcome we will be cheering for our Knight alums!   GO KNIGHTS!