Senior captain Josh Clark getting noticed

July 11, 2012

Clark expecting more success
Luke Feddersen Editor
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Union lineman Josh Clark helped his team dominate their way to the Class 3A title last fall on the football field. When looking ahead to 2012, this standout expects a great deal from the Knights once again.
"We are going to be pretty entertaining with Jay (Scheel) and Trev (Hadachek) on offense. I think we'll surprise some people with how solid our defense will be this year."

Clark spent much of June on the road attending a number of college camps.

"I've been mostly to Iowa State ones. We also had a team one at the Midwest linemen camp in Illinois. I'll be going to South Dakota soon and another one at Iowa State."

The camps are something that Clark is using to get better.

"I feel like the first camp I went to I had to take the rust off a little bit. Now that I see what colleges want, and want me to do, I've practiced and have gotten better. I feel good about the camps."

Clark received praise as well as an area to work on.

"They like how explosive and strong I am. The thing they want me to improve on is being playing the pass. I'm not good at that so I got to work on it."

The focus to make strides is what Clark wants to do.

"I am trying to work out twice a day. I try to do a running workout and then have a heavy lifting one."