2017 UMLL May Calendar Raffle Winners

Thank you to all who participated!

Below, you will find a list of winners:

May 1- Ruth Robison

May 2-Gen Knox

May 3-Nicole Kozel

May 4-L. Roussel

May 5-Sandy Mottola


May 6-Joe Brinn


May 8-Diane Taylor

May 9-Clare Finley

May 10-Monica Walder

May 11-Lexi Patiri

May 12-Jaime Avon


May 13-Edwards


May 15-John Walder

May 16-O,Connor

May 17-Loretta McGuhrin

May 18-Pat Meeder

May 19-Christian Graber


May 20-McKevitt


May 22-Connie Wood

May 23-Kirsten Leo

May 24- Heather Sararese

May 25-Anthony Russo

May 26-Raby


May 27-Rose Brooks


May 29-John Cox

May 30-Michelle Schwartz


May 31-Donna Crisolo


Winners, you will be receiving an email, shortly, regarding pick up of your prizes!!!