Last Updated: March 26, 2015 

U5 Program

Spring Dates for U5 Program (AKA the Munchkins)

We will be spending the first 3 weeks of the spring season indoors!!

Your season will begin on Wednesday, April 1st from 5:30 - 6:30 
We will meet at the Competitive Sports Academy in Altoona.
5410 6th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602

Please remember to wear shin-guards covered by socks
And it is recommended they wear regular sneakers at CSA instead of cleats!

Spring 2015 Dates

March 26, 2015


Field set up                   U-10 & U-12               SAT       3/28/2015      9:00 AM
League and Coaches meeting                         MON      3/30/2015     6:30 PM  (Bavarian Hall, Altoona)
U-5 Jamboree program begins                     WED      4/1/2015 at Competitive Sports Academy 
Field set up                   U-6 & U-8                   SAT       4/04/2015      9:00 AM
Practices can begin if field conditions permit   MON      4/06/2015
U-5 Jamboree program week 2                    WED      4/8/2015 at CSA
U-5 Jamboree program week 3                    WED      4/15/2015 at CSA
Week 1 Games U-6,U-8,U-10,U-12                SAT       4/18/2015
U5 Jamboree program resumes outside     WED      4/22/2015  at Valley View
Week 2 Games U-6,U-8,U-10,U-12                SAT       4/25/2015
U5 Jamboree program week 5                     WED      4/29/2015  at Valley View
Week 3 Games U-6,U-8,U-10,U-12                SAT       5/02/2015
U5 Jamboree program week 6                     WED      5/6/2015    at Valley View
Week 4 Games U-6,U-8,U-10,U-12                SAT       5/09/2015
U5 Jamboree program week 7                     WED      5/13/2015    at Valley View
Week 5 Games U-6,U-8,U-10,U-12                SAT       5/16/2015
U5 Jamboree program Make up (if needed) WED      5/20/2015    at Valley View
Memorial Day Weekend Break (used as first make-up day if needed)                             
Week 6 Games U-6,U-8,U-10,U-12                SAT       5/30/2015      Soccerfest
Second make-up day if needed                       SAT       6/06/2015

2015 Spring Season Dates