Last Updated: June 29, 2016
2016 Shaughnessy Tournament Brackets listed under "Headlines". Playoff schedule listed below  
2016 Shaughnessy Brackets
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HR Derby                           Base Running

1st Mason Burk                  1st Aydan Summers

2nd Trey Leonard                2nd Trey Leonard

3rd Cooper Guyer                3rd Tyson Reid

4th Nate Empson                 4th Lucas Muffie

5th Aydan Summers               5th Jacob Adams

2016 Game Schedule

Wednesday, Jun 29
Major League - American Division
Drenning Delivery @ State Farm Insurance5:30pm10th Street
ARC Federal Credit Union @ Wolf Furniture7:00pm10th Street
Major League - National Division
Leonard S. Fiore @ Drayer Physical Therapy5:30pm9th Street
Marana Electric @ Cabinetree7:00pm9th Street
Thursday, Jun 30
Major League - National Division
ARC Federal Credit Union @ Drenning Delivery5:30pm10th Street
Masonic Lodges @ Drayer Physical Therapy5:30pm9th Street
Marana Electric @ Sheetz7:00pm10th Street
Leonard S. Fiore @ Holsinger's Plumbing7:00pm9th Street

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Upcoming Events

Friday, Jul 1
Playoffs Round One (3-6)(Game 1)5:30pm9th Street
Playoffs Round One (4-5)(Game 1)7:15pm9th Street
Saturday, Jul 2
Playoffs Round One (4-5)(Game 2)1:15pm9th Street
Playoffs Round One (3-6)(Game 2)2:45pm9th Street
Sunday, Jul 3
Playoffs Round One (3-6)(Game 3)1:15pm9th Street
Playoffs Round One (4-5)(Game 3)2:45pm9th Street
Tuesday, Jul 5
Playoffs Round Two (Game 1)5:30pm9th Street
Playoffs Round Two (Game 1)7:15pm9th Street
Wednesday, Jul 6
Playoffs Round Two (Game 2)5:30pm9th Street
Playoffs Round Two (Game 2)7:15pm9th Street
Thursday, Jul 7
Playoffs Round Two (Game 3)5:30pm9th Street
Playoffs Round Two (Game 3)7:15pm9th Street
Saturday, Jul 9
Playoffs - Championship (Game 1)5:30pm9th Street
Sunday, Jul 10
Playoffs - Championship (Game 2)5:30pm9th Street
Monday, Jul 11
Playoffs - Championship (Game 3)5:30pm9th Street

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