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2014-15 Work Hours



Thank you to all who purchased tickets to support our Rink Improvement Fund.

1st Place: Anita Jevne- Eau Claire

2nd Place: Jarrod Thordson - Fall Creek

3rd Place: Tom Nimmo - Altoona

4th Place: Chad Knaack - Fall Creek

5th Place: Brett Mallett - Eau Claire

6th Place: Kelly Gaynier- Altoona

7th Place: Diane Floridi - Eau Claire

8th Place: Mark Kauffmann- Kansas City 

















Thank you to our sponsors!!!  Please show them your support!!!




Advertising Opportunity 

Zamboni $2,700/Year
What better fun to have your name zooming across the ice
on the official AYHA Zamboni! Annual rate of $2,700 per side,
  or $5,000 for the entire Zamboni!




Jeff Smith 715-225-3421