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Welcome to the Website for the Chicora Area Softball League, a men's modified pitch softball league in North Eastern Butler County and North Western Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.



Chicora Team Wins 1st Annual Applefest Tournament

A team of Chicora League players from Hiland Golf Course, Millerstown Inn, and Countyline Tavern won the 1st Annual Applest Tournament in Franklin, PA. The team was boosted to victory by an extra innings, walk-off homerun by Christos Klutinoty to win the championship game in the bottom of the 8th inning over a local Franklin team. Chicora League team Bill's Beer Barn also participated in the tournament. Special thanks to Tournament Director Colt Turnipseed for organizing the 1st Annual event.

Front Row: Josh Behrens, Stush Antoszyk, Kevin Anthony, James Reavis, Ian Jewart
Back Row: Christos Klutinoty, Bobby Coyle, Mike Dorondo, Shawn Bellis, Ian Campbell, Chris Bellis, Flash Christie, Dan Yantos, Ryan McCrea

Pennsylvania Team Wins National Championship

Chicora Team Places 9th

Z's Blue Ducks (formerly Dempsey & Baxter) from Erie, PA won the 2016 ASA National Tournament in Port Huron, Michigan. The Blue Ducks were 6-1 on the weekend. After losing to the 2015 National Champion Boston Sharks in the winners bracket final, Z's won the championship out of the losers bracket, defeating the Sharks twice in the finals.

Chicora Area Softball League's Millerstown Inn finished 9th, going 2-2 on the weekend. MTI won their first 2 games before running into the defending champs, Boston Sharks. MTI lost 11-7 after a late game grand slam by the Sharks. Other Chicora teams represented on the MTI pick-up player roster were Bill's Beer Barn & Hiland Golf Course.

Congratulations to all that participated in this top-notch event in Port Huron, Michigan, a great city for Modified Pitch Softball. 

Following is the official order of finish from the ASA/USA Softball National Championship page.


1st   ZS BLUE DUCKS Erie, PA 6-1
2nd   BOSTON SHARKS Hyde Park, MA 4-2
3rd   MJS CONSTRUCTION INC. Wakefield, MA 4-2
4th   PRESS BOX BLUE SOX Fond du Lac, WI 3-2
5th   BAY CITY JETS PIZZA Essexville, MI 3-2
5th   BULLDOGS SOFTBALL Rockland, MA 3-2
7th   SECORY FLYERS Marysville, MI 2-2
7th   WAR WATER STALLIONS St. Clair, MI 3-2
9th   MILLERSTOWN INN Chicora, PA 2-2
9th   ANGE LAW REBELS Port Huron, MI 1-2
9th   PRESS BOX BULLDOGS Fond du Lac, WI 2-2
9th   SCUDS BUDS Fond du Lac, WI 1-2
13th   LONGHORNS Port Huron, MI 0-2
13th   POWER 88.3 North Street, MI 0-2
13th   SPICERS BOAT CITY/T.E.K. SERVICES Houghton Lake, MI 0-2
17th   WOLVES Saginaw, MI 0-2
17th   BUCCANEERS Port Huron, MI 0-2

Hiland Golf Course - 2016 Chicora League Champs
Front Row: Chris Dietrich, Travis Bellis, Stush Antoszyk, Eric Wiley, Sammy Wiley, Keith Lehman, Jim Harmon

Middle Row: Doug Augustine, Tim Dietrich, Josh Behrens
Back Row: Chris Maxwell, Shawn Bellis, Chris Bellis, Ian Campbell, Tyler Callihan, Joe Callihan, Bill Campbell
Missing From Photo: Andrew Larimore, Dave Black, Brad Dolhi



#2 Hiland Golf Course vs. #1 Millerstown Inn

Millerstown Inn battled for a 1-0 lead in CLCS best of 5 series, winning Game 1 by a score of 5-3. Sluggo Smith scored on a Mike Dorondo sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 6th inning to break a 3-3 tie. Another run scored on an error, making it 5-3. Nathan Markle had 2 singles for MTI, Cody Herald homered. Ian Jewart and Nathan Weckerly each added a double. For Hiland Golf Course Travis Bellis hit a homerun & a double, Joe Callihan had a double & a single, and Chris Dietrich hit a homerun. Sluggo Smith earned the win on the pitchers mound, limiting Hiland to 5 hits. MTI out-hit Hiland 7 to 5. Game 2 was played immediately after Game 1.

Hiland Golf Course evened the CLCS best of 5 series at 1-1 with a 16-15 victory in Game 2. Hiland held on to the 1 run victory, despite out-hitting MTI 20 to 12. Hiland was led at the plate by Joe and Tyler Callihan, each with 2 homeruns and a double. Travis Bellis homered and singled, Shawn Bellis doubled & singled, and Sammy Wiley added 3 singles. For MTI, Sluggo Smith hit a homerun, a double, & a single; Nathan Markle hit a homerun, and Ian Jewart & Eric McCue each doubled and singled. Tim Dietrich was the winning pitcher. Game 3 will be played Monday, August 8th at St. Wendelin's, with a 6:15 start time.  

Hiland Golf Course took a 2-1 lead in the best of 5 CLCS with a 15-12 win over Millerstown Inn on Monday. After MTI scored 7 runs in the bottom of the 2nd inning to take an 11-1 lead, Hiland relief pitcher Tim Dietrich limited Millerstown to just 1 run the rest of the game. Hiland still trailed by 3 runs going into the 7th inning, and scored 6 in the frame to take a 3 run lead. For Hiland, Sammy Wiley & Andrew Larimore were both 4 for 4, each with a double and 3 singles. Tyler Callihan homered in the 7th inning & also had a double & a single. Ian Campbell had 2 triples & a single; Stush Antoszyk had a triple, double, & single; and Shawn Bellis homered. For MTI, Nathan Markle had a homerun & 2 singles, Eric McCue had 4 singles, Sluggo Smith had a triple & a single, and Mike Dorondo doubled & singled. Game 4 will be Thursday, August 11th at St. Wendelin's, 6:15 start time.

After a few rainouts, Millerstown Inn evened the series at 2-2 with a convincing 17-10 win over Hiland Golf Course, leading 17-5 at one point before Hiland scored 5 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Mike Riley broke open a 2-1 game in the third inning with a grand slam homerun for MTI. That highlighted a 6-run inning and Hiland never recovered. Riley had a 2 singles to go along with his homerun. Other top hitters for Millerstown Inn were Nick Morrow & Bobby Swartout, each with a double and 3 singles. Sluggo Smith homered and doubled and Flash Christie added a double and 2 singles. For Hiland, Tyler Callihan had an inside the park homerun, a triple, and 2 singles. Sammy Wiley had 3 singles, Shawn Bellis tripled & singled, and Stush Antoszyk doubled & singled. Sluggo Smith was the winning pitcher, striking out 4. For the second straight year, Millerstown will face Hiland (formerly Hunter's Truck Sales) in a winner-take-all Game 5 of the Chicora League Championship Series.

Hiland Golf Course won its 4th straight Chicora League Championship with a 14-4 victory in Game 5 of the CLCS over Millerstown Inn. Hiland put 7 runs on the board in the top of the first inning, including 3 homeruns in a row by Joe Callihan, Shawn Bellis, and Travis Bellis. Joe Callihan was the top hitter for Hiland with 2 homeruns and a triple. Ian Campbell had a homerun and 2 doubles, Shawn Bellis finished with a double & single to go along with his homerun, and Sammy Wiley added a homerun and 2 singles. For Millerstown, Ian Jewart was the lone player with 2 hits, a homerun and a double. Tim Dietrich pitched for the win, scattering just 7 hits. It was his 3rd win of the championship series. Dietrich has been in the championship series 7 consecutive years with 2 different teams, winning 6 championships in a row. This was the 5th time these 2 teams have met in the finals, the first time in 2006. 4 of those series have been decided in Game 5. Congrats to both teams on an outstanding season.


#4 Ball's Distributor vs. # 2 Hiland Golf Course

Hiland Golf Course took a 1-0 lead in this best of 3 series with a 16-6 victory Tuesday. Top hitters for Hiland were Ian Campbell with a homerun, double, and single; Shawn Bellis with a double and 4 singles; Travis Bellis with 3 doubles; and Chris Maxwell added 3 singles. For Ball's Distributor Israel Lawrence homered, Cody Gispanski had a double & 2 singles, and Nick Cooter & Randy Bouch each added 2 singles. Chris Bellis was the winning pitcher. Game 2 will be Thursday, August 4th at St. Patrick's, 6:15 pm start time. 

Hiland Golf Course earned a spot in the Chicora League Championship Series with a 15-7 win over Ball's Distributor. Hiland broke open a 7-6 ball game by scoring 8 runs in the top of the 7th inning. Top hitters for Hiland were Joe Callihan with 2 doubles & 2 singles, Stush Antoszyk with a triple @ 2 singles, Travis Bellis with a homerun and a single, Sammy Wiley with a triple & a single, and Chris Maxwell with a double & a single. For Ball's Distributor, Danny Russo had a triple & 2 doubles, Tim Rupert had 2 doubles, Mitch Czech tripled, and Ryan Protzman doubled. Tim Dietrich  was the winning pitcher. Hiland will play Millerstown Inn in the best of 5 championship series, starting with a doubleheader Sunday at 4:30.  

#6 Countyline Tavern vs. #1 Millerstown Inn

Millerstown Inn beat Countyline Tavern 12-7 to take a 1-0 lead in this best of 3 series Tuesday. Leading the way offensively for MTI was Sluggo Smith with 2 doubles & a single, Cody Herald with a double & a single, Christos Klutinoty & Nathan Weckerly each with 3 singles, and Nathan Markle with 2 singles. For Countyline, Keith Clark had a double & a single and Jordan Rodgers chipped in 2 singles. Sluggo Smith was the winning pitcher. Game 2 will be Thursday, August 4th at St. Wendelin's, 6:15 pm start time. 

Millerstown Inn advanced to the Chicora League Championship Series with a 16-6 win over Countyline Tavern. Top hitters for MTI were Eric McCue with a double and 4 singles, Cody Herald with 2 homeruns, and Ian Jewart with a double & 2 singles. Sluggo Smith was the winning pitcher, holding the Countyline to just 6 hits. In a re-match of the 2015 championship, Millerstown Inn moves on to face Hiland Golf Course in the best of 5 championship series, starting with a doubleheader Sunday, August 7th at 4:30 at St. Patrick's. 


#8 Down Range Supply vs. #1 Millerstown Inn

Millerstown Inn took a 1-0 lead in the series Monday with a 16-8 victory over Down Range Supply. It was a 1-run game in the 5th when Cody Herald broke it open with a grand slam. Herald had 2 other homeruns to go along with his grand slam. Mike Dorondo also had 3 hits for MTI. Connor Scott and Alex Stobert each had 2 hits for Down Range Supply. Sluggo Smith pitched for the win. Game 2 will be Tuesday, July 26 at St. Patrick's.

Millerstown Inn won the series 2-0 with a 16-6 victory over Down Range Supply Tuesday. Sluggo Smith led the way at the plate with 2 homeruns and 3 singles; Nathan Weckerly had a homerun, double, and a single; Mike Dorondo had 4 singles; Eric McCue had a homerun & 2 singles; and Nathan Markle homered. For Down Range, Kelley Kurharic had 2 homeruns, and Zach Henderson had a triple & a single. Sluggo Smith was the winning pitcher, scattering just 8 hits. #1 seed MTI will move on to play Countyline Tavern in the semi-finals.   

#5 Kittanning Eagles vs. #4 Ball's Distributor

Ball's Beer Distributor survived Game 1 of this series with a 10-9 victory. Brandon Bonzo and Heath Schreffler led the way offensively for Ball's with a homerun apiece. Dickie Crissman homered for Kittannging Eagles. Ryan Protzman was the winning pitcher. Game 2 will be Wednesday, July 27 at St. Patrick's.

Ball's Beer Distributor closed out the series with a 19-9 victory over Kittanning Eagles. Israel Lawrence broke the game open with a grand slam in the top of the 4th inning. Lawrence led Ball's 28 hit attack with 3 singles to go along with his grand slam. Heath Schreffler & Travis McDougall each had 4 hits as well. Danny Russo added a homerun. For Kittanning Eagles CJ Sanders, Dave Tarr, Dave Jones, Andrew Scholl, & Brady Cousins had 2 hits apiece. Ryan Protzman was the winning pitcher. Ball's advances to the semi-final round next week and will face #2 seed Hiland Golf Course. Both Ball's Distributor and Kittanning Eagles will compete in the ASA of PA Class C West tournament this weekend in Meadville.  

#7 Bill's Beer Barn vs. #2 Hiland Golf Course

Hiland Golf Course survived Game 1 by scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning to secure a 19-18 victory over Bill's Beer Barn. Joe Callihan ended the game with a 2-RBI walk-off triple. Stush Antoszyk led the way offensively for Hiland with a homerun, double, & 2 singles, including a game-tying grand slam in the bottom of the 5th inning. Ian Campbell had a homerun, double, & single; Tyler Callihan & Travis Bellis each had a triple & a double. For Bill's, Joey Kriley had a homerun, triple, & single; Joey Friel had an inside the park homerun & 3 singles; and Robert Stamm had 2 doubles. Bill's Beer Barn out-hit Hiland 23-17. Chris Bellis was the winning pitcher. Game 2 will be Thursday, July 28 at St. Wendelin's. 

Hiland Golf Course moved on to the semifinals with a 15-5 win over Bill's Beer Barn Thursday. Bill's scored first, on a 2-run Josh Friel homerun in the 1st inning. Hiland also scored 2 in the first, then Joe Callihan broke the game open with a 2-out, 3-run homer in the 3rd. Top hitters for Hiland were Stush Antoszyk with a triple & 3 singles, Joe Callihan with a double & single to go along with his homerun, and Andrew Larimore & Shawn Bellis each chipped in 3 singles. For Bill's Beer Barn, Josh Friel homered & singled, Drew Spangler had 2 doubles, Jennings Graham homered, and Cody Preston added triple & a single. Tim Dietrich pitched for the victory, striking out 6. Hiland plays Ball's Distributor next week in the semi-finals. Bill's Beer Barn will compete in the ASA of PA Class C West tournament this weekend in Meadville. 

#6 Countyline Tavern vs. #3 Pack Ratt Sports Cards

#6 seed Countyline Tavern pulled off an upset in Game 1 with a 21-14 win over Pack Ratt Sports Cards. Brian Best homered for Countyline. Doug DeFrancisis and John Marra each homered for Pack Ratt. Keith Clark got the win on the pitchers mound while Hot Toddy Covert closed it out. Game 2 will be Thursday, July 28 at St. Patrick's. 

#6 seed Countyline Tavern earned a bid to the Chicora Area Softball League semifinals in just their 2nd year in the league with a 27-19 upset victory over Pack Ratt Sports Cards. Jordan Rodgers led the way offensively for Countyline with a homerun. JR Brewer and Curt Hunka added 3 hits apiece for Countyline. Kolby Kriess homered for Pack Ratt Sports Cards. For the 2nd consecutive game Keith Clark pitched for the win and Todd Covert closed the game out. Countyline Tavern advances to the semifinals next week and will face top-seeded Millerstown Inn. They will also compete in the ASA of PA Class C West tournament this weekend in Meadville. 

Thank You To Playoff Umpires

Umpires are needed for the playoffs. If anyone is interested, the pay is $20 per umpire. Thank you to the following people who have signed up to umpire playoff games this season. 

Ball's Distributor - Kevin McCoy, Brandon Bonzo
Bill's Beer Barn - Tyler Friel, Joey Friel
Countyline Tavern - Tony Kriley
Down Range Supply - Rhett Wahler, Tim Wahler, Dave Craig
Hiland Golf Course - Eric Wiley, Chris Bellis
Kittanning Eagles - Josh Schrecengost, Dave Jones, Greg Johns
Millerstown Inn -
Pack Ratt Sports Cards - 

Millerstown Inn Wins Joe Heffernan Memorial Wooden Bat Tourney in Franklin

MTI, along with some pickup players from Countyline Tavern & Bill's Beer Barn, takes tournament championship for second straight year.

MTI started off the day with an 8-7 win over Venango County powerhouse Cooperstown Sand & Gravel. Next, Millerstown beat Chicora League rival Hiland Golf Course, by score of 10-2. Leading the team to victory was Cristos Klutinoty with a homerun. Then, MTI beat Graham Machine in the winners bracket final. In the championship, they met Cooperstown Sand & Gravel again. MTI took the championship in the first game. 

Front Row: Brian Best, Bobby Coyle, Manager Kevin Anthony, Wyatt Everetts, ??
Back Row: Coach Ryan "Flash" Christie, Eric McCue, Nick Morrow, Mike Dorondo, Bobby Swartout, Cristos Klutinoty, ??, Robert Stamm

Hiland Golf Course Wins Woody Keyser Tournament For Second Straight Year

Hiland Golf Course, with a few pick-up players from Millterstown Inn & Pack Ratt, won the 2016 Woody Keyser Memorial Tournament, a sling-pitch tournament in Westfield, NY.
Hiland started the day off with a win over Neil's Propane from Frewsburg, NY. Then, Hiland Golf Course beat Lex Luther's from Westfield, NY. In the Winner's Bracket Final, Hiland knocked off Plummers Tavern from Erie, PA. Plummer's later reached the Championship Game, and Hiland knocked them off again to go 4-0 and win the tournament for the second straight year. 

Top hitters for Hiland Golf Course were Eric McCue who was 11 for 14 (.738) with 7 homeruns, Tyler Callihan who was 11 for 14 (.738) with 3 homeruns and Zach Eddinger who was 7 for 10 (.700) with 3 homeruns. Shawn Bellis and Josh Behrens each batted over .500 as well. Chris Bellis pitched for all four victories.
Front Row: Tyler Slepski, Travis Bellis, Chris Bellis, Stush Antoszyk, Josh Behrens
Back Row: Shawn Bellis, Tyler Callihan, Rick Belles, Zach Eddinger, Eric McCue, Joe Callihan

Millerstown Inn Wins Shenango Valley Memorial Day Tournament

Millerstown Inn won the Shenango Valley Memorial Day Tournament after going in to elimination play as a #3 seed with an 0-2 record in pool play. The team put 4 straight victories together; beating Sharon Domino's (Shenango Valley), Rack-N-Roll (Erie), Bison Bulls (Venango County), and Resele Marine (Shenango Valley) who forfeited the championship game at 2:15 AM.



Front Row: Manager Kevin Anthony, Cody Herald, Nathan Markle, Sluggo Smith, Nick Morrow
Back Row: Ian Jewart, Ryan "Flash" Christie, Mike Dorondo, Robert Stamm, Eric McCue, Bobby Swartout, Bryan Smith, Cristos Klutinoty

Unofficial order of finish for the tournament:

1. Millerstown Inn (Chicora League) 4-2
2. Resele Marine (Shenango Valley League) 3-1
3. Bison Bulls (Venango County League) 3-1
3. Darkside (Dunkirk, NY) 2-3
5. Hanna Screen Printing (Venango County League) 2-1
5. Rack N Roll (Harborcreek League) 2-1
5. Cooperstown Sand & Gravel (Venango County League) 2-2
5. Ball's Distributor (Chicora League) 1-3
9. Hiland Golf Course (Chicora League) 1-2
9. Xtra Innings (Culmerville League) 1-2
9. Sharon Domino's (Shenango Valley League) 1-2
9. Butler (Culmerville League) 0-3

State Tournament Results

Results are unofficial. If you see any corrections that need to be made, email

Class A Tournament Results
Rank - Team - Record - League

1. Maple Grove - 5-1 - Elanco
2. Millerstown Inn - 2-2 - Chicora
3. Z's Tavern - 1-2 - Harborcreek
4. Xtra Innings II - 1-2 - Culmerville
5. Big Hill - 0-2 - Minersville

Class B West Tournament Results

Rank - Team - Record - League

1. Hanna Screenprinting - 4-1 - Venango County
2. Fishbone - 4-2 - Minersville
3. Resele Marine - 3-2 - Shenango Valley
4. Pack Ratt Sports Cards - 3-2 - Chicora
5. Fisher's - 2-2 - Elanco
5. Hiland Golf Course - 1-2 - Chicora
7. Earthscape Mulch - 1-2 - Venango County
7. Bison Bulls - 0-2 - Venango County
9. Xtra Innings / PPC  - 1-2 - Culmerville
9. Graham Machine - 0-2 - Venango County

Class C West Tournament Results
Rank - Team - Record - League

1. South Cass Condors - 5-1 - Minersville
2. Marlins - 8-2 - Elanco
3. Ma Parker's - 4-2 - Harborcreek
4. Cooperstown Sand & Gravel - 3-2 - Venango County
5. Ball's Distributor - 2-2 - Chicora
5. Rack N Roll - 3-2 - Harborcreek
7. Thunder - 2-2 - ????
7. McCormick's - 2-2 - Harborcreek
9. Countyline Tavern - 1-2 - Chicora
9. Kittanning Eagles - 1-2 - Chicora
9. Hilltop - 1-2 - Harborcreek
9. Timberbuilt Construction - 1-2 - Mason Dixon
13. Bill's Beer Barn - 1-2 - Chicora
13. Phaha Hotel - 1-2 - Culmerville
13. Flynn Tire - 1-2 - Shenango Valley
13. Pine Grove - 1-2 - Venango County
17. Sharon Dominos Pizza - 1-2 - Shenango Valley
17. Robert's Trucking - 1-2 - ????
17. Middle Road Inn - 0-2 - Culmerville
17. Rapid Reaction - 0-2 - Venango County

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